Accept No Destiny Less Than Holiness!

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Accept No Destiny Less Than Holiness!

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Happy Holidays everyone!  It is hard to believe that this is the last newsletter in 2014. As I always say, time is flying by. The frequency on the planet is higher and that energy is putting in front of our faces what we need to see in ourselves. This is not about feeling bad or guilty because you may have invested energy in negativity. It is not about being right or wrong, it is not about being ‘holier than thou’…….it is about you discovering who you really are.

The holidays bring families together and there is no better place to get a bird’s eye view of yourself than around family and friends. Where do you fit in, how does it feel to be the oldest, the youngest, in the middle? Perhaps by now you are not where you wanted to be at this age, what emotions does being in the circle of family and friends bring out in you? Often times the ego will take control especially when we are around others, are we doing things out of obligation, because ‘we have too’ or it’s just always how things are done? It is the holidays that seems to bring out the best or worse in some, but you should be taking a good, hard look at yourself, especially as you are relating to others.

2014 was the year of the ‘throat chakra’, the energy was all about you speaking your truth and discovering what you really want. Of course that didn’t work for everyone, many just respond to this intense energy by being fearful, angry, or hateful. How about you? Everything you need to create a miraculous life is within you, you are connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe, you, my friend, are ‘holy’. So look back upon this year and the opportunities that presented themselves to you. Some of those opportunities (often called ‘problems’) made you uncomfortable or angry, those are the ones you need to look at closely. The more uncomfortable you are the more you need to look at the issues. The more things don’t work out, the more you need to go inward and check on your beliefs. What are you actually creating in your life? Everything that happened this past year, the good, the bad and the ugly, were what you attracted to you by your thoughts. Obviously there were things you need to see, to digest and to change.

How we respond to certain situations, whether at work, with spouses or family, is often a habit, a learned behavior that we do automatically. Mother says this…..I respond like this…….check out closely the dynamics with others and the emotions it brings up in you. Unfortunately, the first response to people or situations is usually controlled by the ‘ego’. The response of ‘feeling small’, obligated, fearful, anxious, ‘not good enough’, which puts into action the old survival defense mechanisms. The world is run by a bunch of ‘egos’ in survival mode trying to keep control of things, so don’t feel bad, but do not ignore how you feel, either. Who or what presses your buttons? and why do you continue to care what they think?

For the last month of 2014, take some time in this frequency and ask yourself what you really want. Not what you think you can have through the eyes of the physical world but what you really want. How would you really like to see your life, where would you like to live, who would you like to be with? We have been told so often that the physical world is our ‘reality’ and that we are limited, so we do not even allow ourselves ‘to go there’. So my holy, spiritual Being, go there…….speak your truth…….what do you really want? Do not let the ego and those old survival mechanisms take over by blaming your boss or spouse or politics, this is about you, what is your joy, what is your heart’s desire? For many of you, you have not given yourselves the opportunity to even ask that question, let alone take time to think about your ‘joy’.  So let’s start by giving intention to receive “I give intent to receive abundance in all its forms, love, joy, peace, prosperity and health!”, yes, that is it human, now the door begins to open…….

It is time for you to realize your life is what you have created, successful or not, difficult or easy, fear or love, it’s all because of you. Your life is reflecting back to you what you believe you are worth. The happenings in your life are about you getting to the point that you understand how powerful you are. You may have created mediocre but those are your thoughts and You have created your physical world with them. If you would like to move above mediocre then change your thoughts. That’s what ‘Life’ is about, recognizing your holy power as an individual connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. The ‘Universe’ is very literal and can only give you what you can receive based on what you think you deserve.  Everything is energy and it can be no other way. So, if your thoughts are, I’m middle child and I never get any attention, or your belief is money only shows up at the last minute and its never enough, or I’ll never get what I want, I’ll never find the love of my life……….this is ‘you’ creating your life.  Nicely done, so far you have created and made it through this part. Now change your thoughts with “I give intent to receive…..” or “Thank you for the abundance that is unlimited in my life” or “My life is blessed with joy and all good things!”… It doesn’t matter how you say it, it’s all about understanding your holiness, you’re a divine being, a god or goddess and you are saying “YES” to who you really are!!! “YES, YES, YES……. I AM DIVINE, HOLY, FULL OF LOVE, JOY, HOPE!!! I live, move and have my being in love, joy, peace, prosperity and health.” You can proclaim it because it is true, the joy of your heart tells you ‘yes’ and it feels good. And, with that proclamation, with that amazing feeling, the energy goes out to create according to your thoughts. It is all energy, it can be no other way………

Welcome to Earth, Holy, Spiritual Being!


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