You Opted to be Here…..

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You Opted to be Here…..

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There is a misnomer, a falsehood, floating around our planet and our country. The information that is being publicized in a huge way is that there is some sort of ‘god’ that has control over what you should do.  Many of you make it up as you go along to have someone to blame for your lot in life and to justify the hatred you have for others.  This same ‘god’ is judgmental and punishing, and extremely jealous. Religions seem to promote this misnomer as a way to keep you in fear, so you will be good, I assume. Many of you seem to embrace this ‘belief’ whether, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and many more. You embrace this belief thinking there is some ‘power’ outside of you, that you must obey and fight for, make yourself a victim for, and martyr yourself for. Not all of you do this but it always seems the ones that shout the loudest, really do get heard. Many centuries have passed since this creation of religions, which were basically rules and regulations for individuals to follow because the uneducated, ignorant masses needed something to believe so they would quit pillaging, raping, stealing, and all kinds of other heinous crimes. Humanity was out of control, and the powers that be at the time had to settle things down. For many it worked.

When you look back on history, during times of plagues, and disasters with weather and crops lost, so many things were unexplained, the people rebelled. They cried out to the religious leaders, wanting an explanation and rightly so. The leaders had to come up with something and they did……My memories of these past life times are very clear, believe it or not, and history backs this up. A great way to justify an angry god was to blame women, for we were witches, harlots, sinners and torture and burning at the stake became normal. What a wonderful way to appease god. Of course the masses gathered around, cheering, blaming, feeling justified and relieved because it wasn’t them. So many of you now, and then, just needed someone to blame and hate, and it still works today. It wasn’t just during the ‘dark ages’, this tactic to keep you in fear, hating, and blaming; has been used throughout the centuries……WW2, may we never forget, Afghanistan, and of course as recent as Iraq. There is a lot of money to be made in war, so keep hating those Muslims and whoever else seems different from you!

It makes me sad that people are so easily manipulated through their ego. They would rather believe lies, than take responsibility for their own lives. The energy of 2015 is all about taking responsibility for your abundance, joy, and happiness. I know this is difficult, because you have been taught that you are powerless and nothing could be further from the truth. When you really think about it, any religious organization would not fare well if you understood that you are directly connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. They would lose their power and their money, because you would be guided by your spirit within and life, Universe, would respond with love.  Why would you need a church and a very rich preacher when all guidance and abundance you need and want, would come to you naturally, as it is meant to be.

We are at an amazing crossroads. Lines seem to have been drawn….Hate or love? Ego or spirit?……There is an awakening: believe lies or seek truth? For the majority of you that read this blog, you are seeking truth. I know this. In spite of everything going on, many of you choose to seek the truth, choose to have love over pain, choose health over sickness. It isn’t easy, because ego will tell you how foolish you are, that you should be afraid, that you can’t win. All of the ego messages keep you down and that includes negativity in a variety of ways. Spirit, on the other hand, is positive, simple and easy, empowering.  The key, my friend, ’empowering’ and when you embrace that, amazing things happen. It has been said, “A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.” That is powerful and so are you. You may think you are making this journey alone, because as you embrace empowerment, many ‘friends’ cannot be around you any more. Your frequencies have changed and you, because of your energy, make them uncomfortable. Suck it up, bless them and allow them their journey. You will find like and same company. You are a magnet for like and same energy, that’s how it works.

None of this polarization would be happening if a large portion of Humanity wasn’t moving up into the frequency of love and joy. The higher frequency (which gets higher about every week) is being embraced. This is the only reason so many of you have chosen to stay on the planet. You are creating a new world, and no matter how many struggle to keep people’s spirits down, love conquers all. Let go of guilt, fear, anxiety and a variety of negative emotions. Focus on the joy of consciousness, follow your heart and listen to that voice, that emotion, that urging. The Universe is guiding and directing you. Your path is all about having joy. If you feel doubtful, ask for clarity. If you hit a brick wall, turn the other way. If you are sick and tired, let go and nurture self.  No one is as powerful as you. No one can block your good. No one has control of your good, or your life. It is really that simple, believe, trust, detach and embrace love.

From the 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels……..

One evening on the nightly news I saw protesters holding signs, “God hates Fags”. Feelings and thoughts like this  are the work of human egos. There is no ‘god ‘ that hates. There is no entity that rules things with our ego emotions, only ones made up by humans. The energy of ‘God” is purely love. The ego constantly separates us from others and Source, who many call God, and unfortunately works through many religions and belief systems to do that. You need to think twice before you claim an alliance to something or someone that separates you from others, or brings condemnation to someone or a group of someones…….The real Spirit brings us together with love, honoring our differences. The Universe is within you, experiencing life on Earth through you, each in your different ways, male, female, black, white, brown, gay or straight or otherwise, enlightened or naive.”

“I AM” is who you are, love yourself and that love brings empowerment, with empowerment is joy and freedom…………Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!


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