Let Go Of The Illusion Of You!

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Let Go Of The Illusion Of You!

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Over the last few months I have shared some of my journey with you. I did this not so people would say, ‘wow, aren’t you wonderful and amazing’ and certainly not for people to feel ‘sorry’ for me. I would not be who I am had it not been for the journey and decisions made along the way. I shared the details because ‘I have been there, done that’ and wanted to share the perspective to help you know there is a way out. Each of you has a ‘story’, your very own journey, where opportunity abounds to find freedom and understand who you really are. Decisions are made along the way and the spiritual hope is that you gain knowledge, love, forgiveness, and gratitude for being here on the planet. You, the human, have been given this amazing gift of life.

We are all feeling the pressure of the changing energy. For some of you it ignites excitement, knowing the frequency of the Human is also rising. For others the increasing frequency only means more frustration. You are witnessing a shift in consciousness that is unlike any before. You are also witnessing the struggle to not move forward by those who allow ego to control their lives. Certainly hatred, fear, prejudice have always been the tools the ego uses to keep you in control and turmoil, and now it just seems intensified. There have always been those dominant ego personalities that play upon those qualities for personal gain. The stories go through the centuries and still we have yet to learn from the past.

So, for those of you led to read this blog, understand the frequency is only going to get higher. Which is a tremendous opportunity for you to create the life of your dreams. Make no mistake, you planned to be here, to tap into this high frequency for just that purpose. Of course, it is never as easy as it sounds, for we are taught to fear, and that we are ‘sinners that need to be saved’. You must first over come what society says that you are. So let me tell you, you will know this truth by the joy you feel – and that grin on your face. You are a divine being that holds the energy of the Universe (God) in the very cells of your body. The most powerful energy in the Universe resides in you. Embrace that Human. The ego will tell you ‘this is false’, but your heart knows.

So with that knowledge under your belt, understand that Universal Energy is all about love. So whatever truth you need to face about yourself, whatever is in your face at this moment, whatever situation is attracting your energy and making you uncomfortable, is there for you by the Universal Source. For you must deal with the those beliefs that hold you back in order to create the life that you are dreaming about. Some of you have fear of lack of money. Some of you feel you do not deserve your success or good. Some of you are ill, whether in heart or body. Each situation is given in love to help you understand and clear out the old survival mechanisms. These often uncomfortable feelings are not meant to be ignored.  As a matter of fact, the more uncomfortable you are, the more immediate is the need to understand and release. There are healers that can help you clear the old energy. However, with one request the Angels can guide you in this process and of course, there are many books, including the ‘8Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels’, that can move you forward.

Every time you ‘get it’ about an issue, through forgiving yourself, and, or, others, you release that energy and move into a higher frequency. Doing that then allows the next issue to come up, and the next….etc. It gets easier and easier because the more you clear, the clearer you get and soon you are in present moment, always. You then, without old issues to hold you back, will be moving up in frequency with each shift.

As you move into peace and joy, you will be experiencing others who do not understand, and who may possibly be upset with you for your higher frequency. You cannot do their journey for them. You must let them go to find their way. Yes, this can be difficult but remember, you, and those you love, live in a benevolent Universe. If you love someone you must allow them their journey, even if it means they fall flat on their face. Do not forget you are connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe and that same energy flows through those you love and each person on this planet. So with that said, send them love and 10,000 angels to help them find their way. It is your job to hold the higher frequency of joy, by doing what you love, having fun, and blessing each situation. Therein lies your power to change the world!!!

Whatever you need will come to you. Everything always works out even if you can’t see it. If it’s not fun, you are on the wrong path. If you hit road blocks, you are going in the wrong direction…….if you don’t know what to do, do nothing! All pain is born of resistance. Fighting ‘what is’ will never get you through it, you will just get more of what you are fighting. Trying to control and force your will, creates resistance that will block your moving forward. Remember there is nothing to fear, only signs and signals to guide you where you need to be.

Human, none of us get off this planet alive, so enjoy each moment in gratitude…..you are on the path to bliss, created by grace, and solidified by love……It doesn’t get much better than that!!

Below is some interesting information. Do not forget, as we rise in frequency we are dancing between dimensions. Visions, dreams, seeing things out of the corner of your eyes, dizziness, etc, are all signs that you are adjusting to the higher frequencies and the many dimensions contained there.

Five Signs You Are About To Experience A Major Spiritual Awakening
By Energy Artist Julia Watkins

1.  Power Dreams & Visions. Your dreams have become so strong they are like visions, or actually are visions. You may also see objects, shapes or lights just when you close your eyes. You wake up and feel like you need to remember a specific dream … that it is very important.

2.  Changed Sight Perspective.  Sometimes, what you look at seems to warp or not be solid. You see energy patterns, glittery particles or auras surround living things. Everything seems to be alive and give you energy.  You feel more energized joy in your life

3.  Energized But Peaceful Feeling. While you may feel excited or have experienced a profound insight, you also feel more at peace with the world around you and your past. You feel a sense of oneness and more connected to animals, plants and people. It seems like you can let things go more easily and things that used to bother you may now seem trivial

4.  Strange Relationship Coincidences. Spirit guides, helpers and teachers will gravitate to you during this time. People from your past may suddenly reappear, often trying to clear up issues you had with them in the past. People may even say very profound things to you that seem out of character for them, and that they may not later remember.

5.  Clear Purpose. You have begun to realize what your path is … why you came to earth and what you must do. You find you can physically manifest your thoughts and intentions much more quickly. You are starting to understand why things have happened the way they have to lead you to this exact point in time.

Namaste, all is well!



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