Can Dreams Come True…..Really?!

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Can Dreams Come True…..Really?!

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When I was growing up I had things I wanted to do, I had dreams.  I wanted to be a ballerina, I took classes for awhile but my mother found it difficult to take me. Then I was informed I was to tall for this profession………When I wanted to play the piano, it was to expensive……..I got even taller and wanted to be a model, but was told it wasn’t for me because of where I lived in Ohio, how could that ever work…….There were more examples of ‘no’ but I settled for going to college to be a social worker. That did not pan out either because my father decided he wouldn’t help pay, not that he couldn’t but wouldn’t. I was working and had gotten grants for my good grades but his ‘no’ put the last nail in the coffin for the college idea.   After that, there were a series of low paying jobs, nothing that sparked the dreams within me. I learned to settle, to accept the ‘no’s’ that were give to me. I learned to accept that nothing I really wanted could happen. Couple all that with mediocre relationships that did not work and I knew I wasn’t good enough…………
I read an article this morning of a CEO of a pharmaceutical corporation. The CEO, after increasing prices of a much needed drug by 400%,  raised her salary to a whopping, $18,000,000, an increase of 671% over the last 5 yrs. What it brought to mind for me was, how much money does anyone really need?  How unhappy must this woman be to think that an increase of money is what she needed in her life. She was making $2,000,000, just 5 yrs ago. Our ego’s and the physical world will keep you wanting more to be happy. We see this CEO or celebrities, or politicians and our ego declares, look how much ‘they’ have, they must be great!  That must be what success is all about, having more money and stuff………so they must be happy……???
Our physical world will certainly give us an impression of what is possible for us, as individuals.  There are the haves (the rich ones) and the have-nots. There is different potential depending on your skin color, sexual orientation, religious orientation, or whether you are male or female. Some areas of the world offer more opportunity than others, again based on all the criteria above. This stuff begs the question, “What am I here for?” And that, my friend is what this journey on Earth is all about, why are you here? Is it about having more money or stuff? Does money and stuff really buy happiness? What about you, are you happy, fulfilled?
We each make it to the planet with great potential and a ‘contract’ of possible scenarios that can be played out. You make choices everyday from those scenarios regarding what to do with your energy. Whether you know it or not, each of these scenarios are given to you by your own soul set up, so you can expand and grow in possibility. This is your super power as a Human. You see, the great potential is there in each of us, no matter what group or classification you were born into. The physical world based on ego, will try to keep you separate, with some of you being ‘better or more worthy’ than others. But that is a falsehood only played out in the eyes of the ego!  You are a spiritual being that comes from the Source of all that is! The same Energy that holds the planets in place and causes the plants to grow is the same life force energy that flows through you.  In other words, spiritual being, you are powerful and unlimited. It is your journey encapsulated in your human body, with a contract of possible scenarios, to figure that out. That is the meaning of life, that is why you are here, to be empowered by understanding who you really are. When you ‘know’ that, you will find true happiness and joy!
In the meantime it’s like slogging through mud to override the conditioning of society and ego. So, when you read this and it rings true and your heart expands just a bit and your ego says you are crazy, well, welcome to Earth, spiritual being. You are now on your way.
There are a few things to keep in mind about this leg of your journey………
  • Your ego will fight tooth and nail to keep you under control, it will be uncomfortable.(being uncomfortable is not a ‘bad’ thing)
  • The whole Universe supports what you do when you chose to make the journey to ‘knowing’.
  • Be in present moment, and confront your fear, sadness, depression, low self-esteem by feeling and releasing. Then fill your heart with gratitude, and proclaim who you really are, “I am God/dess”
  • Do not ignore the lessons, whatever makes you uncomfortable, has something in it for you. Ask for wisdom and understanding to get through the situation quickly.
  • No matter what happens, no matter what anyone else does or says, love your holy self. All the good, bad and the ugly, for you are magnificent and unique in the Universe, no one can do ‘You’.
With this advice under your belt, remember to see the world, your journey, through spiritual eyes. Everything is energy, no energy is good or bad, it’s just energy. The ego will judge it as good or bad, but spirit is love and all energy moves through your life based on how you choose to view it. The Universe can only give you what you are open and willing to receive. If you see ‘bad’ then it will be so…..if you see blessing (even if you can’t figure out how) yes, my friend, a blessing it will be. It’s energy, that is how it works. If we were all taught this from the time that we were born…..we would all be empowered. But you know the last thing ‘the powers that be’ want is for you to be empowered. You just can’t control an empowered person.  Welcome to Earth, Empowered Being!
My journey took me full circle. When I knew I wasn’t good enough, the energy provided me with scenarios to prove I was right, and more things and people came into my life to prove I wasn’t good enough. It’s energy, that’s how it works…….when I became so filled with anxiety and fear, literally the Universe backed me into a corner, (yeah it does that) I decided to change my thoughts and release the illusions of ego. Not an easy journey fighting each day with my ego and it seemed to take forever but I, Goddess Linda, won. Now everything I ask for I get, love and joy surround me each day.  I am the commander of my Universe. No matter what shows up or happens, the Universe has my back, I have nothing to fear. Read the whole journey in “The 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels.”
In my new book, “Love, the Mystery of Happily Ever After”, I used a quote from Alan Cohen, one of my favs, it seems appropriate for this blog……..
“We are truly spiritual beings, any other identity detracts from the majesty of our true essence. Let go of false beliefs about yourself, that the true you may shine in all it’s splendor!”
It is really that simple or that complicated, depending on how you choose!



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