Who Am I Really?!

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Who Am I Really?!

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Who Am I Really??
Within each of us is a Divine spark, that special, amazing connection to Source. However, when we come to the planet, we forget all that. The physical world and all the characters in our karmic circle get to mold, shape, and challenge us. For instance, when I was a little girl I knew I was the princess, like in the Disney stories, which was the only way I could relate at that time. I knew I was supposed to ‘be special’ and have more but could not understand why no one else knew what I knew about me. Then, growing up my princess dreams were put aside by the interacting with the karmic characters in my life. Through the years, I gave up on my ‘knowing’ and decided to fit into what society said was agreeable.
This world, Earth, is an amazing place. We take on physical bodies, we have personalities, beliefs and egos to contend with, including all the beliefs everyone else wants us to have about ourselves and our world. There is a bombardment of information, negative and positive, for us to sift through to decide who and what we want to be. Each lifetime presents an opportunity to figure out who we really are and gain enlightenment. The energy of 2015 is an amazing high frequency, each of us have opted to be here, each of us is doing the journey so we can get a few steps closer to who we really are. For some of us, this go around, with this energy, is meant to be not just a few steps, but a gigantic step forward to our Divine Self. Thus, your suffering, your fear, your anger are at an all time high and you’re wondering what is the point in being on the planet at all……Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!!!!!
The 2015 frequency is one of the highest energy patterns we have experienced since the time of Atlantis and before. This energy of love, intuition, joy, is being accepted and embraced by those around the world and gaining momentum. Meaning, dear Human, things are never going to be the same. Time to say ‘yes’ to this energy, it’s only gonna keep rising. It is only your ego that struggles against this change. This energy requires you to be in integrity with yourself, meaning, be honest with yourself. Time to admit, ‘I am not happy’……. ‘I deserve more’…….’There must be more to life than this’………’I don’t like who I am’………’I don’t like what I am doing’……………..’I don’t like who I am with’…………’I don’t like who I have become’………….’I don’t want to be sick anymore’……………it’s okay admit it…….
There, now doesn’t it feel better just to admit things are out of balance with your true Divine Self. It’s scary, ego makes sure of that, it means things will have to change and ego makes sure you should be very, very, afraid of any change. In other words, you feel a little, or maybe alot, schizophrenic. Not feeling connected but scared to make any commitment in any other direction.  Good news, Human, the Angels and the Universe have got your back.  You do not need to leave your job, your relationship, and travel across the world to study with the gurus. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to do anything but say ‘yes’ to love, joy, peace, prosperity, health and perfect Divine Self Expression.  Open the doors by saying ‘yes, I am open to receive all that this amazing life has to offer……’  That’s all. Now, believe in the Power greater than your human self that flows through you, trust this Energy is loving and supportive and detach from any struggle. In other words, go with the flow of energy and embrace love for yourself and other karmic characters in your life.  Now, it is foolish to think that ego will let go without a fight, but you are fighting against yourself. Any uncomfortableness is just you needing to love and accept ‘YOU’.  You will need to let go of what you have been taught about who you are and forgive the illusion about yourself you have created in order for the real ‘YOU’ to emerge as the creator of your life.
It is as simple or complicated as you decide to make it.  The journey of your life is meant to be appreciated, it is meant to be celebrated, not criticized or regretted. Each step was meant to give you enlightenment about who you are. How do we know what we want till we experience what we don’t want, how do we know who we are till we play the role we are not, see it’s just that simple. True happiness comes when we are connected and embrace our Divine Self, with all our quirks and uniqueness. Even if those around you choose not to be positive about you making changes in your life so you can follow your heart, it’s okay, they’ll get it or they won’t.  Understand that you make them uncomfortable because in their hearts they know it’s time for them to say ‘Yes’ also.  And so it goes……..
I, like you, opted to show up, with a complex, traumatizing contract. Many times along the way, I wanted to have a ‘do over’…….Now I understand Me, I wasn’t the princess waiting to be rescued by a prince, I am the Goddess. I am connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe, that responds to my every need and desire. I am creating my life everyday filled with love, joy, peace, prosperity, health and perfect Divine Self Expression. The energy responds because I know who ‘I AM’ and I am open to receive. I manifested a love and companion, who says he manifested me, go figure, nice how the Universe works.  Life is this amazing adventure when we allow it to be. We as humans are made of the same energy that holds the planets in place, that makes the flowers grow. We are not separate, we are connected but the Universe can only give us what we are open to receive.  If you cannot see yourself as the God or the Goddess with an abundant life, full of love, joy, peace, prosperity and health….if you cannot see it or feel it, you are literally blocking your connection to the Divine life YOU were meant to have……..
Welcome to Earth 2015, Spiritual Being!!!!!

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