We the Sheep…Doing what ‘They’ Tell Us?

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We the Sheep…Doing what ‘They’ Tell Us?

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When I was a teenager I had a best friend who was the preacher’s daughter. I went to  a pentecostal church and was introduced to god for the first time in my young life. I was completely enamored with the whole process. I threw my heart and soul into the religious propaganda. I had never experienced religion before and it opened a place in my heart that did need to be filled. I was captivated with the feeling that god could show me so much love, me the sinner (I was only 14 rs old) and I embraced the stories that I needed to be saved (still not sure from what). It was all about not being worthy, because we were born sinners. Becoming worthy was about being saved from being sinners, basically being saved from who we really were and of course the devil, hmmmmm…….I read the Bible from cover to cover and did my best to be the ‘good’ girl, one that was worthy of heaven. I spoke in tongues and translated the language, I had a gift of ‘prophecy’.  I knew in my heart that I needed to commit myself to this god and become a minister. (thank goodness it wasn’t about becoming a nun, whew!!)
Eventually, I started to ‘see’ that there really wasn’t a devil, just our own ego (remember, I was really young). I saw that there were a lot of standards set, rules and regulations that I and everyone else was supposed to follow, without argument. Many of these things made no sense to me. Praying one minute then criticizing someone the next. So what if the person, danced or liked rock and roll music, had a cigarette, only came to church occasionally…..who were we to judge!? Isn’t a god relationship a personal thing? And what about all those people around the world that didn’t get ‘saved’, what happened to them? I believe the argument was ‘they would burn in hell’, so get out there and bring everyone to church so they can be saved too, because god will judge you for it if you don’t.  Wow wee, feels like a no win situation to me, which is why I walked away. Innately I knew there was something more and something really wrong with all those rules and judgement.
In our world today there are many paths to follow. We, as individuals, want to be accepted and many seem to be comfortable being sheep. We will do almost anything to conform to the rules so we can be included. Because we can see that when the rules of how we should be aren’t followed, mass hysteria is created, complete alienation can occur. This has been true through the ages and continues today. Yet, there is no normal, even though we try to squeeze ourselves and others into ‘normal’.  The only point to the rules and regulation of you being acceptable, whether religious or political, are for control. If ‘they’ (the powers that be) can keep you thinking you are a ‘sinner’, unworthy, or if ‘they’ can get you to hate the poor, or hate anyone who doesn’t believe as you do. ‘They’ then have control. You, then, become powerless, because you have turned your Soul over to others to find acceptance.
The real truth to ‘Life’ is, we are amazing spiritual beings, encapsulated in a physical body with a huge ego to control. We have come to learn, to seek out good, to find our common love for each other and to have peace and abundance. This is empowerment. Seems pretty simple and it can be, if we can learn to control our ego. But, we are not taught to be empowered. We are taught everything but that. In order for many to appease their ego, which tells them they are inadequate, they put others down for being different, as if they have a ‘one up’, because they are believers of something, because they are in the accepted group of sheep. This manipulation is used by the ‘powers that be’ to keep each of us separate, fearful and easier to control. I am in awe that so many cannot see this great injustice. After many, many lifetimes and lessons, people still fall for the same old shit!
I walked away from religion early on in my journey but I could never let go of the promise I made, to god, Source, Universe……the energy of Love! Every now and again I could hear the voice inside my heart remind me of my promise and I always said, ‘let me know what to do and I will follow through.’ I made my journey and came full circle when I taught my first class and it was all about being empowered. The journey I made from no self esteem to the Goddess, I AM now, was not easy. But, as I look back from this amazing place where I am in this moment, with a life of  empowerment, peace, joy, and happiness, wow, what an adventure! I am out to please no one but me and I do what I love. My life is filled with love, fear has no place here. It is like magic. My book, “8 Keys; A Special Delivery Message from the Angels”…….gives you the whole story.
You, my friends, are on a journey, it is yours and yours alone. There is no failure, there is no success, it is ‘living and learning’. It is about accepting and loving yourself, no matter what anyone else says! It is about listening to that still small voice inside you, it is about learning to follow your heart. We all long to be accepted and we foolishly think that acceptance is about the outside world telling us we are okay. However, we soon learn, that the acceptance of the physical world is very fickle and it offers no real satisfaction. All those rules and regulations only stifle your amazing creative Self. When you decide to let go of pleasing the masses, which could be friends, teachers, family, churches, political affiliation, only then will you find true love of Self, only then will you be empowered. It is time to say ‘yes’ to the real You, yes, yes, yes!!! It is time to confront fear, anger and quit letting ego make your journey and the decisions for your life. Your thoughts have created the life you have now, good or bad, negative or positive, accepted or rejected…..You are a Divine Being, start acting like one, change your thoughts and you change your life.
“The lesson of life is all about choice. You choose your life, your family, your friends, your difficulties, your opportunities. What you do with them is also your choice. Suffer, flourish, succumb or overcome, it’s all up to you…….You are not at the mercy of any power……Even the most powerful energy in the Universe insists that you choose to have that Power work in your life. It is never imposed upon you. It is that simple; it is all about choice and you are in charge of choosing!!”
8 Keys; A Special Delivery Message from the Angels”
For each of you, I love you all, many of you have crossed my path and have made an impact. Whether you like me or think I am full of it and crazy…..it’s all good, I take no offense. You are a part of my journey and I am grateful for the adventure of it all!!!!! It’s life and I choose to live it fully filled with love and joy, and I encourage you to do the same!!!  Welcome to earth, Spiritual Being, you are all my dear friends.

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