Be Afraid, Be Very, Very, Afraid!

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Be Afraid, Be Very, Very, Afraid!

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Fear is an interesting emotion. It is at the core of all other negative emotions guilt, anger, jealousy etc…….Fear is used by the media to get your attention. Fear is used by churches and preachers to keep you coming back and dropping your money in the basket. Fear is always used by politicians to get your vote. The more afraid you are the easier you are to control and the more you will believe just about anything, whether it is true or not. We are not born to be afraid, angry or jealous, we are not born hating anyone, we are taught. And again, we are taught to believe what we are told ‘whether it is true or not.’ So open your eyes Human, there is much more in store for you…….
I grew up in a household with a manic-depressive, bi-polar mother and pedophile father. Adults that somehow found each other and married in order to leave their abusive families. They took what they learned from their experiences and created similar in their own family, which I was born into. I was taught to fear, I was taught that I was unlovable, I was taught that there was never enough to go around……I was taught to be afraid of the dark, nighttime, because visits to my bed were common. Intuitively I knew that what happened in my household was wrong, but there was no way to validate me and no one to help. I was powerless. I grew up not trusting my own intuition, unable to make decisions whether good or bad, and to be very, very, afraid.
There is a changing energy on the planet right now, the frequency is increasing. The energy feels very intense, and it is actually an energy bringing in more love and integrity. If we, the people, actually just took a minute to embrace being in integrity with ourselves and allowed ourselves to see the truth of who we are, the  good, bad, and ugly……..the intensity would dissipate. For seeing yourself clearly, then accepting, validating, and loving yourself, would actually bring you peace. However, we are taught to be afraid. That keeps the ego in high gear. The ego wants to ignore this high energy. The more you try to ignore the intensity of the energy the more irritating it becomes. It’s about change. Anything that could possibly bring change is to be criticized and feared. The more you fear, the more powerless you feel and that creates anger and blame. We are seeing this vicious cycle in our everyday society and it is more prominent now than it used to be. Even if you choose to disagree with someone, it seems they become insulted and angry, maybe because you question their beliefs. So often it is the ‘beliefs’ we are finding we need to let go of.
Welcome to planet Earth, Spiritual Being! It’s 2016 and we are in Crown Chakra energy. That means we are experiencing a higher frequency than we have had on the planet since the time of Atlantis. All your old survival mechanisms are being questioned, your foundation is cracking and you are being prompted to step into your power. This can be a most uncomfortable process depending on how attached you are to your ego controlling your life. The more you struggle against ‘what is’ the more uncomfortable you will become. For the first time, in many lifetimes, you are being prompted to ‘see things clearly’. Our world and planet has some gross injustices happening. There is a spiritual side to you that knows this and that knows what is right and wrong, innately. The same with seeing yourself clearly, you can no longer ignore the emotions that are being activated inside you. It is time to forgive, it is time to let go, it is time to have love and compassion. This will require you to step away from the masses, this will require you to forgo acceptance from others, this will require you to love yourself for the powerful individual you are. All the while your ego is screaming……Be afraid, be very, very, afraid.
I had to reach the point of the maximum overload of fear, meaning, I had to face the fact that something in my belief system had to change. I had to change how I viewed my world and myself and I was very, very, afraid. I chose to step into my fear, I chose to face to memories so deeply hidden regarding the nightmare in my childhood.  I chose to see myself clearly, all the good, bad and the ugly, I chose to forgive and I was okay. I set myself free and I accepted being me.The whole story is in my book, “8 Keys; A Special Delivery Message from the Angels.”  It’s about the journey, the adventure we all call life……..
You are a Spiritual Being connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. YOU are the Universe in an individual physical body. We are not meant to live life powerless and in fear. That is what ‘the powers that be’ would have you believe, they feed your ego with fear and doubt. You are making this journey here on Earth to become ‘self-aware’, to see who you really are so you can step out of the crowd and into your own power.  Your life is meant to be filled with love, joy, peace, prosperity, health and have perfect divine self expression. All you have to do is say ‘yes’…….all you have to do is realize the whole Universe supports you when you make the decision to move from fear to love!!! You have already been compelled in that direction or you would not be reading this. So say ‘yes’ and ask for guidance, ask for wisdom and understanding… not run from fear, step into it.
The process of change can be very intimidating but you are supported.There are many teachers, books, commentaries, not all of them are for you but you will be guided. You must follow your heart, if what you experience is empowering and brings you joy, you know you are on the right track. There is a whole world beyond what you can see with your physical eyes, it’s all energy and frequency. The higher the frequency you tap into, the more you will need to let go of……till the big, heavy backpack filled with fear and self loathing is finally empty. Then love becomes the driving force, love of self and others. So let the fun begin, because you see, life really does begin on the other side of fear!!!!!

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