Magic is a Way of Life!

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Magic is a Way of Life!

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The holiday frenzy is gaining momentum. Spend, spend, spend, is the battle cry of all those ads. There are also those who feel there is a ‘war on Christmas’, whatever that means. Plus, who could forget the controversial red cup insult on Christmas from Starbucks? ¬†Imagine making their cups green, red, and white, colors of the season, how insulting, what were they thinking?…….Geez, really, when did people get so crazy that they choose to be offended by such stupid stuff? There is so much happening in the world and people are whipping themselves into a frenzy over a red coffee cup. Sigh…..My sense of this energy is…… the easily offended crowd is only going to get more and more out of balance.

Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being. Magic is everywhere, not because of the illusion of a holiday, that produces a pretend world peace scenario. But because the planet itself is magical and is vibrating at a very high frequency. This frequency is vibrating higher than it was 20 yrs ago, 5yrs ago and higher than it was last month or last week. This frequency is producing curious results in it’s effect on all Spiritual Beings in a physical body, which is all of us. We weren’t really sure we could vibrate this high and for many of you, the journey is tedious and a struggle. The high energy wakes up the soul and your connection to Source, whether you want it or not, which creates a restlessness inside of each of you, a desire to have ‘more’. Even if you do not know what that ‘more’ is, that energy is irritating you. Which is exactly what is meant to happen. Many of you have been taught you are separate from from your Source, referred to as god. You are told that something outside of yourself has the power to punish you and condemn you. Yet, you are supposed to love this god and trust it, really?? Then you are taught that you are separate from other people and better than some and not better than others. We are seeing this played out in it’s most violent forms all over the country and the world.

You and others are angry and in the ‘blame game.’ That blame keeps your energy away from you, keeps you from looking within, where all the answers are. The Source energy would like you to go inward and deal with your shit. The restlessness you have would dissipate, if you decided to look within at ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ about yourself. If you could just accept yourself for who you are, a human in a physical body connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. You came to Earth to learn, to connect, to embrace love. You actually volunteered to be here, just to experience all the ups and down of ego and that disconnect from your fellow spiritual partners and Source. You resist your connection and the constant signs being given to you and what you resist persists. As the energy gets more intense, you fight even more to not ‘see clearly’ because you are afraid of what you will see.You have been taught not to go within, you have been taught to fear. You will be easy to control as long as you do not understand, the answers are all within you. So each day you hope everything is okay and turns out alright. You pray and beg some entity in the sky to send you money or heal you, always aware that this is no way to live and the restlessness continues. And all that ‘shit’ that life throws at you keeps happening. Pain happens when you struggle against who you are and what is. You fight what is happening in your life, not really aware you have created it all.

Therein lies the magic. You have created your life, every last bit of it. It is all Divine. That loving Divine energy has your back, and hardly ever interferes in your lesson. The stronger and more stubborn you are, which by the way is ego, the more difficult the journey can be. Make no mistake some souls never ‘get it’ and will be in line to try again the next go around, in other words, the next lifetime. But for you today, you are reading this because you are drawn to it by Angels, Source, etc, whatever you choose to call it. You need to look within, you want to be happier, more peaceful, have joy in life, instead of the constant longing for validation. For the fact is, only You can validate you.

Years ago, I started my journey up the ‘Shi(F)t Pyramid’, though, even as I write this I realize being born was the real start. Somewhere along that journey, the ‘shit’ I was holding onto became too much to bear. I get it, I cried out for help, because I had no idea what to do. We all receive guidance, those little signs, coincidences that direct us to the right people at the right time. Some of you may choose to ignore those angelic nuances. I plunged into the world that went against the grain of everything I was ever taught and found my true self. Looking back there was tremendous help along the way, I might not have known that at the time. I certainly had to fight with my ego on many occasion. The journey was worth it, I reside at the top of the pyramid now,¬† where it’s all perfect. I am having fun and joy is my compass. I am now teaching a class called “The Angelic Soul Clearing Practitioners Workshop”. The method I am teaching was given to me by the Angels, because I asked to clear my shit and could not get the help I needed from the shrinks. I did write about this in my book, 8 Keys, somewhat. Now, 25 yrs after I was given this method, I have been compelled to teach this class and open it up for others to find their way. Divine timing being what it is, with the frequency so high, I’d say, it’s perfect, of course!

The more whining, moaning, groaning, and complaining you do the more you allow for more energy to complain about come in. It’s energy, that’s how it works and can be no other way. So instead of that complaining, do some real giving this season. Make a commitment that whatever you spend to buy ‘stuff’ for people who already have ‘stuff’, give the same amount to charity. The Humane Society, The Women’s Safe House, The Salvation Army, are some of my favorites.¬† Say thank you for being alive, say thank you for all the opportunities seen and unseen that have been presented in your life. Contemplate your existence, as we move up into crown chakra energy for 2016, there is soooo much to be grateful for. Life is meant to be an adventure. Let your adventure be about love, joy, peace and of course perfect Divine self- expression.

Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!!


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“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West