Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged!

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Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged!

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“He,who is without sin, cast the first stone…..” ~Jesus
When I was in my early teens I was introduced to a version of god through a church, a pentecostal church. Since this was my first exposure to religion, I was completely enamored with the experience. It lit a spark in me that has lasted my whole life, my spiritual connection. That connection has morphed in many directions as I have made the journey to being ‘Me’, but that church was where it first opened up. I only stayed in that church for a few years and then felt compelled to leave. It wasn’t god I left but the people, many seemed loving but also very judgemental. Even I knew at that young age that everyone makes the journey to god in their own way.  But people seem to latch onto a belief system that works for them and whoever doesn’t follow often seems to be wrong. I did enter a few churches when I became older but I never felt comfortable being told how to live my life and how I should honor my spiritual connection. So I did not go back to that structure, which works well for so many. Each of us has teachings given to us along the way. I wrote about that in my October blog. We get these belief systems and it is up to us to find our way to our center, to who we really are.
Unfortunately, not everyone will agree with your journey. That is where the judgement begins…….you, my friend, may be doing the judging or you may be the one being judged……. and that is the journey, welcome to Earth, spiritual being.  Judgement is all about the ego and it is created from many ego layers, guilt, jealousy, anger, fear…….But the bottom line with judgement is the person doing the judging is feeling uncomfortable about themselves.
We have not been taught in our society to accept people for who they are, we are taught to be separate. There are so many egos out there that need to be stroked, that are feeling insecure, that are fearful and they have no idea how not to feel that way. So that insecure ego energy passes judgement on someone else, often someone weaker than them, to lift themselves up.  And because there are so many insecure egos, they find each other and form a group who judge and hate.There must be safety in the masses. If enough people think it, then they must be right, while others then are wrong. The mass judgement of one group on another, just separates us more. It is practiced quite regularly and used by the ‘powers that be’ to give people someone to blame for their unhappiness and to support their insecurity. Too bad it works – people, through their egos, seem to thrive on putting others down.
I have been on both sides of the fence on this one. I am not proud to say I used to be very judgemental of others. I would criticize someone  whether I knew them or not, in pursuit of trying to build myself up. However, underneath it all, judging others does nothing but create a heavier burden on our heart center. It fixes and heals nothing when we judge. The real insecurity never leaves by blaming, hating, fearing, judging someone else. It is really all about us and how we feel about ourselves.
We really are all one. The same energy that flows through you, flows through gays, blacks, browns, males, females and transgenders…..and any other person you have been told you should blame, hate or judge. The Universal energy holds the planets in place and flows through us all. It is the ‘Life Force Energy’ that keeps each of us alive and connected to each other. You cannot hate your fellow human without having hate for yourself. You cannot judge your fellow human without having judgement for yourself. Think about it. Go within. How do you feel about you?
When we love ourselves; all the good, the bad and the ugly, when we have admitted to our imperfections and our own amazing strengths, when we finally see ourselves clearly, the pain of judgement leaves. You are a unique and extraordinary Being. No one can do or be you. You add energy to this world just by being you. Every time you forgive yourself, others are forgiven and the energy on Earth rises. Every time you love and accept yourself, others accept themselves also……Because we are all connected by that Universal Energy. Make your goal  to live in joy, because if each individual on this planet was in their joy….shoot, if only of a quarter of the souls on this planet were in there joy, the world would be a much different place. Find your self love and acceptance and be the person you really are….and people will judge you, so get over it!! Send them love, blessings and joy. You do not have to fear, fight or judge back, you do not have to prove you are worthy to anyone, ever, because you know who you really are, and that my friend is why you came to Earth, to find You and be empowered.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are dearly loved!

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