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It’s All Here and Now!!

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I grew up in a very chaotic, dysfunctional family.  Dysfunction comes in many forms. Unlike some it wasn’t about drinking, or yelling and screaming between my parents. It was the silence and the unknown. Yes, my mother would lose control and go into a tirade at times, which would strike terror into my heart. But it was the times in between when nothing was said. Each of us is born psychic. That knowing is within us and it is our direct connection to Source. I had that gift. I knew during the times when ‘nothing’ was happening, that something was brewing, the energy of it was palpable.  I knew when I would ask ‘what’s wrong’ and got the usual ‘nothing’, that there certainly was something wrong. Especially during the so called ‘happy’ times, the energy of chaos underlying my picturesque family, I knew could blow at any moment. My mother was always on the edge, and my father was distant….Till the visits in the middle of the night. All of this was where I came from. Like so many of you, I learned some excellent, creative, survival mechanisms that truly blossomed as I grew up. I was the ‘good girl’. I got straight A’s in school and made National Junior Honor Society.  Not that my family cared, but for me it was a constant battle to prove my worthiness. So the ‘good girl’ became my persona, my survival mode.

When I finally moved out and went on my own, I could not have been happier about my new adventure. It was such a relief to be a ‘grown up’ on my own. I was now in control of my own life. It’s funny though, I just took my survival mechanisms with me, and continued them into my adulthood. I added a few extras too. I had no memories before the age of 10, I was never in present moment, I was always creating the future with the hope of something to look forward too.  I would move alot, change jobs, whatever it took to get out of present moment. The ‘good girl’ continued, as ego will do, hoping people would accept and like me. Even though I had no idea who ‘me’ was. I wrote in my book the ‘8 Keys’,  “After the first time I went to college and had to quit due to financial difficulties, everything I owned fit into my car. I had no ties to anyone or any place. So when things got too difficult, and the adventure got too thin; I could pick up and move to a whole new adventure….to a place where no one knew me.
Many times over the years, long after my worldly possessions could no longer fit into a single vehicle, I would still get the urge to ‘move on’ whenever things got tough. These urges came all too often……At some point, I finally realized, it was just geography and I would still meet myself after all the dust settled.”
It is amazing to me how many creative children, grow up to be creative adults when it comes to survival mechanisms. The ego carries the memories of abuse, failure, not being good enough, and other guilty, painful things you took on as a child.  You become the amazing OCD adult, taking care of everyone, except yourself. Some of you have become addicts running from the pain of what ego thinks you are. Some of you become angry, fearful and intolerant, always trying to prove you are better than your ego tells you. The survival ways always lead to either living in the past or future. For me it was always living in the future.
Society does not teach you your real worth. You are left floundering listening to negative ego, backed by society which tells you you can only be worthy if you are white, or rich, or own your own business, or skinny,…..yada! yada! yada!…… the beat goes on, enforcing your ego mind. Well, guess what Human, you are what you think about all day long……and the power is within you to think differently to create another reality, based on love and joy.. The dust has settled and time for you to take a good long look at yourself, the good, the bad,and the ugly. All your experiences, whether you describe them as good or bad, make up a unique you. You are connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. You are at your core, a Spiritual Being, capable of moving out of ego mode and into God/dess mode. That is why you are here and that is why you came to the planet in the first place. Please understand, the lower you feel at this moment means the stronger you are, you have made it this far with the negative ego outlook. You creatively survived and that takes strength. It is now time to take that strength and focus on how amazing you are for making it this far……..and accepting and healing the journey.
Of course, the healing journey is as individualized as you are. But you are reading this for a reason and Angels are around you and wiling to guide you where you need to go……just say ‘yes,I am ready’. Be in present moment and honor the feelings you have. It is that simple or as complicated as ego tries to make it.
When I sat down to write this, I wanted to write about how fast time flies. I wanted to move you from the past or the future to this moment in time. This is all we have, right here, right now. This is where your point of power is. I wanted to show you, with all the ego baggage, that you are missing out on how wonderful and fun life can be. You see, I missed so much living in the future. As I look back on who I thought I was through ego, I see I spent way too much time worrying about nothing, being fearful for no reason, and hating myself for not being good enough. Time is fluid, and you can drag yourself through this life, with your ego baggage, or decide to see the world through Spiritual eyes. You have no idea how much love you can hold or how much happiness you can have. It is within you to be loving, especially of yourself…..It is within you to have peace…….It is within you to have joy. I am amazed how the Universe rises to meet you just by being in gratitude. I am amazed by how peaceful ‘just being’ is. It’s not that nothing ‘bad’ ( I use that term loosely) or unexpected ever happens, but instead of ego controlling your thoughts, which always takes you to disaster, worry, fear and pain, The Universe has got your back. It works because you ‘know’ it works, and since you are what you think about, well…… is always taken care of, every thing you need and want comes to you with love…….no ego fear and worry necessary.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!!
Checkout my book ‘8 Keys; A Special Delivery Message from the Angels’, on Amazon Kindle and Amazon, you can order on my website for a signed copy. The ‘8 Keys’ is the answer to everything…it should be the Angels wrote it, and includes my journey from invisible to Goddess!!!!! And being Goddess is way more fun!!!

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Information For Life!!

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We live in an ‘information’ age, yet many, for various reasons choose not to access answers or truths. When I was in my twenties,( I am now 62) many, many years ago, I was working as a doctors assistant. Unfortunately, I was also not a healthy person. I had asthma. I was given medications for my asthma, of course.  At it’s peak I was on 3 different kinds. The problem was I kept building up a tolerance to the meds. I was always in fear of having an ‘attack’ or getting sick and having the infection go into my lungs. It didn’t take me long to figure out that whatever I was doing would not actually cure my asthma. Interesting, working for a doctor and there is no cure, hmmm…. Intuitively, even though I didn’t know to call it that way back when, I knew I had to do something else. Going this far back, for you young ones, there was no internet, no central information center, no ‘ask google’…….shocking, I know. But, I decided to go to a health food store and check out the books on health. I did find a wealth of information that happily changed my life and literally put me on the path to complete over all physical health ( which was many years in the making). If you are wondering, yes, I cured my asthma and got off all meds, pretty quickly too. There was a book that gave me a clear view of my illness. It impacted me greatly and I still remember the name. I wish I still had it but I loaned it out to someone along the way. “Mind, Body & Sugar”, years ago it was not to be found anywhere. I just went on Amazon and there it is, important enough to be republished for like the 100th time. Information is very powerful, it can change your life, as it did mine so many years ago. At that time I was ready and open for information that would give me answers. Not all information has the answers you need, and I have learned over the years, answers do not come till you are ready to hear. I was ready to change my life, to heal myself of asthma. Since I didn’t know I couldn’t, there was no ego or belief system to stop me.
Now, each of us has a wealth of information at our fingertips. Whatever you may need to know is written somewhere and you have access to it. So, I must ask you out there reading this…….why are you still doing things the way you have always done. Why do you continue to read only those things that agree with how you feel? Whether you read about politics, religion, health, illness, why must you gravitate to what you think is already true. You have a comfort zone and just want to stay there. For instance, if you have heartburn, why wouldn’t you look up ‘natural heartburn relief’, which would lead you to apple cider vinegar, which works fast and can fix what ails you. Instead, so many just go to the doctor, get yourself a purple pill, easy peezy, right? If you actually used your access to the vastness of information that is out there you would find that your purple pill can really mess up your kidneys, I mean really! However, you would not want to read that because it would make you uncomfortable.
We, as Humans, like to be comfortable. We want our nice little boxes that do not include change, because change is uncomfortable. What do you think that uncomfortableness is? What is the feeling you get when you get information that disagrees with what you think you know? Why does your solar plexus go into a knot? Why do you get so fearful and angry?? Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being!! Each of us is connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. Each of us is ‘psychic’ and has a direct connection to Source. Those feelings are there to stir change. They are meant to move you in a different direction. The feelings are the cross roads, intended to give you enlightenment, to put you on another path. For myself, the ‘uncomfortable’ feelings or conditions happened many times on my journey. I found religion too confining, but was uncomfortable declaring what I really knew to be true. I was afraid. What was I afraid of, what are you afraid of??? It’s funny now, looking back, I struggled with what I was taught as a child. What I was taught did not feel right, did not fit me and still out of fear; I held on. I am happy to say I have given myself permission to accept what I know to be true, what my intuition tells me, and the information sets me free. Very similar to letting go of doctors to cure myself of asthma, it set me free.
The ‘free’ feeling is awesome and empowering; so why don’t more of you do what you need to do to heal mind, body and spirit? As I am now in my sixties, the journey to health that I started so many years ago, has served me well. Many along the way disagreed with me and made fun of me on my regime of supplements and exercise. But now, not so much….I am an amazing reflection of health and happiness. This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. I followed my intuition on what my body needed and I was right…..I haven’t been to a doctor in over 25 years. You can do the same but ego and fear keep you in the box. To the lovely lady I met years ago, where I counseled her get off wheat and milk, because she was allergic. She choose not to follow through. Bless her heart, she recently contacted me to let me know she had allergy testing and was allergic to wheat and milk. She got the tests because she was tired of being tired and feeling like shit……..Think of what you could accomplish if you followed that uncomfortable feeling. If you stepped into the zone of the unknown and learned who you really are. If you stepped out of the box and opened to the endless information you intuitively know is there. You could be happier, healthier, more abundant…..You would be empowered. I know that everything I need comes to me, do you? Information about health, money, opportunities, are available to you. All along the way I would ask, ‘what do I need to know?’ Information is everywhere and will always show up with what is needed.
Many times whatever you think is truth, is just your propagandized training. There is much that you were taught from the time you came to the planet and much of it was not empowering, much of it still holds you captive instead of setting you free. If that makes you uncomfortable, it should. You can’t reach your full potential for happiness until you admit to your feelings of being uncomfortable. Once you admit what isn’t working; medicine, relationships, political belief, religious beliefs……….you can then open the flow of information that will propel you to get beyond your comfort zone and into peace.
It is really that simple, or that complicated, depending on how much you struggle. Read about my journey from physical, sexual abuse as a child, being unhealthy, unhappy and depressed to living life as an empowered, free, Goddess, in my book, “8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels”.
It is time Human, to quit the struggle! Welcome to Earth, 2017.

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Am I Really Unlimited?

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It’s the time of the month that I sit down to write my blog. After all these years and all the blogs and books, I admit I still do not like to write. However, something happens each month, each time I ‘schedule’ when I am going to write……something, some other energy, takes over. I just sit in front of the computer, even if I have no idea what to write about, and it flows. For a good 2 and a half hours, I type. When it’s done I am amazed at what has been created. So what is this energy? In my book the 8 Keys, I relate it to Angels, which is a nice comfortable way of saying, ‘the Universal Energy Force!’  The same thing happens to me when I speak; no notes, no outlines, just a title for the talk and easily an hour, or 2, or 3 goes by. It’s the creative energy that flows. The connection to the most powerful energy in the Universe. Seriously, it really does work and it really is amazing………


On my way home from Texas through Dallas airport, it was a hurry up and wait situation. Those of you who travel know what I mean. I found myself in the ‘fast’ line, waiting. In that moment I noticed, in front of me, a tapestry made of various sizes and colors of broken tiles, but none of the pieces bigger than my hand. The tapestry picture created was huge, one wall the size of 3 of my living room walls (and I have a pretty big living room), all covered with little pieces of tile.They were put together, I am sure by hand, to create this amazing colorful picture. I imagined what it took to create something so detailed, so beautiful. I am sure someone could computer generate the picture, but each piece was placed meticulously by someone who was obviously a creative artist. I was in awe and it made me think of how this must have been a labor of love, and how much is created each day by those who just allow that Energy to flow.


Nice, right?  Each of us is connected to this Life Force Universal Energy, it’s our Soul, and our center of truth and creativity. When you look around examples are every where of flowing creativity. The more noticeable ones, perhaps you find in music. Some music just whizzes on by, meaning nothing to you. Then there is that melody or the words that touch your heart, that lift your spirit, that take you back to another time and place. It’s magic from the Universal energy flow. Perhaps, you have read a poem or a book that makes you think and touches your heart. It’s the creative flow. Maybe you have seen a painting, and all you can think is ‘wow’. There are so many ways the Energy flows through us and most of you never notice, or have any idea it’s within you.


A common theme in readings I give, is that this powerful frequency (the energy on the planet ) activates the creative centers within. There is hidden creativity in all of us. I can actually see the book, the painting, or perhaps music notes around people, or maybe someone should create their own business. If I mention it, more often than not the person says,’I have been told that by other psychics.’  If you can expand your view, all the wisdom and beauty the Universe has to offer is available to you. The answers you need are there within your connection to Source and you are never not connected. How you choose to use this energy is up to you. When you are creative (remember there is no particular way to be creative) you are open to a higher frequency connection, untainted by fear or anger….it could be as simple as planting a garden or as complicated as painting the Sistine Chapel. You are allowing the energy to flow.  Creativity opens doors for joy, love, and it feels good. You are literally rising in frequency as you create. By saying ‘yes’ to this Universal flow you become a more connected person. You are experiencing your connection through some sort of creativity and that is empowering. Bonus; you are now in present moment and that is where your point of power is, that is where inspiration flows. Do not get confused by the energy of creativity. It could mean creating a business, or something as simple as speaking words to someone that make them feel better. There is no limit to your creativity in this Universal Energy.


From the time you are born, till the time you leave this planet, you are bombarded with what others think is right or wrong. You are in a box produced by society and the norms ‘they’ live by. You are often confined by these ‘norms’ and their beliefs are ingrained in your ego brain. This, my friends, is what your journey is about, getting free from the limitations of ego brain and making your life about what you ‘know’ to be true for you. Your own ‘knowing’ of what is true, and living life your way brings you love, joy, peace……..The challenge is to understand that the Universe is unlimited, and so are you. When you get a creative idea that makes your heart sing and sparks your excitement, that is Source flowing through you. When you make a decision to follow your heart, do what you love, take care of yourself, the whole Universe supports what you do. You become the spiritual being living in a physical body, but not controlled by what you see with your physical eyes. This is where the 8 Keys (my book) comes into play: believe, trust, detach, love, humility, forgiveness, gratitude and connection. Each word so powerful on their own but together empowering you to move past what you see and hear in the physical world……opening to the amazing flow of creativity is meant to give you the life of your dreams. Why else would you be here, now at this time, in this frequency, if not to enjoy life fully. Life is meant to be simple and easy. If it is complicated, it is ego…..remember believe, trust, detach….etc……


Well, look at this, 2 hours gone by. Time for my second cup of coffee. I will go back now to check grammar and make sure what you read makes sense, maybe add some pictures. Maybe I’ll turn on the TV to see if I missed anything while I was away in another dimension.  As much as I may dread writing, I have great joy in seeing what comes from Source in this form of creativity. I can expand out of my box (ego) that says ‘you can’t do this’ and the Angels sing…..’ Sure you can, You are unlimited!’


Welcome  to Earth,Spiritual Being.


The 8 Keys is the answer to everything…….just sayin’.


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I Thought It Would Be Easier Than This…..

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When I was a little girl I loved the Disney princesses…..the story of an amazing prince who would rescue me was so tantalizing. I did not want to be who I was, a lost, plain, little girl who did not have a voice. I imagined someone battling everything just to be with me, and I would be loved and adored, living happily ever after. As I got older and actually started dating I did attract men or boys (depending how you look at it) that wanted me to be what ‘they’ wanted me to be. Then the struggle began, for I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be and the act of a rescue just didn’t seem to fit, and the happily ever after seemed to float away……and the journey to self realization continues……..

This is our journey to find what works and what doesn’t for us. We are taught what someone thinks is right and wrong, we are given information about ourselves that may or may not fit. Yet, the need to fit in, to be accepted, to do the right thing; whether from god, religion, family or society, can be overwhelming. This can leave us going against who we want to be and put us in a place of guilt and confusion, trying to fit into what ‘they’ want us to be.

All of us are on the journey. You may be aware, or not. You come here to do that journey, to make your way to enlightenment, which can be called self-awareness. You do the journey based on your set-ups and karmic connections created before you show up here. Your journey is based on decisions you make because of those set-ups.  It is no wonder life can be so confusing. The journey is about empowerment, finding who you really are and your connection to the most powerful energy in the Universe, which leads you to peace.  However, many do not make it to that place of peace even with a whole lifetime of experiences and choices. That is why the soul gets so many chances, many, many lifetimes to experience the journey. By about now, many of you have had enough and believe none of this…..the ego steps in to tell you what ‘stupid’ stuff this is. Ego says, “you could not possibly have that much power, you are a victim of society and your upbringing. It just isn’t fair, if only you had this, that, or something else, you’d show ‘them’.”

Society does not teach you to have power. To understand that power and embrace it, disrupts the agenda of control ‘they’, ‘the powers that be’, have for you.  They can’t control someone who knows their connection, is not afraid, and has peace.  You can recognize those that are having a rough time on this journey.  They (this could be you) are in ego mode. They are victims, they are angry, they are fearful and they judge and criticize others who refuse to conform and be fearful victims like them.  They are waiting for the prince to rescue them, the one savior, turning their power over to someone who will ‘make it all better’.  There is a need for them to have ‘idol worship’, a guru, usually, a strict father figure that may or may not been sent by their god. Yes, I am sure this sounds familiar to so many of you on this journey. History records this same scenario over and over again.  It seems to continually repeat itself, for humans who are not taught who they really are, tend to reside in fear, guilt and anger.

Now, it is 2017, for those of you aware of your journey, making your way ever so slowly to enlightenment…..Congratulations…..the frequency is higher on the planet now than even last year, driving your earth bound friends into a frenzy. Here are some suggestions on making things easier for you.

1. Deal with your shit.……the frequency is meant to shake you up. You are being compelled to look at what irritates you the most and overcome it.  It’s supposed to be in your face, don’t ignore it. You may have a fear of lack of money, you may have low self esteem, you may be on ego overload, your psychic abilities are opening and it’s freaking you out…..whew!!!!!  Good for you, time to get control of that ego. There are many ways to do that, many teachers, books, classes….. this learning is your remembering process. Ask for guidance….it’s that simple. I had no teachers and classes at first but the info was given to me. Read about my journey in the “8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels”… the way, the 8 Keys, are your answer to everything. REMEMBER….it’s not supposed to be complicated (complicated is ego). Now deal with your shit!!

2. Nobody is going to save you…………. no one can heal you, no one is going to drop off a basket full of money……nobody is more powerful than you!!!  Your power lies within you. You are a spiritual being encapsulated in a physical body. Your journey with all the ups and downs is to make it clear to you how powerful you are. Quit looking for someone outside of you to make things better, you are the Savior you have been looking for. Anything you need or want is already on your path, you must reach the frequency of ‘Knowing’  in order to receive all that is available to you. It is really that simple or that complicated depending on whether or not you have dealt with your shit, go back to #1.

3. Be in gratitude……for heavens sake, just quit whining, moaning, groaning and complaining. The pity pot is gone, done, finished…… you didn’t get the love, or the job…..geezzz…….There is always something to be thankful for. Start with the smallest thing and just work up from there. Gratitude immediately puts you in a higher frequency, it’s instantaneous, you can actually feel the change in your energy.  See your world through spiritual eyes. Whatever situation you are in now, especially if it makes you feel uncomfortable….be grateful. You are here, you planned this, you are alive in 2017 experiencing the highest frequency in centuries….just say ‘Thank you!‘  It’s that simple, or that complicated, depending on…..well, you know, check #1.

4. Be in this moment……Life goes by in a blink of an eye. Way to often we continue to look at life from what happened years ago, or what you have to look forward to in the future. I have been there done that, read all about it in the 8 Keys. While your energy is bemoaning your fate from the past, all the blessings from the angels and guidance are being missed. You can’t be in your power when your energy is somewhere else.  That’s a fact, it’s energy, that is how it works.  Your point of power is in this present moment. All the answers to your questions, feeling the love from the Universe, transcending time, all the good stuff is here in present moment.  If you find it hard to be in the present moment, go back to #1, your shit is blocking your path… get on with it! It really is simple and easy……

5. If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it or them…….Being in the wrong place, or with the wrong person, or whatever the situation is that makes you uncomfortable or if you just feel ‘yuck’, drains your energy. It means your energy in that situation is done and no matter how spiritual you think it is or how noble to continue, it’s time to move on.  Even if you used to love it or them, even if the idea stills shines, but you are no longer enjoying it and you find yourself slogging through mud just to continue, your done. To stay in the situation is like beating a dead horse…… I know you hate change, everybody hates change. You do not have to quit your job at this moment or leave that person now or pack up and move immediately…….You just need to say yes, yes, yes, I am done and ready to move on. A wave of relief will wash over you and the Universe and angels celebrate your trust and love by opening doors to bring you more opportunities. The ‘yes’ energy moves you into a higher frequency, where you can experience the enlightenment you deserve. Change is the only constant in the Universe, flow with the change and enjoy your journey. And you know, it is that simple……

Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!!!



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Your World is Not Unfair…….It Is Created By Your Thoughts!

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The month of December is always about contemplating my existence and looking at my life from the perspective of the prior year. The more I know about myself, the more I can accept who I am the good, the bad and the ugly. Thinking of my childhood, and the challenges I faced, could certainly bring me down, but I now understand the experiences made me who I am today. We do not actually do Christmas, I find it tedious and expensive ( that’s just me and is not a criticism of anyone else .)  I remember my Mom and our good times and my daughter and those good times. It can make me melancholy, but not unhappy, I can bless it. I am making my journey and being, instead of doing….it rejuvenates my soul. Life is meant to be bittersweet, and the acceptance of what is, being thankful for what has transpired, has taught me peace and joy! One last thing, I manifested the life I have now……it’s what I always wanted……..the spiritual life really works, go figure, who knew??

The new year is a great time to make changes or resolutions. More often than not, though, the follow through is just not there…..I want to be slimmer, healthier, successful, happier, etc…..but it takes effort. Happiness, is hard. And life can throw you some curves and for many those curves just overwhelm you, and you just stop. I have been on that side of life….depressed, frustrated and certainly fearful, I get it and understand. So what do you do?  Two choices, actually pretty simple. Keep on the same path you are on, or change. Easy, peazy….right??

I am sure you all remember the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Millions of gallons spilled into the pristine waters. Ironically BP, the oil company, didn’t know how to stop it. I think you all know the story. They decided to use a ‘suppressant” to break up the oil . That alone was a nasty chemical. So instead of cleaning the oil, it broke it up and sunk to the ocean floor with all that suppressant. What happened to this vibrant environmental terrain, was not pretty. Those chemicals and the oil killed the good bacteria, disrupting the very sensitive balance and created ‘dead zones’, where nothing could grow because there was no more oxygen. To this day there are huge ‘dead zones’ underwater. Even above ground the act was devastating….

The ocean is a natural environmental terrain……our bodies are a natural environmental terrain.Our hearts are where our emotions lie and the physical body is organic in nature.  Anger, fear, blame, judgement are all toxic negative poisons for the heart center, kidneys and liver. These emotions will literally create ‘dead zones in your ‘aura’. Every time you ignore what you should deal with, which the Universe always puts in front of your face- and decide to blame others, through anger, fear, etc…… create a dead zone in your heart chakra and or other chakras.  Oh, yes, you try to be kind or whatever but then things don’t go your way, ego pops up and the blame and shame begins. ‘It’s Muslims, blacks, women, religion, gays, transgenders, immigrants……your boss, spouse, friend, job…’s the president’s fault. What a crock pot of ‘sh*t.” Whining, moaning, groaning and complaining, just so angry. No responsibility taken by you.  It is just easier to blame someone else. Perhaps, you have no idea that you are an energy magnet and attract to you based on how you think. Seriously, think about that.

If your ‘issues,’ that the Universe has put in your face go unresolved, the toxic, poison emotions will make their way through your aura into your physical body wreaking havoc on your natural environmental terrain. You see, those negative poisons make your body interior acidic. Your interior then creates it’s own ‘dead zones’. Your physical body gets sick, then you can go to the doctor to get more chemicals to get rid of the symptoms, which make you more acidic….you have learned to ignore the actual cause. Illness doesn’t just happen, your body is screaming at you to take action  Even with this process, while feeling old and sick, so many of you refuse to take responsibility. I have heard so many complain about a diet change to get healthy or perhaps exercising as being too much trouble.  So the cycle continues and you choose to live this amazing life in a mediocre fashion and medicated.

There are ways to clear this poisonous energy from your life. Deal with your ‘sh*t’. Quit expecting someone to rescue you…….nobody’s going to heal you!! No one is going to give you tons of money!! It is not within anyone’s power to ‘fix’ you!! You must find the love within yourself that connects with the Universe, and just say “YES”. Yes to heal!! Yes to see yourself for who you really are, the good, the bad, and the ugly .Until you accept and love yourself you cannot connect with the power within. The Universe offers unlimited opportunities to love and heal. It is only your ego through fear that refuses to change your thought form and how you feel about yourself.

You are the commander of your Universe. The Universe can only give you what you are open to receive. If you can’t see beyond your physical world and the blame game, you can only receive more things to complain about. But, when you open your heart with love, gratitude and forgiveness, more of the high frequency loving energy comes to you…….it’s all energy and that is how it works…’s always been that way and that will not change, so maybe you should try something different. Perhaps start with accepting yourself and loving who you are.

Welcome to Earth 2017, Human.


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The Politics Of Power!

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I love going to healing expos, psychic fairs and whatever else they are called. Basically a gathering of healers, psychics, natural products and a variety of creative artwork. It is fun for me because I get to meet new people, play dress up and do what I love to do. There is always a wide variety of different people who resonate at different frequencies at the fairs. This energy matches up with the different people who show up to visit these fairs. For those of you who do not understand frequency, or energy, let me explain. It’s like your cell phone. Your phone number is a frequency, which is different than my frequency and everyone elses’. That’s why when you call someone ‘everyone’ who has a cell phone does not answer. Now combine that with energy (remember everything is energy) and you find that each reader, healer, teacher carries their own level of frequency. Some frequencies run very high and others may be lower. It is up to the visitor to match their energy to the helper they need.
Like every other business there are people not in the best integrity. There are those who want to make a quick buck off your pain and suffering. For instance, I have had people come to me who have been told they have an ‘entity’ around them that is causing all their bad luck and woes.  For a large fee the self proclaimed healer or psychic will clear that energy for them…and of course only the prescribed ‘healer’ can facilitate that procedure. Basically, the healer is powerful, certainly more powerful than you and can make your life great again, just pay the fee! It is amazing how many people are willing to turn their power over to someone else so they can be ‘fixed’ or healed…….
Now, this is where you say, “how ridiculous, how stupid, who would do such a thing”. Unfortunately, this kind of power give away is more common than you think.  Everyday people hand over their power to someone else. Maybe you have handed your power over to a doctor, whose purpose is to get you on medication. It does not seem that the process with a doctor is about finding why you feel the way you do. Have doubts? Well, pharmaceutical companies, make a fortune on you taking that medication. Also, more medication to stop the side affects of the first medication. You believe your doctor, because he or she should know right?  And of course you pay and pay and pay……..Yet often it’s still just a wait and see if it works. Don’t you worry, there are plenty of meds to experiment with. You are now in the cycle of the doctor practicing medicine on you.  So many have given their power away to this scenario. Are there other options, of course, but that would mean effort on your part. Change diet, meditate, exercise, research, be in present moment to know your own body………there are always options. This is not an endorsement for ‘not’ going to doctors.The medical health care system has its place. This is an endorsement for you to take responsibility for your health and your body.
There are other ways this loss of power occurs. It happens in churches with religious leaders, schools, parents, spouses. One person controls another. It is a norm in our society, I have spoken of this before. We are taught to be powerless, whether it is our health or the ‘fear factor’. I am amazed at how many of you believe all the fear mongering, as if it’s a fact for your life. Which my friends it is not. Unfortunately though it works. You may be a victim of the ‘powers that be’ and the slew of negative propaganda coming your way.
This amazing rising energy on the planet brought many changes for this year, and the prior years. It is and has been an incredibly high energy.  It really messes with the heads and hearts of many of you who refuse to look at your own ‘sh*t’. When you refuse to look within, you feel the frustration and blame others for your lot in life. From the look of things, there is just so much blame to go around. Nice job to those of you who use this lame survival mechanism, you got this ‘blame’ thing down pat.  On the other hand, some of you actually were prompted to go within and deal with what the angels put in front of your face and you followed through. I know, I spoke too and worked with many of you. Awesome!!
We have had the rising of the feminine creative energy in this century. This energy has brought about a stronger intuitive ability in those who choose to use that gift we are all born with. It is about being in present moment, opening the heart center, being in integrity and being the hand that reaches across the aisle. It is a much needed balance of yin and yang. It also freaks many people out……go figure! But, it also ignites in many the light and love within! Again, awesome.
So here is the scoop and the poop I noticed in this election……. Bernie came on the scene offering a new paradigm (which got great support) of what could be created if we work together in our power.  He understood clearly it was not about him but us, you, we the people. He told us what was possible for climate change, education, minimum wage, healthcare and so much more. He brought to us a message of what we could accomplish by taking our power back. I thought it was great but many said it was impossible. However, I and many of you do not believe in impossible………Bernie’s message; take back your power, the government works for us……….
That energy was not accepted by the ‘powers that be” for democrats……they had their own plan. We were then presented with nominee Hillary.  She was smart enough to take on much of what the progressives under Bernie wanted. It was presented to us that she had been in the system for years fighting for us. She learned to make strong connections with many establishment corps to raise the money to win. No matter how much good she did, or what she said, the ‘powers that be’ did not want her in office. They cited she was a criminal. I know, many of you believe she was a crook, so be it. She was strong for sure, taking all that sh*t for 30 years. In the end people just couldn’t believe her and the ‘powers that be’ did not want a woman as president. Hillary’s message; I’ll make the government work for you.
The people were swayed by someone who they said, spoke his mind, he had balls, was strong and dominant. He spoke with authority and claimed only he could fix things. He was a hero who blamed the ‘others’ for the people’s pauper existence. It was okay to be powerless because a hero was on the scene, someone who could take charge of things. The populace ignored his lawsuits and many transgressions because this was a ‘real man’. Back to the way things were, when the white patriarch had power. Idol worship set in, so many just wanted to be rescued from their lives. Surely, this man could do it. He would bring change, not the same old government stuff.  Trump’s message; I can fix everything.
The country gets the leadership it deserves based on it’s consciousness. It worked, nearly half of the population gave their power away to one man to fix ‘it’ all. Empowerment down the drain…….well, maybe. There is really not much difference in this scenario, than in the first story I told. We are not taught to be powerful or happy for that matter. The message is; if you are fearful, angry and unhappy let someone fix you or the circumstances around you. The ‘powers that be’ love it when you feel powerless. Then you can give ‘them’ power and they can do, pretty much what ever they want…….
So now, Human, what’s on the agenda? Pay the healer the money because someone outside of you has said they have more power than you?  Or step into your empowerment by going within and asking for guidance. ” Take away my fear Angels, and show me my path”………No one is more powerful than you!!  Get it, no one can heal you, no one can make you happy, it’s all an inside job. You are connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe, that energy flows through you. You are a spiritual being experiencing life on Earth.  You have never been powerless, even if  ‘they’ want you to believe it. You came here to find out who you really are….to be empowered…….to be psychic…….to be joyful, happy, abundant, healthy………No one can do it for you…’s all about you!! So the question again is what are you going to do, let someone else fix you or say ‘YES” to the Universe and create your own Heaven on Earth!? Your choice…….
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are dearly loved.

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Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged!

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“He,who is without sin, cast the first stone…..” ~Jesus
When I was in my early teens I was introduced to a version of god through a church, a pentecostal church. Since this was my first exposure to religion, I was completely enamored with the experience. It lit a spark in me that has lasted my whole life, my spiritual connection. That connection has morphed in many directions as I have made the journey to being ‘Me’, but that church was where it first opened up. I only stayed in that church for a few years and then felt compelled to leave. It wasn’t god I left but the people, many seemed loving but also very judgemental. Even I knew at that young age that everyone makes the journey to god in their own way.  But people seem to latch onto a belief system that works for them and whoever doesn’t follow often seems to be wrong. I did enter a few churches when I became older but I never felt comfortable being told how to live my life and how I should honor my spiritual connection. So I did not go back to that structure, which works well for so many. Each of us has teachings given to us along the way. I wrote about that in my October blog. We get these belief systems and it is up to us to find our way to our center, to who we really are.
Unfortunately, not everyone will agree with your journey. That is where the judgement begins…….you, my friend, may be doing the judging or you may be the one being judged……. and that is the journey, welcome to Earth, spiritual being.  Judgement is all about the ego and it is created from many ego layers, guilt, jealousy, anger, fear…….But the bottom line with judgement is the person doing the judging is feeling uncomfortable about themselves.
We have not been taught in our society to accept people for who they are, we are taught to be separate. There are so many egos out there that need to be stroked, that are feeling insecure, that are fearful and they have no idea how not to feel that way. So that insecure ego energy passes judgement on someone else, often someone weaker than them, to lift themselves up.  And because there are so many insecure egos, they find each other and form a group who judge and hate.There must be safety in the masses. If enough people think it, then they must be right, while others then are wrong. The mass judgement of one group on another, just separates us more. It is practiced quite regularly and used by the ‘powers that be’ to give people someone to blame for their unhappiness and to support their insecurity. Too bad it works – people, through their egos, seem to thrive on putting others down.
I have been on both sides of the fence on this one. I am not proud to say I used to be very judgemental of others. I would criticize someone  whether I knew them or not, in pursuit of trying to build myself up. However, underneath it all, judging others does nothing but create a heavier burden on our heart center. It fixes and heals nothing when we judge. The real insecurity never leaves by blaming, hating, fearing, judging someone else. It is really all about us and how we feel about ourselves.
We really are all one. The same energy that flows through you, flows through gays, blacks, browns, males, females and transgenders…..and any other person you have been told you should blame, hate or judge. The Universal energy holds the planets in place and flows through us all. It is the ‘Life Force Energy’ that keeps each of us alive and connected to each other. You cannot hate your fellow human without having hate for yourself. You cannot judge your fellow human without having judgement for yourself. Think about it. Go within. How do you feel about you?
When we love ourselves; all the good, the bad and the ugly, when we have admitted to our imperfections and our own amazing strengths, when we finally see ourselves clearly, the pain of judgement leaves. You are a unique and extraordinary Being. No one can do or be you. You add energy to this world just by being you. Every time you forgive yourself, others are forgiven and the energy on Earth rises. Every time you love and accept yourself, others accept themselves also……Because we are all connected by that Universal Energy. Make your goal  to live in joy, because if each individual on this planet was in their joy….shoot, if only of a quarter of the souls on this planet were in there joy, the world would be a much different place. Find your self love and acceptance and be the person you really are….and people will judge you, so get over it!! Send them love, blessings and joy. You do not have to fear, fight or judge back, you do not have to prove you are worthy to anyone, ever, because you know who you really are, and that my friend is why you came to Earth, to find You and be empowered.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are dearly loved!

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Everyone Has A Story!

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Way back when my grandparents, on my mother’s side, came over on the boat. The story was told about the boat in family gatherings with lots of nods and smiles. They came from Hungary as immigrants. I do not know when, but my mother was born in 1933 in America. What prompted them to make such a journey, I do not know.  I can only imagine it was very important for them to move to America to make such a perilous trip. Yet, when they got to America they lived in the same type of neighborhoods with others of similar descent, with the same traditions that they left behind. After showing such bravery, they recreated the same dysfunction, created by the same fears in their own family. You see grandma and grandpa ‘had’ to get married. My grandma was not a warm friendly person, there are most likely many reasons for that, but one was her resentment for having to marry grandpa. My mother, her firstborn, was conceived out of wedlock and grandma always blamed my mother for being born. There was physical abuse from grandma and sexual abuse from grandpa, who knows how many generations in this family carried that energy. My mother didn’t have a chance, she would grow up miserable and when she crossed over she was still miserable.  My mother spent her life trying to get her mother to love her…… From one of our last conversations my mother admitted she never did hear those precious words, ‘I love you’ from her mother……..My mother died taking care of her mother. Her belief was she was she was unlovable. She spent her life with that ego belief.
We all have a story that shapes our lives. Challenges set up before we even get here, created with the same souls lifetime after lifetime, it is called our karmic circle. It is the reason some people resonate so well with us. Some people we meet and we can’t stand to be around them, without any reason we can understand,we just don’t like them. Some light a passion within us that is almost impossible to resist and that can be good or not so good. Now, this is not how the ‘physical’ world looks at things. The physical world seems to believe ‘it’s god’s will’ or fate that set’s up your life .You come to Earth full of sin, and need to be redeemed or as fate would have it, you’re just screwed. Either way, you end up powerless. The ‘powers that be’ want you to be powerless, control of you is so much easier that way.
From the time you arrive here, your ego is groomed to a belief about life. You then go to school and learn more about people and life. As you grow up you are given more and more beliefs, at colleges, at your jobs. Your ego is latching onto beliefs that are most familiar, the beliefs that do not cause you discomfort, those it wants to keep and dumping the rest. Unfortunately, most beliefs really do not serve you becoming empowered. The ego keeps you attached at your comfort zone, even if that comfort zone is not so comfortable, even if that zone causes you pain or fear. It is why women stay in abusive relationships, it is why you stay at a job you hate, it is why you go to church even if you can’t see how what is being told can be true. This is why even when you are given facts, you refuse to consider there could be another way to live. This is what our society does, keep you in a box so you will do the ‘right’ things. Consider if you will, ‘The Matrix’……sound familiar?
We actually come to the planet with free will choice. All the beliefs and experiences connected to that, whether judged as good or bad, are given to you to evaluate your own truth, through your heart center. You have these experiences to become self aware. As a spiritual being in this physical body, this life should be an adventure. Consider this, for so long the belief was the world was flat, it was blasphemy to consider otherwise. Yes, you can laugh at that now, but it is no different than you staying at a job you hate because of fear you will not find another one. It’s all just beliefs from the mind. So the real journey for you is from the mind to the heart. The heart is your intuition, your very own psychic ability (yes, considered evil in some beliefs). It is your direct connection to Source, God (not the human emotional jealous god, ready to strike you down with a lightening bolt). It is where your power is. Everything changes when you bring in the heart. We are taught to ignore the signs the hearts gives us. Ever made a decision even though it felt wrong, date someone and it just didn’t feel right…….have someone come to mind and then they call. You have learned to ignore your own psychic ability, but you are more than willing to pay someone else for their ‘reading’.  Belief is what you have embraced because ‘they’ told you to believe it, you are in the box. A knowing comes from the heart, from your very soul. I know when I need something it will show up. I know the Universe has my back in all things, I do not have to worry, ever. I know when I see 444 anywhere the angels are surrounding and loving me. There is much I ‘know’ and it all brings me peace and joy. What are you holding onto, does it bring you peace and joy?? Perhaps it is time to examine what you believe and shift to the higher frequency of knowing.
We are in a political atmosphere, it is very turbulent, because the identity of many is connected to ego and what they ‘believe’ about government and the candidates involved. Many will ignore facts and love or hate the person that is running. Many will pledge loyalty to someone, very similar to idol worship, where that person can do no wrong. It is disturbing on so many levels to see so many angry, fearful people willing to ignore facts for idol worship. That is all ego. Remember, the country gets the leadership it deserves based on its consciousness……..Go to your heart, seek truth and you will find truth, ask for wisdom and understanding for the best and highest good for us all.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are dearly loved!

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Can Dreams Come True…..Really?!

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When I was growing up I had things I wanted to do, I had dreams.  I wanted to be a ballerina, I took classes for awhile but my mother found it difficult to take me. Then I was informed I was to tall for this profession………When I wanted to play the piano, it was to expensive……..I got even taller and wanted to be a model, but was told it wasn’t for me because of where I lived in Ohio, how could that ever work…….There were more examples of ‘no’ but I settled for going to college to be a social worker. That did not pan out either because my father decided he wouldn’t help pay, not that he couldn’t but wouldn’t. I was working and had gotten grants for my good grades but his ‘no’ put the last nail in the coffin for the college idea.   After that, there were a series of low paying jobs, nothing that sparked the dreams within me. I learned to settle, to accept the ‘no’s’ that were give to me. I learned to accept that nothing I really wanted could happen. Couple all that with mediocre relationships that did not work and I knew I wasn’t good enough…………
I read an article this morning of a CEO of a pharmaceutical corporation. The CEO, after increasing prices of a much needed drug by 400%,  raised her salary to a whopping, $18,000,000, an increase of 671% over the last 5 yrs. What it brought to mind for me was, how much money does anyone really need?  How unhappy must this woman be to think that an increase of money is what she needed in her life. She was making $2,000,000, just 5 yrs ago. Our ego’s and the physical world will keep you wanting more to be happy. We see this CEO or celebrities, or politicians and our ego declares, look how much ‘they’ have, they must be great!  That must be what success is all about, having more money and stuff………so they must be happy……???
Our physical world will certainly give us an impression of what is possible for us, as individuals.  There are the haves (the rich ones) and the have-nots. There is different potential depending on your skin color, sexual orientation, religious orientation, or whether you are male or female. Some areas of the world offer more opportunity than others, again based on all the criteria above. This stuff begs the question, “What am I here for?” And that, my friend is what this journey on Earth is all about, why are you here? Is it about having more money or stuff? Does money and stuff really buy happiness? What about you, are you happy, fulfilled?
We each make it to the planet with great potential and a ‘contract’ of possible scenarios that can be played out. You make choices everyday from those scenarios regarding what to do with your energy. Whether you know it or not, each of these scenarios are given to you by your own soul set up, so you can expand and grow in possibility. This is your super power as a Human. You see, the great potential is there in each of us, no matter what group or classification you were born into. The physical world based on ego, will try to keep you separate, with some of you being ‘better or more worthy’ than others. But that is a falsehood only played out in the eyes of the ego!  You are a spiritual being that comes from the Source of all that is! The same Energy that holds the planets in place and causes the plants to grow is the same life force energy that flows through you.  In other words, spiritual being, you are powerful and unlimited. It is your journey encapsulated in your human body, with a contract of possible scenarios, to figure that out. That is the meaning of life, that is why you are here, to be empowered by understanding who you really are. When you ‘know’ that, you will find true happiness and joy!
In the meantime it’s like slogging through mud to override the conditioning of society and ego. So, when you read this and it rings true and your heart expands just a bit and your ego says you are crazy, well, welcome to Earth, spiritual being. You are now on your way.
There are a few things to keep in mind about this leg of your journey………
  • Your ego will fight tooth and nail to keep you under control, it will be uncomfortable.(being uncomfortable is not a ‘bad’ thing)
  • The whole Universe supports what you do when you chose to make the journey to ‘knowing’.
  • Be in present moment, and confront your fear, sadness, depression, low self-esteem by feeling and releasing. Then fill your heart with gratitude, and proclaim who you really are, “I am God/dess”
  • Do not ignore the lessons, whatever makes you uncomfortable, has something in it for you. Ask for wisdom and understanding to get through the situation quickly.
  • No matter what happens, no matter what anyone else does or says, love your holy self. All the good, bad and the ugly, for you are magnificent and unique in the Universe, no one can do ‘You’.
With this advice under your belt, remember to see the world, your journey, through spiritual eyes. Everything is energy, no energy is good or bad, it’s just energy. The ego will judge it as good or bad, but spirit is love and all energy moves through your life based on how you choose to view it. The Universe can only give you what you are open and willing to receive. If you see ‘bad’ then it will be so…..if you see blessing (even if you can’t figure out how) yes, my friend, a blessing it will be. It’s energy, that is how it works. If we were all taught this from the time that we were born…..we would all be empowered. But you know the last thing ‘the powers that be’ want is for you to be empowered. You just can’t control an empowered person.  Welcome to Earth, Empowered Being!
My journey took me full circle. When I knew I wasn’t good enough, the energy provided me with scenarios to prove I was right, and more things and people came into my life to prove I wasn’t good enough. It’s energy, that’s how it works…….when I became so filled with anxiety and fear, literally the Universe backed me into a corner, (yeah it does that) I decided to change my thoughts and release the illusions of ego. Not an easy journey fighting each day with my ego and it seemed to take forever but I, Goddess Linda, won. Now everything I ask for I get, love and joy surround me each day.  I am the commander of my Universe. No matter what shows up or happens, the Universe has my back, I have nothing to fear. Read the whole journey in “The 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels.”
In my new book, “Love, the Mystery of Happily Ever After”, I used a quote from Alan Cohen, one of my favs, it seems appropriate for this blog……..
“We are truly spiritual beings, any other identity detracts from the majesty of our true essence. Let go of false beliefs about yourself, that the true you may shine in all it’s splendor!”
It is really that simple or that complicated, depending on how you choose!



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Watch Out,The Feminine Energy is Rising!

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“All things are born from the feminine……and sparked by the masculine!”
I can remember when my mother was learning to drive, it wasn’t expected that everyone would drive, which really meant that ‘women’ weren’t expected to drive. I remember being in the grocery store and my mother signing the check in my father’s name with a Mrs. in front of it. I remember when birth control finally came on the scene, but I did not know it was such a controversy. I remember being told about sex as my obligation to my husband and only for my husband.  As I look back now, I understand so much. My mother passed on the expectations of the ‘patriarchal’ society as she understood it. She, herself, had no power in her life, decisions were made for her by her father then her husband. When my father left our family, my mother had no clue how to move forward, make decisions and support herself, plus she had 2 little girls to take care of. I have much respect for my mother, she did move forward. I know it wasn’t easy because she was bipolar and the world around her was for the white patriarchs. Finding a job with experience in nothing was difficult and she was at the mercy of the man (always a man) doing the hiring.
That was the 60’s, a period in time that ushered in a changing energy. “The dawning of the age of Aquarius, harmony and understanding…….” etc……The energy was changing back then, causing chaos, as change always does. Our foundation was cracking and many had to find their place in the new paradigm. The white patriarchal society was being threatened by women and those of color, and protests to the war the patriarchs created.  It seemed we would be consumed by the hatred and anger, planted by the ‘powers that be’ to keep us separate and blaming each other…….. Boy, now that does sound familiar.
The world has been run by the ‘patriarchs’ for most of recorded history. They even decided to make the god a father figure, with male tendencies. It states we were created in gods image but it’s more like he (god) was created as man chose to see him. This is in most religions, especially the violent ones. No one really wants to dispute this ‘power of god, the father’, because it has been ingrained in each of us for generations and through our many lifetimes. The rules and regulations of the beliefs that go with this patriarchal system basically states that some people are just more important than others, with males, who are like god at the top.  The rest of us, whether female, or of different belief, sexual orientation or skin color, can be treated like we just don’t count, according to god the father. I know some of you are all in a tizzy by now, such sacrilege!!!!! So I say, get over it. The patriarchs have controlled things for centuries and what have they got to show for it….wars, hatred, slavery, punishment and separation…for those of you who remember being burned at the stake, like I do, well, you know what I mean and that energy is everywhere……….geez…….and we all let it happen.
Since 1999 rolled over into 2000, it brought with it a new higher frequency. This frequency is called “the feminine creative energy”.  It is the direct opposite of the patriarchal energy.  It is coming in to bring a balance in the energy, a balance of yin and yang. This energy is being received by males and females and all in between. It is called “Enlightenment”. The ‘feminine creative energy’ is about being in the moment, it is about honoring our own psychic ability, our connection to Source. It is about being in ‘Integrity’ with ourselves and others. This energy has grown and risen since the turn of the century bringing the higher frequency to planet Earth. There is no way around it, it’s here and creating havoc and chaos within individuals. It is in direct conflict with the ego. Change is here, my friends, and being played out in all arenas of your life and the lives around you.
It would seem to be a battle but it is really an opportunity to see yourself clearly, but many refuse to do that. Therefore the inward battle is being played out in the physical world. We humans do not like change even though change is the only constant in the Universe. But change is about seeing things in a different perspective and many cling to their beliefs as if they could keep change from happening. The struggle against change and the opportunity to see yourself clearly, is creating the hatred and anger all over the planet. At the core of all of that is fear.
Many of you have felt this increasing energy, embracing it as you find more balance and personal acceptance for who you are. Men are learning to follow their intuition and be in the moment.  Women are understanding more and more that their power is not in doing to prove their value, but in being. Many who are in between or do not seem to fit in are learning to love themselves. You are the change that is irritating so many, your light shines so bright others have a hard time being in your presence. Whatever is in your life now that challenges you, is your gift from the Universe. The ego has controlled you so long it is time to let go, and layer after layer the angels put in front of your face what you need to deal with. There is no battle when you go with the flow of allowing yourself to release what doesn’t work and accept the change that is presented to you. There is no war to wage when you know you live in a benevolent Universe and are always surrounded by love. You are on the planet now to be here for this ‘ascension’, to enjoy what this higher energy can bring. It becomes clearer and clearer the more you let go of struggle. An amazing opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, without the stress of karma and ego. Just say, ‘yes’, Human…….yes to love, joy, peace, prosperity, health and perfect divine self-expression.
The ‘patriarchal’ society will not let go without a struggle, especially the ‘white patriarchs’. They have given up their souls for more money, power and control. However, those of us, who have let go of the struggle to love ourselves shine the light every where. The more joy you hold the more you give others permission to change their own lives, and then their light shines, also. For me, I tried what my mother taught, I tried what the church taught, but it wasn’t for me. I am the Goddess, I am connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. I can create my life to stay young, I never have to be sick, I can have all that I desire,…….and I have…….so can you!!
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, your happiness awaits.


“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West