Everyone Has A Story!

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Everyone Has A Story!

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Way back when my grandparents, on my mother’s side, came over on the boat. The story was told about the boat in family gatherings with lots of nods and smiles. They came from Hungary as immigrants. I do not know when, but my mother was born in 1933 in America. What prompted them to make such a journey, I do not know.  I can only imagine it was very important for them to move to America to make such a perilous trip. Yet, when they got to America they lived in the same type of neighborhoods with others of similar descent, with the same traditions that they left behind. After showing such bravery, they recreated the same dysfunction, created by the same fears in their own family. You see grandma and grandpa ‘had’ to get married. My grandma was not a warm friendly person, there are most likely many reasons for that, but one was her resentment for having to marry grandpa. My mother, her firstborn, was conceived out of wedlock and grandma always blamed my mother for being born. There was physical abuse from grandma and sexual abuse from grandpa, who knows how many generations in this family carried that energy. My mother didn’t have a chance, she would grow up miserable and when she crossed over she was still miserable.  My mother spent her life trying to get her mother to love her…… From one of our last conversations my mother admitted she never did hear those precious words, ‘I love you’ from her mother……..My mother died taking care of her mother. Her belief was she was she was unlovable. She spent her life with that ego belief.
We all have a story that shapes our lives. Challenges set up before we even get here, created with the same souls lifetime after lifetime, it is called our karmic circle. It is the reason some people resonate so well with us. Some people we meet and we can’t stand to be around them, without any reason we can understand,we just don’t like them. Some light a passion within us that is almost impossible to resist and that can be good or not so good. Now, this is not how the ‘physical’ world looks at things. The physical world seems to believe ‘it’s god’s will’ or fate that set’s up your life .You come to Earth full of sin, and need to be redeemed or as fate would have it, you’re just screwed. Either way, you end up powerless. The ‘powers that be’ want you to be powerless, control of you is so much easier that way.
From the time you arrive here, your ego is groomed to a belief about life. You then go to school and learn more about people and life. As you grow up you are given more and more beliefs, at colleges, at your jobs. Your ego is latching onto beliefs that are most familiar, the beliefs that do not cause you discomfort, those it wants to keep and dumping the rest. Unfortunately, most beliefs really do not serve you becoming empowered. The ego keeps you attached at your comfort zone, even if that comfort zone is not so comfortable, even if that zone causes you pain or fear. It is why women stay in abusive relationships, it is why you stay at a job you hate, it is why you go to church even if you can’t see how what is being told can be true. This is why even when you are given facts, you refuse to consider there could be another way to live. This is what our society does, keep you in a box so you will do the ‘right’ things. Consider if you will, ‘The Matrix’……sound familiar?
We actually come to the planet with free will choice. All the beliefs and experiences connected to that, whether judged as good or bad, are given to you to evaluate your own truth, through your heart center. You have these experiences to become self aware. As a spiritual being in this physical body, this life should be an adventure. Consider this, for so long the belief was the world was flat, it was blasphemy to consider otherwise. Yes, you can laugh at that now, but it is no different than you staying at a job you hate because of fear you will not find another one. It’s all just beliefs from the mind. So the real journey for you is from the mind to the heart. The heart is your intuition, your very own psychic ability (yes, considered evil in some beliefs). It is your direct connection to Source, God (not the human emotional jealous god, ready to strike you down with a lightening bolt). It is where your power is. Everything changes when you bring in the heart. We are taught to ignore the signs the hearts gives us. Ever made a decision even though it felt wrong, date someone and it just didn’t feel right…….have someone come to mind and then they call. You have learned to ignore your own psychic ability, but you are more than willing to pay someone else for their ‘reading’.  Belief is what you have embraced because ‘they’ told you to believe it, you are in the box. A knowing comes from the heart, from your very soul. I know when I need something it will show up. I know the Universe has my back in all things, I do not have to worry, ever. I know when I see 444 anywhere the angels are surrounding and loving me. There is much I ‘know’ and it all brings me peace and joy. What are you holding onto, does it bring you peace and joy?? Perhaps it is time to examine what you believe and shift to the higher frequency of knowing.
We are in a political atmosphere, it is very turbulent, because the identity of many is connected to ego and what they ‘believe’ about government and the candidates involved. Many will ignore facts and love or hate the person that is running. Many will pledge loyalty to someone, very similar to idol worship, where that person can do no wrong. It is disturbing on so many levels to see so many angry, fearful people willing to ignore facts for idol worship. That is all ego. Remember, the country gets the leadership it deserves based on its consciousness……..Go to your heart, seek truth and you will find truth, ask for wisdom and understanding for the best and highest good for us all.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are dearly loved!

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