Watch Out,The Feminine Energy is Rising!

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Watch Out,The Feminine Energy is Rising!

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“All things are born from the feminine……and sparked by the masculine!”
I can remember when my mother was learning to drive, it wasn’t expected that everyone would drive, which really meant that ‘women’ weren’t expected to drive. I remember being in the grocery store and my mother signing the check in my father’s name with a Mrs. in front of it. I remember when birth control finally came on the scene, but I did not know it was such a controversy. I remember being told about sex as my obligation to my husband and only for my husband.  As I look back now, I understand so much. My mother passed on the expectations of the ‘patriarchal’ society as she understood it. She, herself, had no power in her life, decisions were made for her by her father then her husband. When my father left our family, my mother had no clue how to move forward, make decisions and support herself, plus she had 2 little girls to take care of. I have much respect for my mother, she did move forward. I know it wasn’t easy because she was bipolar and the world around her was for the white patriarchs. Finding a job with experience in nothing was difficult and she was at the mercy of the man (always a man) doing the hiring.
That was the 60’s, a period in time that ushered in a changing energy. “The dawning of the age of Aquarius, harmony and understanding…….” etc……The energy was changing back then, causing chaos, as change always does. Our foundation was cracking and many had to find their place in the new paradigm. The white patriarchal society was being threatened by women and those of color, and protests to the war the patriarchs created.  It seemed we would be consumed by the hatred and anger, planted by the ‘powers that be’ to keep us separate and blaming each other…….. Boy, now that does sound familiar.
The world has been run by the ‘patriarchs’ for most of recorded history. They even decided to make the god a father figure, with male tendencies. It states we were created in gods image but it’s more like he (god) was created as man chose to see him. This is in most religions, especially the violent ones. No one really wants to dispute this ‘power of god, the father’, because it has been ingrained in each of us for generations and through our many lifetimes. The rules and regulations of the beliefs that go with this patriarchal system basically states that some people are just more important than others, with males, who are like god at the top.  The rest of us, whether female, or of different belief, sexual orientation or skin color, can be treated like we just don’t count, according to god the father. I know some of you are all in a tizzy by now, such sacrilege!!!!! So I say, get over it. The patriarchs have controlled things for centuries and what have they got to show for it….wars, hatred, slavery, punishment and separation…for those of you who remember being burned at the stake, like I do, well, you know what I mean and that energy is everywhere……….geez…….and we all let it happen.
Since 1999 rolled over into 2000, it brought with it a new higher frequency. This frequency is called “the feminine creative energy”.  It is the direct opposite of the patriarchal energy.  It is coming in to bring a balance in the energy, a balance of yin and yang. This energy is being received by males and females and all in between. It is called “Enlightenment”. The ‘feminine creative energy’ is about being in the moment, it is about honoring our own psychic ability, our connection to Source. It is about being in ‘Integrity’ with ourselves and others. This energy has grown and risen since the turn of the century bringing the higher frequency to planet Earth. There is no way around it, it’s here and creating havoc and chaos within individuals. It is in direct conflict with the ego. Change is here, my friends, and being played out in all arenas of your life and the lives around you.
It would seem to be a battle but it is really an opportunity to see yourself clearly, but many refuse to do that. Therefore the inward battle is being played out in the physical world. We humans do not like change even though change is the only constant in the Universe. But change is about seeing things in a different perspective and many cling to their beliefs as if they could keep change from happening. The struggle against change and the opportunity to see yourself clearly, is creating the hatred and anger all over the planet. At the core of all of that is fear.
Many of you have felt this increasing energy, embracing it as you find more balance and personal acceptance for who you are. Men are learning to follow their intuition and be in the moment.  Women are understanding more and more that their power is not in doing to prove their value, but in being. Many who are in between or do not seem to fit in are learning to love themselves. You are the change that is irritating so many, your light shines so bright others have a hard time being in your presence. Whatever is in your life now that challenges you, is your gift from the Universe. The ego has controlled you so long it is time to let go, and layer after layer the angels put in front of your face what you need to deal with. There is no battle when you go with the flow of allowing yourself to release what doesn’t work and accept the change that is presented to you. There is no war to wage when you know you live in a benevolent Universe and are always surrounded by love. You are on the planet now to be here for this ‘ascension’, to enjoy what this higher energy can bring. It becomes clearer and clearer the more you let go of struggle. An amazing opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, without the stress of karma and ego. Just say, ‘yes’, Human…….yes to love, joy, peace, prosperity, health and perfect divine self-expression.
The ‘patriarchal’ society will not let go without a struggle, especially the ‘white patriarchs’. They have given up their souls for more money, power and control. However, those of us, who have let go of the struggle to love ourselves shine the light every where. The more joy you hold the more you give others permission to change their own lives, and then their light shines, also. For me, I tried what my mother taught, I tried what the church taught, but it wasn’t for me. I am the Goddess, I am connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. I can create my life to stay young, I never have to be sick, I can have all that I desire,…….and I have…….so can you!!
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, your happiness awaits.

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