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“Your Itinerary is No Longer Available….”

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Since all trips have been cancelled for me, I opted to spend my time doing something positive for myself.  So, Scott and I bought new Trek mountain bikes. These are beginner bikes and an amazing up grade to the mountain bikes we rode 25 years ago. I love it! We live in an area that has an abundance of trails for hiking and biking. I am not as familiar with these trails as Scott is and he is taking me around to introduce me the some really cool places. This last weekend we went for a ride to a place unfamiliar to me. We were on an uphill trail at about 7300 ft elevation. The path seemed to be mostly up hill over rocks and sticks, a challenge for sure. I am learning to get my balance and strength with the help of 18 speeds on this amazing bike. The path was different than originally thought and we took some twists and turns through the woods and ended up walking through the forest. I was lost, but Scott has a sense of direction that is amazing and always seems to know which way to go even if there was a wrong turn.
We of course made it to the truck and happily my wonderful husband did not leave me in the woods walking in circles. We had a good time, we always have fun together. It was not the time I expected it to be. I’m a find a trail wide and smooth, kinda gal, with modest up and downs so I can go hard and fast and far. Scott is, let’s explore and see where this goes, kinda guy, I know this about him.  Sometime in the middle of the afternoon, I started thinking about how I was not prepared for hiking through the woods hauling my bike with me. I had on the wrong shoes (in all honesty, my intuition told me this before we left, I looked right at my hiking biking boots and I knew I should wear then but I blew it off.) and I was hungry, I just forgot to bring snack. I was a bit perturbed about not knowing where I was. However, Scott has taken us on many trips over the years and I trust his sense of direction. Since I had the emotion of being perturbed, which is actually ego wanting to shout, what if your wrong, what if you can’t find your way back, omg, what if I miss dinner. Now that’s ego on the run. I could have let that energy control my beautiful afternoon and really turn it to shit. Instead I decided to enjoy my walk with my wonderful husband and make the best of the beautiful weather and trust him.
Life is like this, you make your plans, have something in mind of what you want and all of a sudden you’re not there. You realize you do not know where you are or what direction to go in. Nothing is familiar. You may have been manifesting something completely different  Welcome to your journey. There have been times in my life where my ego took control over things much bigger or smaller than this .Looking back it’s almost silly. Things always come out okay, the not knowing will pass, the fear will pass, the unfamiliar will pass. Your reaction to unfamiliar change is completely in your hands. What are you going to do? Are you going to whine, moan, groan and complain….be the victim or the martyr? Are you the person that allows your ego to take control, instead of having faith that the Universe has got your back.
Look at what’s happening now, are you the one screaming over wearing a mask in stores or becoming unhinged that things are not happening the way you want????? I understand the energy has been off the rails with hate and anger for years. What have you done to not slide into that box?  Have you taken care of yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically? For many of you the answer is ‘no’. For some, you thought you had your world under control, surprise! With the culmination of this energy, something of this caliber had to happen. All the ego junk is coming to the surface and right in your face. What’s your biggest fear, most likely it’s in your face to deal with right now. It will remain in your face till you understand your issue and clear it out. Some of you will not live through this, that will make an impact on someone and it will give you an opportunity to leave and deal with your ego shit again next lifetime. You will not leave this adventure of unfamiliar change unscathed. Whether you are holding your gun protesting your right to be out of your house so you can get a hair cut or screaming about having to wear a mask in your grocery store, you are completely under the control of ego fear. You may get out of the protest rally without the virus, but in the end you will still have to deal with your fear of facing yourself.
We have been given an opportunity to rise up to a higher level of consciousness. The uncomfortable feelings you have are do to unresolved issues in yourself, in your heart and soul. You can’t drink it away or eat it away or hate it away. This energy is here to help you see yourself clearly, you can deny your issues all you want but they will just keep coming back.  The good news, even if you really are an asshole…..that can change in this energy too.
For those of you who realize what this ‘unfamiliar change’ is, you can enjoy your journey where ever it takes you. You and I will follow our intuition with a grateful heart, knowing the Universe is clearing away the shit and has got our backs. You have chosen to be here at this time on Earth, to watch and experience the changing of humanity, nicely done.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!

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Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being!

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Sometimes,  when you look back at the trail you’ve tread, it’s actually hard to believe you were as scared or confused or uncertain as you were, yet still you rocked it.
I say, remember that next time you feel scared, confused, or uncertain.
You’re on fire,
  The Universe

It was just a bit over 10 yrs ago the whole economy took a dump, the great recession, not so great.. I remember being freaked out. I remember sitting at the kitchen table going over bills and income. We were self employed and responsible for others employment. The question of what should we do, popped up over and over. It literally felt like the life we worked so hard to create was over……..but, still we persisted. I can remember saying to my husband, “When you don’t know what do to, do nothing.”  So, we just kept living and loving each other.

Here we are again, a crisis affecting us and all of you. We still have the same questions, only this time, I would like to say, we are a bit wiser. I have seen this movie before, be afraid, be very, very afraid, but I can’t seem to find that ego fear emotion in me. We have always been watched over and in the darkest days, in our darkest times, there was always a light. Something miraculous would occur, the business kept going, barely at times, but something always got us through, we made our house payment and we had food…….we had love, not just for each other but the love that comes from the Universal source, the sense that something had our back was always there. That Source is still there. Now as we find ourselves facing who knows what, the Universe still has our back. What direction will this change take you, that depends what you are open to receive………
In mid February, I was feeling anxious, fearful, that is unusual for me but I released that energy, as I have taught so many of you to do. Then a day or 2 later, I received what I would call a message, I felt safe and was told we are in a pink bubble of protection and we will be okay, and put licorice powder in the  smoothies that I make each morning.  Weeks later the balance of our world started to tilt, holy shit! But, I remembered my message and my pink bubble and the Universe had my back, and I understand now why licorice is important to take…….it never ceases to amaze me how connected we, as humans, are to Source.. So for now we will just keep going, doing what we always do, be grateful for everyday, enjoy living and loving! With all this time at home we’re gonna make it fun!
The energy is certainly changing on our beloved planet Earth. You are all a part of that change, you opted to be here, volunteered even. Many will chose this exit to leave the planet and many of you will become more spiritual, decide to use this time to contemplate who you really are. There are those that will get more angry, blaming whoever and whatever they can for their miserable lives. It’s too late to stop the change now, the momentum is rising in frequency. So you may want to decide what your life is about. This is a great time for change. If you are not sure what to do or where to go with this change, then start with love, joy, peace, prosperity, health, and perfect divine self expression. Say it over and over to create your new path based on those simple words. You may not even know what your joy is, but I guarantee if you follow your heart the Universe will bring you to your perfect divine self expression.. Your greatest joy is your connection to Source but it is up to you to accept this gift the Universe is offering, which in a nutshell is, ‘anything’.
Anything, can be yours or you, the Universe is unlimited and so are you. If you find yourself uncomfortable going through this explosive time on Earth. Just say, “thank you, give me wisdom and understanding and take away my fear”……you will come out of this, you can be smarter, wiser and more joyful. In the meantime focus on what you want with gratitude, not what you don’t want.  It’s certainly time to have more fun, some more laughter and more gratitude…….

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Happily Ever After Starts Now….

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Time is flying by. Spring is right around the corner and I must admit the longer days are enjoyable. It felt like a long dark winter. My daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. That is the good news, but there was more than a month in the hospital for the both of them. With that said, all is well, going through it was a bit stressful. Jamison was born about 5 weeks early. I have always said, these babies pick when they want to come onto earth. And lessons for the parents start immediately.  About that same time on Christmas Day, my husband, the love of my life, was in a snowmobile accident. The kind of accident that dislocates shoulders and rips and tears ligaments and muscles. He went to work the next day with his arm in a sling, cause he’s that kind of guy.
Life has a way of sending us curves, or to be more clear, lessons. While I was in the emergency room on Christmas Day, all the doctors gathered around to look at Scott’s xray. They thought he may need surgery that night. That did not thrill me at all. So as they prepared to put his shoulder back in, I plainly stated to the Universe, as I do so often, ” I am calling in my Christmas Miracle, it’s Christmas for god’s sake give us a miracle.” Long story short, shoulder went back in, we were told 3 months to heal, here’s some drugs…..go home and rest…… surgery. I guess miracles can happen quietly, ‘you can go home now’, and we did.
This is the journey. So often you spend so much time, being angry, and offended. Instead of looking for the miracle and the lesson. There will always be things that happen. But if instead of being angry or afraid, if you could remember to ask, ‘give me clarity, take away my fear and tell me what I need to know.’ You will find the Universe has multiple solutions, depending on how much faith you have. It’s not that we went home and that was it. The rehab work is constant, along with the pain. I did tell my husband to learn his lesson so this will never happen to us again. I also have realized I have my own lessons in this experience. That is the journey of life. It’s not about just being angry at people or circumstances, it’s about what are you going to do with that anger, humiliation, shame, guilt. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, emotions are a by product of the experience. If the negative emotions take control, you may find yourself just being a vessel for ego. Which in this day and age happens often.
You are all being shown things in your day to day world. This is for you to be able to decide what you want and what you don’t want. Instead you whine, moan, groan, and complain about what you don’t want, keeping the stream of negativity flowing to you and bringing you more and more of what you don’t want. Everything is energy including your thoughts and you have the capability to use the energy to change the energetic cycle you are in. In other words you are in charge, you are the commander of your Universe. When I am not happy with a particular event or situation, I command the Universe. I have learned to set my boundaries for this lifetime. Yes, I had to learn all of this just like you. I spent half my life in depression and negativity, it’s exhausting. I commanded the Universe to get me out of that energy. I got the help I needed, but it was difficult and a struggle everyday to get out of ego mode. So, yes it’s hard. For those of you that would rather take a pill than eat healthy, would rather sit around and whine, instead of  exercising and stretching your spiritual muscles, then ego will control your life and tell you can’t have what you want, which is true. I have no sympathy.
As of this moment, everything you need is on your path, it may be money, health, peace of mind, love…….the more you stay in negativity the more you push away all the gifts of spirit. Your answers are on a higher frequency plain, it’s all up there……..Start by asking for wisdom and understanding, then be in gratitude for whatever you do have. Ask your Angels to take away your fear to see the situation clearly……….because happily ever after starts now……
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being.

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Laugh More, Worry Less!

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I have postponed writing my blog over and over again this month. Someone out there is laughing and giggling because they love to write, that person is not me. Every month when I think about not writing this blog, some energy always compels me to do it anyway… maybe it is worth a read. We are already done with Jan 2020 and time is speeding by. Energy is changing drastically. There are those of you out there that could explain it astrologically but that’s not my course of study. So in my professional opinion, the energy is weird. I know many of you feel it and because you are human you always feel the need to attach the flow of energy and how it feels to how you feel. You feel a certain way and you’re picking up the energy, then all of a sudden your day sucks or it’s the best day ever, depending on what circumstance you choose to attach the energy to. I suppose that could be an okay way to live, but perhaps you and I can do better.
Energy is neutral, not necessarily bad or good. It can be a high frequency or a low frequency and whether you like it or not, depends on your level of frequency. So if you use the example of a frequency ladder with 20 rungs, the highest frequency at the top rung of the ladder…. love, joy, peace…..and the lowest frequency at the bottom rung….aka: life sucks…..Which, if you are at the lowest frequency, your thoughts have put you there and life will suck. (It’s all personal responsibility).
In the middle, at and around the 10th rung, is mediocre. Most of you live at mediocre, sometimes life is good, sometimes bad. Because you have the ups and downs, you are vulnerable to fear. Fear of other people, fear of other beliefs, fear of not being good enough…..etc…you know what I mean. Living at mediocre does not make you an empowered person, it can make you a religious person. Religion is based on something outside of you, like a god, that judges you and sees you worthy or not. So when shit happens and it will, you may believe you are being punished and it’s time for you to follow the rules of the religion better. Religions are also, always changing the rules to keep you from being empowered. That keeps you coming to church and giving your money, hoping you can buy favor with the god. That often means hating who they tell you to hate, and expressing your love for the so called rep of god, the minister or priest. Not an empowering experience. Some of you may beg to differ and be offended by my statements. That is okay, because I don’t care, your approval is not needed for me to be happy. I’m at the highest rung.  Another result of living at the 10th rung of mediocre, you are always offended. That is a big waste of energy and you feel like your world is out of control and you often try to control everything to feel better. Those of you at mediocre are strong humans, but definitely not empowered.
Empowerment is all about understanding energy and what it has to do with you. Everything is energy, including you.  It’s important for you to understand who you are, a spiritual being in a physical body. There is nothing outside of you that controls your life. It may seem that way at the lower frequencies, but when you move into the higher rungs of the frequency ladder, the fact of who you are and what you can do becomes clearer. I live at the highest frequency available. It was an interesting journey to get there. You have to see your world through spiritual eyes, not physical eyes, which is your ever dominating ego. Ego will be the voice that keeps you inside the box with the masses where it believes you are safer. Seems like everyone, including you, wants to be in a group, with like minded people who can validate what you believe and validate your fragile ego.. And if for some reason they change their minds, then they are to be hated, and ostracized. Well, your ego wants to protect you from being wrong. So many of you never make it out of the box. Easy to see, no empowerment there. A spiritual journey will take you out of the box, on a road less traveled. It can be lonely, scary and full of shit, really, I’ve been there. Soon though you will learn to recognize the voice of ego that keeps you small and at the mercy of others and exchange it for the voice of love and spiritual power.
This 2020 energy is a very high frequency. If you find yourself in situations you do not want or recognize, your Source, Angels, Higher-self….is opening doors to help guide you to more empowerment. These situations can be very uncomfortable, yes, even miserable. Get over it, Human, somewhere along the way you asked for more, joy, love, peace……you’ve had enough of fear and hate, and the Universe always puts in front of your face what you need to deal with. If you ignore what is being sent your way, more will be sent your way…..what you need to learn no matter how uncomfortable, does not go away till you get ‘it’, whatever it is. So instead of resisting, whining, moaning and feeling sorry for yourself….Ask for wisdom and understanding, you may not like what you get but whatever you get, will get you to ……Love, joy, peace, which are the gifts of Spirit and is then created in the physical world as prosperity, health and perfect divine self expression.
Perfect Divine Self-Expression means being who you really are, whether it fits into someone’s idea of you or not. It’s being okay out of the box. It is empowerment. It’s being me. Even my husband has said I do not live in this dimension. My frequency is high and people notice. Some are judgmental and others who are moving up in frequency, love it. Those of you that want to get to that 20th rung, it’s so worth loving yourself all the good, bad and the ugly.
You are a Spiritual Being in a physical body….Welcome to Earth, you are unlimited…….don’t forget…….

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Celebrate Life!

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Grand adventures await those who are willing to turn the corner!
Chinese Fortune Cookie
Another year gone and another one awaits us, the possibilities are endless, so they say. Every year you start with such high hopes. You make a list of resolutions, which often go to the wayside quickly. Then of course you’re disappointed in yourself. You’ve done it, I’ve done it and we find ourselves frustrated. So here’s some magic for your new year, 2020.
Quit trying to force things to happen! Everything is energy! When you force any situation, it’s because you’re afraid it won’t happen or worse will happen, you’re afraid you are not worthy, you think only with more hard work can things change. In other words, ego is in charge and you are telling the Universe, loud and clear that you do not believe. Because, if you really, really understand energy you would know the more you push, the more you push all the good away. What you resist and fight against, never goes away till you learn the lesson of believe, trust, and detach…..Let go, the Universe has got your back. Some things are not meant for you to control, get the lesson and life will be easier.
Quit doing what others want or think you should do .What do you want? What  would make you happy, joyful, fulfilled?…..If the answer is “I don’t know.” Than 2020 sounds like a good time to begin saying to the Universe, “What is my joy?”, “Show me my joy!”….And when an opportunity comes forward it’s time for you to say….”Is this fun for me? Is this going to make my heart sing?” If it’s not fun you are on the wrong path. If ‘it’ or them do not nourish your soul, tell the Universe, ‘I’m done, take me to my joy!!” Oh, yeah, human, it is really that easy. While your ego will tell you your crazy, I say let’s get crazy!!!
Get ready, because your changing will make people, family, friends unhappy and uncomfortable. When you get a spark of, “I don’t have to put up with this shit, time for change!”……..They will feel threatened. Stepping out of the box, not doing what others do, getting rid of ego controlled negativity, ‘they’ will wonder what has happened to you. That’s okay, let joy be your compass and follow it. Yes, ego will pop up, so what? Yes, there will be times when you’ll be wondering ‘wtf’, when things don’t work out the way you think they should. Get over it….you live in an unlimited Universe, so why have limits?????
The energy of the Universe is about simple and easy. But Humans are not taught that, so you are here to overcome the propaganda that has been instilled. You are a Spiritual Being, in a physical body. The whole point is you volunteered to be here on Earth at this time. You set up your ‘contract’ before you came here. You picked your parents and the set up of circumstances for your journey, to learn who you really are!!! So quit fighting your spiritual self and claim the empowerment that is yours. So make those baby steps, catch your thoughts or words that are negative and change them to positive. Yes, in spite of what the ego will tell you, you can control your thoughts. Quit being an ego whimp. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. You are the commander of your Universe and when you’re confused, which will happen, ask for ‘wisdom and understanding, let me see this situation clearly’. It always works, always, but for most of you, you’re just not paying attention.
Hopefully, by now you must know, your life is al about you and the choices you make…..”The lessons from the Universe is all about choice. You choose your life, your family, your friends, your difficulties, your opportunities. What you do with them is your choice. Suffer, flourish, succumb or overcome, it’s all up to you……You are not at the mercy of any power. Even the most powerful energy in the Universe insists that you choose to have that power work in your life. It is never imposed upon you. It is that simple. It is all about choice and you are in charge of choosing.” from the 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels.
So as we move into 2020, my question is, what are you going to do? I’m gonna have fun, I’m going to live in joy in the energy where miracles happen. I’m going to live a life where everything I want and need is on my path and comes to me with perfect divine timing. I choose to live an empowered existence…….So Human Go For It All!!!!
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, 2020.

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A Deep Breath of Life…..

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I am in a place of grace. I am blessed and full of love. This is the last month of 2019 and I am blown away at how fast time is going by. I am also grateful for the many lessons that were given to me this year. I am blessed with ‘discernment’. I was actually able, in these lessons, to catch the ego jumping up and exclaiming, ‘shit is gonna hit the fan, girl, you best start worrying!’. So evidently, I needed more opportunities to practice what I learned after all these years, about letting go of resistance and going with the flow. Really, I’ve been doing this believe, trust, detach spiritual thing for more than half my life now and have spent countless hours teaching others to just let go, and still the ego ‘your in danger, girl’ pops up. Yes, I am a spiritual being in a physical body with a Ego. So I can either let that ego control my decisions or be in grace…….I got this message, clearly, over and over again. Each and every situation that popped up, was gracefully taken care of, all I had to do was let go…..believe, trust, detach. Connecting to Spirit, Universe, Angels, etc, the Energy of Source, and asking for guidance, to see my path clearly…….always works……always.
It is amazing to me that in any given situation, you have a choice. Each situation allows you to learn. You may feel you made a wrong choice. But here’s the point, it’s not whether the choice was right or wrong, it’s what can you learn from that choice. Because in any circumstance you can get the ‘aha’ moment and the elevator goes to the top, all the lights are on and you decide to change your thoughts, as you bless the situation, and everything changes……It is really that simple or that complicated. As soon as I would get out of fear and say, “okay Angels, here is what I want, handle it, make this happen……”, everything would change and guidance would guide me. How cool is that?
I am not that different than any of you. I have been blessed with the knowing that this shit really works! Which is a bit different than just believing. So here are a couple things you can do to intensify your absolute knowing. First, be in present moment. Fear always takes you to the future or the past. Worrying and fearful of things that happened before this, or you’re afraid what will happen in future. Make no mistake the ego always makes a grand argument to be scared and miserable. For a moment you’re completely suckered into worrying about things that aren’t really there or real.  You must catch your thoughts, understanding it’s just ego and get into present moment. By declaring you want answers, guidance and stating what you do want, you take yourself into present moment. It’s really quite simple, it’s only ego that makes this complicated.  Next, let go of resistance. Let go of needing to fix anything or anyone. Do not struggle against what is happening in the moment, just be. The ego will keep you on the treadmill of fix, take care of, handle it. It’s really a self esteem issue. You think your not good enough, so by doing and fixing more, you think you’ll become a better person or be seen by others as a better person. In actuality, it’s just ego. You are a spiritual being in a physical body here to take the journey and learn to love yourself. You are really amazing, with amazing qualities that make you unique in the Universe. So get on with ‘Being” and allowing, it’s a lot more fun than the treadmill. This too puts you in present moment, so you got a win, win here.
Is this easy, no, not so much. You have not been taught to live like a higher spiritual being. You have been taught to stay in a box that fits what others expect of you. You have been taught fear and the fear energy can only give you what you know to be true, more fear. And because I know the Universe is unlimited and that I am unlimited, everything I need and want comes to me. I am always protected and I live in a state of grace Care to join me? So now start working on where your thoughts are going. Are you ready, Human?
Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being!

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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality!

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My first 30 plus years of life was spent fearful, depressed and a constant struggle. There would always seem to be someone or something that I would allow to get me whipped into a frenzy. I was raised that way, in constant survival mode. I followed through with what I was taught, life sucks, you can’t get what you want, if you do get anything it will be a struggle, like constantly climbing mountains. It was an exhausting way to live. My chronic fatigue by the time I was in my thirties was proof of that. It’s like being a solar battery that needs to be constantly recharged. I just couldn’t control it all, this thing called life, Lord knows I tried. The depression and sadness killed my mother at the age of 57, and I lost my cookies……all of them!!!! Her life was spent the way I was living mine and for her death was a gift, the struggle was over. She spent her whole life wanting her mother to love her. My mother died taking care of the mother that never showed her love.

We are not taught how to deal, we are not taught how to be happy, we are not taught why the hell we are here……. Oh yes, there are religions, that will be more than happy to take your money and tell you how you need to be saved, over and over and over again. You know the bullshit of ‘original sin’? So from the beginning you are not worthy, from the beginning you are taught to fit inside the box, be the sheep, follow the rich guy. Which is probably the same guy asking for your money.

Think of what you could accomplish if you were taught who you really are. You are a Spiritual Being in a physical body, you chose to be here. You chose this shitty experience for yourself. Your life really is all about you. You came here to learn and just when you think you have mastered the lesson, here comes another thing you need to ‘get and master’…..”Life is all about choice. You choose your life, your family, your friends, your difficulties, your opportunities. What you do with them is your choice. Suffer, flourish, succumb or overcome, it’s all up to you. You are not at the mercy of any power or person.” 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels. Whatever you believe about your life is your truth. If you know life sucks, you are right…..if you know you are an unlimited spiritual being, you are right. It just doesn’t get much simpler than that. What you know to be true is created in your life each day.

After my mom passed I went into a severe depression. I have been blessed in my life, when I saw myself spiraling down into the pit of despair, I made a choice. The Angels spoke to me saying, “do not live your life the way your mother did’, that sounded reasonable to me…….I choose to move into love. The whole story is in my book, 8 Keys. The story is not complicated. If I needed help I asked, just put it ‘out there’ and answers always came back. Bit by bit, piece by piece, the empty spots in my soul got filled. It seems almost impossible that one person can hold such pain for years and years, including all those past life traumas that needed to be cleared. Then, the struggle with ego, sometimes as I look back I wonder how any one of us survive it. It is not complicated but it is taking a good long look at yourself. All the good, bad, and the ugly and find love anyway. The fact that you as a human can do this is amazing. Often I can feel the love my mother sends or she will show up in my dreams, always sending love. Most recently I was told by a psychic friend, that my mother was thanking me for doing the work healing my energy, because it has healed the energy all the way back, including hers and others down the line. Now I know why it was so important, now I understand so much more. Everything is energy, energy cannot be destroyed, even after death the energy of your loved one is out there. My mother passed December 1st, 1990. You are forever in my heart. Next time we come back lets spend more happy time together!!

My second 30 plus years has been learning to allow life to be filled with love, joy, peace, prosperity and health…….And perfect divine self expression. I believe I have mastered it. Things still show up, fear from ego still raises it’s head, but love is more powerful than any negativity, it’s just another lesson to learn. I have forgiven those in this life’s journey, including myself and I live my life as the Goddess, I AM!

Hey, if you’re gonna create, why not create at the highest unlimited level available, it’s your choice Human…..

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The Choice for Happiness!

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‘Everyone is about as happy as they make up their mind to be.’
~~Abraham Lincoln

I grew up in the sixties, yes, that makes me an official senior citizen. My generation at the time was experiencing the Vietnam War. It was also a time of civil rights protests and chaos against the way things were. I remember watching the news, from the trusted news anchor, Walter Cronkite and or Dan Rather. Due to certain laws the news had to be what was actually happening out there in the world without the right or left wing spin. Sometimes Walter would give an opinion and everyone listened because he was well respected. Who knows if someone was in their living room screaming at the TV about what an asshole Walter was. I’m sure then there was enough hate to go around. If you were black in America, you were most likely the target of that hate. I didn’t realize the impact of that hate and the effect it had on people of color. I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio with ‘white privilege’. I’m sure that statement will piss someone off, but it’s true. I was not aware of how much of a struggle we, as people in the United States were having at the time. I was just trying to survive my dysfunctional abusive childhood, with the chaos of the world going on around me. When I went to church with my best friend, I was hoping to see the good in people. After all they had ‘God’, they must be very special and I became special too by being ‘saved’. I confessed my sins and you know, really, how many sins can 13 yr old have. So I was not sure what I was confessing, so it was more like confessing I was a useless sinful human. But, I wanted to be good, so I did what I was told and tried to live by the rules of ‘God’.

I have this amazing life, a life of empowerment, a life filled with love, I’m in gratitude everyday at my many blessings. I manifested this life and the Universe responded. That’s a bit different than my childhood. However the world seems to have learned nothing in the last 40 to 50 yrs. The chaos is still around me and I am still aware that being white is respected more in this world, than not, but being a woman, can also suck at times. What the hell!!!! It seems you, as a group of people, are more angry than ever. You hate like never before……and instead of trying to fix things by lifting up our sisters and brothers, you would rather make fun and hurt anyone that would have the nerve to prove you to be as stupid as you are. Seriously, who ruins their own home for money, but you are okay with letting the planet go to waste. Which of you out there would rather have your food coated with cancer causing pesticides, yum, lets have dinner, ‘a little more Round-up please’. It is shocking to me how single minded you can be. Yet, because of all that or in spite of that you are miserable, sick, depressed, tired and it must be the brown or black guys fault. Human, you are missing out…….

I left church because of the issue of control and judgement. They wanted to control me and judgement was everywhere…..I’m not sure what happened to ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself!’ I didn’t feel the love, the god they talked about was an egotistical asshole and some father figure we should obey. So, that seemed stupid and I left. Over the years the religions seem to have gotten more egotistical and judgmental. They seem to hate LGBTQ, abortions, but do not care about babies being put in cages and separated from their family, this stuff gets made up as they go along. There’s hate for tatoos, yoga pants and other ridiculous stuff, like men should have control over women. How stupid is that. The list is worse than my free spirit can comprehend. You all seem to want more than ever to be the ‘follower’, desperate to be the one included. To me, it looks like you are afraid to make your own decisions, you are afraid to take responsibility for you own lives, as if it’s so much easier for you to give your power away and of course, your money……

I am sorry, who have you been listening to because it is not your own intuition?

So here’s what’s happening……Greta Thunberg, has invaded the United States, to speak at the UN about climate change. There are people angry at her and calling her names. Adult people calling a 16 yr old girl, who has Asperger Syndrome,( look it up) ‘a mentally ill Swedish child’. She is not mentally ill. The adults are criticizing her for speaking up. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, go home and stand in the corner till you grow up……geez!

Autumn Peltier, a 13-year-old Anishinaabe girl from Wikwemikong First Nation, addresses world leaders at the United Nations about protecting water. How many of you would like to give all your water to corporations so they can sell it back to you. How many of you wish your water was polluted……hello, the moron in the White House is letting our waterways and lakes be a dumping ground for waste. And don’t even get me started on Flint, Michigan, whose children are being poisoned by their water. Oh but, that’s okay, they are those people of color…….seriously…….what has happened to us.

CNBC writes:

“In 2015, Florida surfers Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze embarked on a post-college trip to Bali in search of big waves. What they found were beaches buried in garbage. But the friends also came home with a big idea for a multimillion-dollar business to help clean the world’s oceans.

A pollution solution Cooper, 28, and Schulze, 27, first met as college students at Florida Atlantic University, where they both studied business and graduated in 2014. The following year, the two friends set off for a three-week surfing trip to Bali, Indonesia — an island in the Indian Ocean that’s a mecca for the sport.

In addition to being popular with tourists, Indonesia is also second only to China among the world’s biggest polluters. When Cooper and Schulze arrived, they were immediately struck by the massive pollution that chokes Bali’s beaches with trash that washes up from the ocean.” Pretty much right when we got [to the beach] the first thing we saw was an overwhelming amount of plastic,” Cooper tells CNBC Make It. It was a vista strewn with everything from plastic bottles and bags to used food containers and other refuse.”

In a nut shell, 2 friends didn’t like the pollution in the ocean so they formed a company to clean it up. They are actively removing trash from the ocean. Check it out and don’t forget to find something to get angry about…….

In spite of all the chaos going on in our world there is a lot of good. If you are the one sitting around complaining about people who want to clean the ocean….or 16 yr old that wants to save the planet…..or a 13 yr old that wants good water……if this makes you angry, it is no longer about them, it’s about you. You have consciously chosen to be an asshole and be unhappy. Changes will happen in this world because love is stronger than your low frequency negative energy. So sit around and whine, it’s your life. “A negative mind will seize any excuse to find fault.” Alan Cohen

But for me and mine we will choose happiness, which creates love, joy, peace and that manifests in the physical world as health and prosperity!

Good luck, Human, the power for change lies within you.

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Impossible is Not Real!!

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“It is not what you ask for that is appalling; what is appalling is what you settle for.” ~~Alan Cohen
“Everything I ask for, I get!”  ~~Linda West
In an earlier blog I wrote about how I had to make my way into the healthcare system, my Nurse Practitioner had retired. The next nurse practitioner I saw was willing to renew my prescriptions for my bio-identical hormones, with the condition when I went back to her 6 months later she wanted me to have a lot of extras, vaccines and tests. I have spoken before I do not need medical care, I take care of myself thru supplements, exercise and eating organic…’s worked for the last 25 yrs, for those of you who are skeptical. I was not content with going to this person, which is no reflection on her and her capabilities, she just wasn’t for me. When I realized the thought of going back to her made me cringe, I told the Source, Universe, Angels, whatever you want to call ‘It’, (the most powerful energy in the Universe) I needed someone else to go to, someone I could work with and who would respect what I have accomplished in the last 25 yrs………. And there you go…’s out there! Not long after I am driving home and pass a beautiful new building with the sign of a new doctor in town. The energy prompted me to pull into the parking lot and check to see if I could get a free consultation, yeah, right, a free consult!. Well, the receptionist was so nice and set me up for a free consult to meet the new doctor. He was great. I will be getting my bloodwork to check my hormones and will see him again this fall. It’s all so simple and easy……as life should be.
So for all of you out there that settle, because you think what you want or need is impossible, I have more to share. As the years have gone by, being high maintenance is not an option but a necessity. I am okay with that because I am , OCD, obsessive, compulsive.That energy has to go somewhere so I invest in me and my knowledge to stay healthy, strong and young. Up to this point it has all worked very well, but at 65 yrs old now, I did notice aches and pains that weren’t there before. Little issues that you normally don’t pay attention too, but I always pay attention, it’s a curse. As I was on the road to go to Phoenix to catch a plane for a working weekend, I was feeling particularly frustrated with how I was feeling. Now get this, I yelled at the Energy and spoke my discontentment like this……”This is stupid, I should be feeling better, looking younger and stuff. Where is my fountain of youth, for f*ck sake, it’s 2019 and I know something for youthing is out there, bring it to me!!!”  Of course I got an answer, the Universe always responds and everything I ask for I get.  I am headed down the hill, not to long after I gave my request to the Universe and I get a text. The text was from a dear friend, I couldn’t spend time reading it, because I was driving. I lifted my phone and all I saw was HGH, in big capital letters. I know what HGH is, Human Growth Hormone, and I knew I got what I asked for. Yes, just that fast. Well, I had a very busy weekend ahead and didn’t get a chance to read much about it but I read enough to know I would sign up for this new product, which was a homeopathic form of HGH. I did sign up and it has been close to 5 months now and the changes are amazing. Yes, exactly what I asked for and more. I have listed below where you can get some info on this product. I had immediately more energy and my sleep pattern was changed to where I sleep like a baby. My husband had noticed I was way more perky, and he got on it too. There is a lot more I could say about this stuff but in a nutshell, it’s working……Am I surprised, that I got what I asked for???? What do you think?
I could say so much more about how the Universe has responded so quickly for me on so many issues this year and along with that has provided the money to fund what I wanted and needed.. But let me share this from Einstein, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way, this is not philosophy, it is physics.” Everything is energy and I am no different than you, I just know when I ask, I receive. The problem for you is you don’t know that, you may believe it, but that’s not the same as knowing it. Also, I am not willing to settle. The Universe is unlimited and therefore I am unlimited. You  have been taught that limits are all you have, with that you can’t see outside the box. The usual excuses are made when an opportunity shows up, it’s to hard, I can’t afford it, I’m afraid and yada, yada, yada…..geez! You are a spiritual being in a physical body. You are here to learn and grow to overcome your fears and create your own bliss. What part of that don’t you get. Ego will keep you settling, ego will keep you in fear, it takes a lot to overcome the training you have had from birth and so many lifetimes before this. But, you can do it, I did.
Spiritual being, it’s time to quit settling, quit whining, moaning and complaining. Aren’t you tired of you? Whatever the issue the Universe will bring you the answers and it will take you stepping out of your fear to embrace what is being presented. You have choices, you always have and nothing is impossible.
Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being.
In response to last months blog, “Where are the Bees”, here is a link to Tractor Supply catalog for purchasing bees… that’s cool!!
Alice: This is impossible
Madhatter: Only if you believe it is…..

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Where Are The Bees!?

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“Human, you can take responsibility for your own actions, create self-awareness, and empower yourself to guide your own destiny!”~~8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels
I have been living in the same home my husband and I built since the early 80’s. It was a completely flat plot of land with nothing growing except for the weeds. I have been mowing those weeds for almost 40 years. We have added on and remodeled our home many times over the years. We have planted trees and bushes, as you do. We also have a pond with a waterfall and Koi in the back fenced in yard. It has a large deck to enjoy what has become an amazing little paradise, that I still mow, of course. Just to give you a visual, the backyard is full of trees that are taller than the house, same for the front yard. It’s a far cry from the flat plot we originally bought. I enjoy mowing the grass/weeds only on days where the temperatures are over 80 degrees. A little sun, some exercise and it’s a great day. We planted clover around the pond and my last episode of mowing I noticed a few things. The clover had a ton of flowers, which is to be expected it grows like crazy here. The second thing I noticed was there were no bees, I mean none, zero, zilch, nada! I was very surprised, every year I have to be careful not to mow over the bees, certainly don’t want to piss the little fellas off. But this year we had none. I had read and heard that bees were being endangered due to pesticides and parasites. We happen to live in a subdivision that is surrounded by national forest, to some it’s ‘out in the middle of nowhere’. But in areas not to far from here there are golf courses, lots of golf, lots of pesticides sprayed all the time. So, have we lost our bees? Without bees, our vegetable plants and fruit trees don’t get pollinated. We have all allowed this to happen.
 Every time I write my blog I am trying to reach out to those of you who are willing to read it. My job is to empower you to make changes in your own life. We are spiritual beings who have chosen to live on this beautiful planet, encapsulated in a physical body. We have egos that are subject to dramas and traumas, and for so many of you that ego controls your life. If you allow ego to gain and keep control, you will always be subjected to the lower, baser emotions; anger, fear, self loathing, etc, which resonate at a very low frequency. It takes being willing to look at yourself and why things upset you, to clear out those lower emotions. That is not an easy task, which so many of you know. I have worked with people that would rather climb Mt. Everest than look at themselves, all the good, bad and ugly. It would actually mean that you would have to accept yourself for who you are and that is often a deal breaker. Most of you do not see what I see when I read your energy. I am always able to see the spiritual being inside, often covered by dark ego energies that have kept the real you hidden away. If you could see what I see, it would be an eye opener. Each of you have a soul connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. That means you can create the life of your dreams. The problem is, you chose not to believe that, you choose to bury your head in the sand, or for many you, have your head up your ass!!! Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being.
Your denial does nothing but allow ego to make your decisions for you based on the ‘I don’t deserve’ energy. That can either make you a door mat, or a flaming narcissist, or just a pissed off, pitiful human living at the lower frequency with negative thoughts. The cycle will only continue to create more negative situations in your life. You get what you deserve based on your consciousness Think about that, it’s all energy, it’s all you and that is how energy works. Nothing changes until you change your thoughts. You can’t change your thoughts till you really examine what those thoughts are. It’s about getting your head out of your butt and taking a good long truthful look at yourself. Some of you may not like what you see, good. Then you can change, or fix, or accept, who you really are. It’s not easy, opening your eyes means you have to do something. As humans, you are masters at denial. If you don’t like something, you just don’t believe it, and there it’s gone!! Not so much, though. Sure, lie to yourself and stay at that lower, baser, miserable frequency. In the meantime, I’m gonna be in the love, joy, peace, health and abundance high frequency. It’s your choice…….
You humans lie to yourselves and others all the time. You may decide there is no climate change, or that our bees and other animals aren’t going extinct. You may think that throwing your trash out the window isn’t bad, but it is. It’s about love. Loving yourself creates a cycle of love. When you finally reach a point that you can accept who you are ( the good, bad, ugly), you are then at a point to love yourself. When you love yourself, you can then love and accept others, and then you can love the planet and all the creatures on it. From there a tremendous wave of healing happens….it is happening now. You may call that stupid, or woo woo, but I can’t expect much more from someone who chooses to have his head up his ass!!
I decided to look up what can be done about our lack of bees. There are mason bees and leaf cutter bees at this altitude that don’t require the work of the honey bees, and they are tremendous pollinators. I bought a small bee house for the bees to reside in. These type of bees like little holes to burrow in, and lay their eggs. My bee house will give them that. That’s my first step, I am manifesting them finding their way here. I will keep you informed.
Another bit of good news, our little town of Pinetop/Lakeside has a recycling center. For a small price they will take anything for recycling. I have recycled my plastics and cardboard for years. But last year the plastic recycling closed down. I was heartsick, but I kept bagging up my plastics, manifesting a place to recycle. I believe the last time my husband took 2 huge garbage bags full of plastics the cost was $2. That is great.  Small gestures of love, whether just for yourself, taking an afternoon off, or for the bees, make a big difference, it’s energy, that’s how it works.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are dearly loved.


“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West