A Great Time to be Human!

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A Great Time to be Human!

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As you move into the holiday season, it is a good time to look within. For many of you the holidays create an option to tune out the ‘real world’ and step into ‘the joyous holiday season, filled with peace and love.’ 2015 has offered you many energy changes and situations for growth. You may not have taken the opportunity to enhance your personal development but make no mistake these situations will show up again before the year is out. You can’t run and you can’t hide from whatever ‘lessons’ you need to learn. In some form or another you have requested, less chaos, more abundance, more happiness, less stress,more health, etc. Yes, you have been looking at life and wondering ‘why can’t this be easier?’ Whatever the ‘this’ is, it’s your life and somewhere inside you are requesting, asking or screaming for change!!! If the same issues keep coming up, if the same relatives somehow make you feel small, if there never seems to be enough money, the Angels, Universe have seen your discontent. Since everything is energy, until you decide to face your issues, the Angels will continue to back you into a corner of discomfort.  Because, the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be, is to deal with you.
You’re not the only one though, there is a tremendous amount of discomfort in the physical world. The political and religious energies in this country play on what so many are feeling, powerless and fearful. We have a narcissist group of politicians running to be the leader of the free world and cannot conduct themselves like adults. You have Donald Trump, who has been at the top in the polls working directly from ego, blaming everything and everyone for the so called mess our country is in and not a word on how to ‘fix’ the divide. Now, there are always narcissists out there, which is not the unusual part. The really unusual part is the amount of people that support this self-centered attitude, where everyone is at fault but them. There are so many celebrating hatred of another race or religion, while being egged on by those who should know better. This love of chaos and blame keeps people whipped into a frenzy of anger and fear. Many religions and churches want to ignite a mentality of ‘we are right’ and ‘you are wrong’, creating more separation. These are the people we should be able to count on to bring us together with love, but have failed miserably. The more anyone follows the beliefs of separation, the more there will be narcissistic egos controlling things.
For those of you on the spiritual path, we understand this is not the way to go. History has played out the narcissistic scenario many times with disastrous results. All the more reason for us to understand what is propelling this energy. The higher frequency on the planet, with these relentless energy shifts are happening because we are embracing the higher frequencies and clearing our own ‘sh*t’, nicely done, Spiritual Being!! What we are seeing played out in the world are those personalities that refuse to look within, for many they just do not know how or it’s just to painful. The manipulations of the ‘powers that be’ and their insatiable greedy desire for more power and money is creating this fear mongering among the masses. The ‘Koch brothers’ are planning on spending 9 billion dollars to try to control our upcoming elections, because they want more???? power and money????? The emptiness, these people and others like them have is unbelievable, they can never fill their souls, it will never be enough. The constant need to stroke the ego is an amazing driving force and almost beyond comprehension.
Nothing changes till we look within. The denying of issues, creates a cycle of misery. The sooner you say ‘yes’ to the Angels, Universe, Source….the sooner you will begin to free yourself from the pain you carry. “All pain is born of resistance”, the more we ignore, the more in your face your issues will be. This energy is all about love. The resistance is caused by ego and will continue to rule your life if you allow it. . Once you say ‘yes’ the path becomes clearer, the answers arrive and the struggle can stop. There are so many modalities available to each of us on this journey. Many that can help move us from ego and pain to love and peace. When you declare ‘yes’ to the Universes, the path will lead you where you need to go. That is the blessing of this high frequency, when you change your thoughts and let go of resisting how you feel, healing and a change of energy arrives immediately.
Here are a few simple suggestions to help clear out some negative emotions. Each of us has emotions that have been bottled up from this life and some past lives. This high frequency seems to put this energy at the forefront. It is very important to be aware of what kind of feelings you have.  Before you get out of bed in the morning ask yourself how you really feel. In order to do this you must be in present moment. Too many of you, spend way too much time in the past or future, worried about something or someone. Take a breath, feel your body receive that life force called oxygen, it will bring you into the present moment. Then go to your heart center and ask yourself how you are feeling. Feel the emotions of the moment, perhaps you are sad, fearful, angry, depressed, whatever the feeling is, embrace it. Say to your Angels, “I am feeling _____ today and I release this feeling to you!” This does 2 things, the obvious is releasing the emotions to the Angels and it validates you and how you feel. Ahhh, validation, you have been looking to be validated your whole life and now you have the power to do that. As spiritual people, you hate to dwell on the negative, for fear of creating more, even though you do it all the time in your daily life. But, this releasing of emotions actually does work and as you release you create a void that can be filled by love. Once you get out of bed, go look at yourself in the mirror, actually look yourself in the eyes. Tell yourself, “I am amazing, unique, and extraordinary. I am connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. I am unlimited and I deserve all my good. I am open to receive.”
Because the energy is so high, you create immediate results. A feeling of relief, a peacefulness, because you have chosen to bring positive energy to yourself. Finish the morning ritual with gratitude. Be thankful for who you are and the love that flows through you, then just start saying ‘thank you’ for your job (whether you like it or not), your home, your lessons etc….no matter how meager, be grateful. Gratitude opens the door for more things to be grateful for and it brings an inner peace.
You are going through an experience that you anxiously opted to participate in. Make no mistake this is an amazing time on Earth and you couldn’t wait to be here. It is about you, coming full circle to loving yourself with acceptance and gratitude. Many of you will need additional help in this journey, just tell your Angels and you will be guided where or who you need to go. This is an energetic adventure……do not let the ego tell you different………it’s your time!
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, thank you for helping change the world.

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