‘There is More to Heaven and Earth Than Meets the Eye’ ~ Shakespeare

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‘There is More to Heaven and Earth Than Meets the Eye’ ~ Shakespeare

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“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” Prince

Recently I received an email from a disgruntled person, she was very dissatisfied with my blogs and wanted me to take her off the newsletter mailing list. I let her know that she just needed to go to the bottom of the newsletter to ‘unsubscribe’. This was not satisfactory for her, said she deleted the newsletter and I should immediately get her email off the mailing list. It didn’t take a psychic to realize she was really angry. I did delete the email address, happily. I have 3 reasons to share this with you, reason 1, you can ‘unsubscribe’, easily, if you find my email blog offensive. Reason 2, it affirms for me no matter how hard I or you try, you just can’t please everybody and that is okay. Reason 3, the anger was definitely not about me, nor was it my fault. This person chose to be offended, chose in that moment to be angry and send the blame to me. I chose not to accept the blame as mine. I deleted her email address and sent her blessings.

There is a very high frequency on the planet, as I have spoken about many times. This energy is dancing around each of us whether we are spiritually conscious or unconscious. It is waking up the ego in tremendous ways and putting in front of our faces what we need to look at. Therein lies the problem, old issues and survival mechanisms are resurfacing, things we thought we cleared are seeping to the surface. If you or someone you know is ‘unconscious spiritually’, they are probably just ‘pissed off.’ Sometimes they don’t even know why, they just know they are angry. The ego needs someplace to put the anger, so they take the easiest way out, blame……traffic, their spouse, their job, the immigrants, the LGBT people, the government and the list goes on and on. Whew, it’s exhausting. The ego must respond when the energy shifts. The energy makes us feel off balance, that brings fear, and fear makes the ego do stupid stuff, like blaming others, described above. The ego needs to keep things from changing, that’s it’s job to keep you in line and keep you in your ‘comfort zone’ (even if the comfort zone is not so comfortable), no matter how frivolous the efforts may be to control things. In this energy, controlling ‘what is’, just doesn’t work and that then creates more frustration, or being more pissed off.

I was in Dallas for an Expo last weekend, always greeted by my dear friend, Joy. We were leaving early Monday morning to get to the airport, early like, zero dark thirty. It had been raining and we wanted to get going to avoid the traffic. I have walked out her front door dozens and dozens of times over the years in my 6 inch heels without a problem, but this morning in the dark and in a hurry I missed the 3 inch step. Yep, you got it, I went down like a brick, landed on my knee, ouch. Here’s what I was thinking as I was getting my energy together to get off the ground, “this is so humiliating!”. Yes, I left my DNA on her driveway from the layers of skin ripped off my knee and my first thought was embarrassment, that my friends, is ego. Now, for those embedded in ego, the next thing could be sighting blame to the other person, for a variety of reasons to stupid to mention. Luckily for me I just got it, I wasn’t looking, duh! I took responsibility for ‘my’ stuff, as the blood was running down my leg, not a pretty sight.

The ego works in mysterious ways, but the best way to find out if ego has a grip on your energy is to go to your solar plexus ‘chakra’…..yes, the ‘gut’, right in the stomach area. When that is in a knot, it’s time to ask yourself what is going on. Here is where the spiritually conscious ask for clarity, wisdom and understanding. Because all things that make you uncomfortable are there to help you release that old emotional sludge (please do visualize sludge, it is yucky). Looking within to see the good, the bad and the ugly about yourself. This is what creating your Heaven on Earth is all about, You! The more you ‘see’ you clearly, the more you will be able to accept who you really are. Which, by the way, is a powerful spiritual being, experiencing life in a physical body. There is nothing more freeing than admitting truth. When I first got the email from the disgruntled person, my solar plexus went into a knot, when I first fell, yep you got it, same knot, only this time for being ‘stupid’. I am neither stupid or responsible for another persons feelings…….The ego gives us an opportunity to ‘feel’ small then it is up to us to analyze those feelings and get the wisdom we need to learn, what needs to be learned. The process for some can be grueling, but as you pursue the truth within you, you will find the journey worth the effort. No one can do this for you, and there is nothing outside of you that has the power to keep you down. You are here on Earth at this time to experience this energy, just for the purpose to get rid of the sludge and go have fun!

Yes, Prince and Shakespeare, both had it right. However, we don’t want to just get through life, we need to be doing life joyfully. Life was meant to be lived to the fullest, it was meant to be enjoyed and abundant. If this is not your experience, ask yourself what part is your ego playing in your life. Even if you are in a job you hate or in a relationship you don’t like, or if your health is not up to par, if things aren’t moving fast enough for you, find the gratitude. Nothing shuts down your whinny ego faster than gratitude. You are alive and therefore you have the capability to create the life you dream of, the loving relationship, the vibrant health, the creative abundant endeavor, it’s all yours. Any emotional or physical imbalances will start to heal with gratitude, it’s energy that is how it works. Your ego will tell you that this is crazy, you just need to hate a little more or blame someone else, and that is fear energy, that is how it works. Will you waste this precious life listening to your ego? Some people say they have no control over their thoughts, they can’t help it, that is ego too. Some will say they have been to doctor after doctor they are sick it’s not their fault, they can’t help it, ego. You just need to start with ‘Thank you for this opportunity to see things clearly!’ and ‘Angels, show me the way!’. No one can do it for you, but you can start now……..gratitude and love changes everything, always. Now that, my friends is empowering!!!!!

Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being.

I have been there, done that battle, raised in a sexually, emotionally, physically abusive environment as a child. I get the negative conditioning, the story is is my book 8 Keys; A Special Delivery Message from the Angels, read it, the Keys are the answer to everything, really! Also my new book, Love, the Mystery of Happy Ever After!, tired of doing the same relationships time after time…… get the book, you can change that energy! I did it so can you!

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