What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Can Get!

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What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Can Get!

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I recently made a trip to Idaho to visit my daughter. Flying to Idaho for a weekend in the winter didn’t thrill me, but we manifested near 60 degree weather for the time I was there (weather being easy to manifest). Our goal, set months ago, was for her to save her money for a hefty down payment on a car. Then we spent the next several months manifesting what she wanted. The list went something like this, new car, all the bells and whistles, great financing, with a limit on the monthly payment and done all on her own. Finding the great car was easy.  Simple….why not…..except the physical world would see things in another way. My baby has got a past and she has worked darn hard to move ahead of ‘that past’. But, as we all know your past follows you and by the time we got into the car dealer, it was right in front of her face. The physical world is pretty relentless and unforgiving at times, what we see with our eyes can seem much more real than the spiritual world. For a moment in time we were there, seeing all the ‘past’ smeared in living color, controlling her options. We said ‘no’, please go back and try again, then we said ‘no’ again…..then we sat for hours.

We are taught that there are certain rules for living in the physical world on this planet. The rules are similar depending on what venue has been presented to you. There are certain rules set by religions, school, parents, government, etc…… If you screw up, you will be reminded of your transgressions and sometimes you are shown that you can’t climb over them. We all have to decide which group of rules we fit into. Everyone wants to be included, everyone wants to be accepted, everyone wants to feel worthy. We start out as children with a long list of ‘no’s’, can’t do, ‘bad’ and so on. Many of these rules are to keep us safe and as a part of whatever group our parents choose. Then there is a sub group, in school and clubs, then another in work situations and extended family situations. In other words there are many opportunities to ‘fit in’, pick the path of least resistance.

We humans have set up all these little groups, each group’ thinking it is the best. It is based on how the physical world works, and then because there is a ‘wisp’ of spiritual or connection to something more powerful than ourselves, we created a ‘god’. So, if you have been taught about a life beyond this physical world, it is often full of judgement, rules and regulation, also. Because humans like things all nice and neat in little boxes, it makes us feel secure. Human’s in many realms have actually created a ‘god’ that is jealous, angry, vengeful, punishes and tests us constantly. This ‘god’ was created like a emotional human, only bigger, much, much bigger. No matter how good you try to be this ‘god’ will find fault, because no matter how you slice it, you aren’t good enough, supposedly in the eyes of the ‘god’ but mostly in the eyes of the humans that are representing that ‘god’. It’s about control.  And you must be valuable because so many have done so much to keep you under control.

Then every now and then, the restlessness starts and you are hit between the eyes with “I am not happy!”. Then the ego, that has been taught all the rules, says “What does happiness have to do with living?”.  Spirit, your Angels, say “Everything!” Then slowly it all begins to unravel. Those rules and little boxes aren’t working, you know there is more to you than meets the eye. You have seen the stars at night, the way the planets are held in place, you have seen a flower bloom. You have felt your heart sing from a certain melody or a certain person, even though it’s not allowed in your box. Oops, guilt…….punishment cannot be far behind. But the colors, the music, the person brings you joy, how can this be bad?

Your soul purpose in coming to this planet is to break away from the pack and find your true self. All that you have learned up to this point is a foundation that is there to help you decide what you really want. You are born from and  connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. Think about ‘who you really are’, you do not fit in a box or a set of beliefs. No one is better than you, or less than you, because you know and feel you are connected. The journey, the purpose, is to understand how powerful you are, certainly not like the power those who are in charge have. That power can be taken away in an instant, from someone who has more money, guns, control.  But you are steadfast always connected to love and the Universe stands at attention to supply your every need. You can create with your thoughts, its energy that flows through you and moves through the planet, always in creation mode. So, again, ‘what do you want’?

Kryon, through Lee Carroll, has a parable of people who are bogged down by the mud and tar. This is how those people have lived. Then one day, one human rises up without the tar and mud and is able to break free. The people are shocked and appalled, maybe jealous and critical……but the clean human walks free.  We have always been connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe and can choose to walk a different path. Our mission is to have love, joy, peace, prosperity and health. If you speak just one simple word it can be yours as you wipe away all the tar and mud of old belief systems and fear. Just say “YES”……..its energy, it’s magic, its who you really are. Now, you do not have to clean the tar off anyone else, just you, others have the opportunity to make the choice themselves and are also supported with Love. No one has control over you, unless you give yourself away to be controlled. So Believe in this amazing power that flows through you, Trust in this benevolent Universe to take care of the details and Detach from needing to feel fearful or guilty and allow yourself to let go of how, when, why……you will receive the Joy you deserve and always have love for yourself and others. It will heal.

Back in Idaho, time was passing, I sat in a seat with my feet up feeling and knowing a miracle was forming. My daughter was very nervous and wondered what was taking so long. I told her it’s all being taken care of………When papers were signed with an amazingly low interest rate at a very cool credit union, no co-signer, monthly payments she wanted and a beautiful car…….I knew we overcame what the physical world would have created. It is that simple, it is that easy, let the Angels do what they do, you just relax. This is energy, that is how it works, always, wanna join me?


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