Your Being Offended is Not My Problem!

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Your Being Offended is Not My Problem!

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Welcome to 2016. The frequency of the planet has increased and make no mistake it will continue to rise. This year offers many blessings and changes. As a human, with a healthy ego, you really do not like change. Change makes you nervous, because you feel you can’t control what is happening. Well, Human, welcome to Earth and you are right, you can’t control what is happening. However, you can control how you react to the changes in your life, which will make things easier. In a nutshell, quit struggling against what is and quit being offended.

It seems these days everyone is looking for a reason to be offended. If you are that person who reacts to things that others say or do with anger, fear and offense, time to do a reality check. Each of you have belief systems, things which you believe are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Good for you. I am sure much of that is from years of conditioning and teachings along the way. Society has a way of forcing you to believe what ‘they’ want you to believe. You may have religious or political beliefs that are profound for you. There are many paths to take on this journey of yours and many things to put your energy into, a belief system is certainly worth having. But, just because you believe it does not make it true for everyone.  Beliefs are a way for you, as an individual, to discover who you really are, a way for you to develop boundaries for yourself. Based on your beliefs, you can develop compassion, integrity, kindness or on the other end of the spectrum and fear and hatred. Your beliefs are yours, for your journey in this lifetime, certainly not for those who also have there own journey and beliefs. So why are you offended if someone doesn’t agree with you? Why does this disagreement make you angry? Because your ego is looking for something or someone outside of yourself to validate that you are right. The only reason you or others get offended is because you are afraid of being wrong, ego always wants to be right. In other words your beliefs are not from your heart. Your beliefs are what you have picked up along the way, they are what you have been taught by others, and the underlying fear is that, you’re wrong. Why do you think there is such a pack mentality, people band together, to hate others, to blame others, and the more people that agree with them the more validated they or you feel.

There is a difference between a ‘knowing’ and a ‘belief’. You already have an explanation for belief. A ‘knowing’ happens when you have been exposed to many beliefs, have read many books, heard different sides of arguments defending different beliefs. Then instead of making a decision with your practical logic on the mental plane with ego……your heart tells you what is right. Your hearts tells you, this makes sense and it brings you peace. A knowing, is always positive and creates change, it comes from a place of understanding who you really are, a spiritual being, having a physical experience on this planet. Someone who ‘knows’ understands that everyone has their journey.  Someone who ‘knows’ does not need to blow their own horn to force people to believe them, for that is unimportant, they have their own validation by how they feel. You ‘know’ and it feels right. You have love and compassion and allow others to believe what they will by blessing their journey. You my friend, carry a high frequency and understand that the Universe will continue to bring you your ‘aha’ moments. You know there is always more to learn. You are not afraid to look within when fear or anger happen, because you know there is some old energy you need to release. Good for you, you get a ‘high five’ and an ‘atta boy or girl’ from the angels. Because, the other way of doing things, would have you blaming someone else for your comfortableness, like so many people out there do. That for you is not an option, for you know this is your journey and you live in a benevolent Universe where everything is energy and all things are brought for your best and highest good, nicely done.

The world is changing drastically, the way we see things, the way we see others. The way we view what is important in life. Things are very polarized, lines have been drawn and each of you have to decide what energy you choose to embrace. The more uncomfortable you are, the more the Universe is trying to help you change to bring you what you want. You always have a choice on what direction to go in. Society does not teach us to follow joy. The ‘powers that be’ do not want you to have peace, they would rather you feel guilty for not following the beliefs they have laid out for you, because then you are easier to control through fear and intimidation. However, in order to create your Heaven on Earth (explained in my book, 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels) and have love, joy, peace, prosperity health, and perfect divine self-expression, the old ways of believing must be tossed away and this can be an uncomfortable process. Your very foundation will crumble but you are supported and loved every time you follow your heart. This is where miracles happen just beyond what you fear most, seeing the good, bad and the ugly about yourself. Once you see yourself for who you really are, you can validate yourself and forgive and embrace being the God/dess you were meant to be.

This is the journey to enlightenment, knowing this life is an adventure and all is presented to bring you to a place of acceptance of yourself and others. The sooner you master not struggling against what is, because the Universe has got your back, the sooner you can understand to focus on love and the joy you seek. As you break down the barriers of what you ‘believe’ and step into knowing your connection to the most powerful energy in the Universe, you will know the grandeur of You, the spiritual Being! You are the commander of your Universe, focus on love and bless others on their journey……then focus on what you choose to create in your own life that will bring you joy.

Understand who you are, change your thought and you change the world. Welcome to Earth, 2016, Spiritual Being!


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