The Politics Of Power!

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The Politics Of Power!

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I love going to healing expos, psychic fairs and whatever else they are called. Basically a gathering of healers, psychics, natural products and a variety of creative artwork. It is fun for me because I get to meet new people, play dress up and do what I love to do. There is always a wide variety of different people who resonate at different frequencies at the fairs. This energy matches up with the different people who show up to visit these fairs. For those of you who do not understand frequency, or energy, let me explain. It’s like your cell phone. Your phone number is a frequency, which is different than my frequency and everyone elses’. That’s why when you call someone ‘everyone’ who has a cell phone does not answer. Now combine that with energy (remember everything is energy) and you find that each reader, healer, teacher carries their own level of frequency. Some frequencies run very high and others may be lower. It is up to the visitor to match their energy to the helper they need.
Like every other business there are people not in the best integrity. There are those who want to make a quick buck off your pain and suffering. For instance, I have had people come to me who have been told they have an ‘entity’ around them that is causing all their bad luck and woes.  For a large fee the self proclaimed healer or psychic will clear that energy for them…and of course only the prescribed ‘healer’ can facilitate that procedure. Basically, the healer is powerful, certainly more powerful than you and can make your life great again, just pay the fee! It is amazing how many people are willing to turn their power over to someone else so they can be ‘fixed’ or healed…….
Now, this is where you say, “how ridiculous, how stupid, who would do such a thing”. Unfortunately, this kind of power give away is more common than you think.  Everyday people hand over their power to someone else. Maybe you have handed your power over to a doctor, whose purpose is to get you on medication. It does not seem that the process with a doctor is about finding why you feel the way you do. Have doubts? Well, pharmaceutical companies, make a fortune on you taking that medication. Also, more medication to stop the side affects of the first medication. You believe your doctor, because he or she should know right?  And of course you pay and pay and pay……..Yet often it’s still just a wait and see if it works. Don’t you worry, there are plenty of meds to experiment with. You are now in the cycle of the doctor practicing medicine on you.  So many have given their power away to this scenario. Are there other options, of course, but that would mean effort on your part. Change diet, meditate, exercise, research, be in present moment to know your own body………there are always options. This is not an endorsement for ‘not’ going to doctors.The medical health care system has its place. This is an endorsement for you to take responsibility for your health and your body.
There are other ways this loss of power occurs. It happens in churches with religious leaders, schools, parents, spouses. One person controls another. It is a norm in our society, I have spoken of this before. We are taught to be powerless, whether it is our health or the ‘fear factor’. I am amazed at how many of you believe all the fear mongering, as if it’s a fact for your life. Which my friends it is not. Unfortunately though it works. You may be a victim of the ‘powers that be’ and the slew of negative propaganda coming your way.
This amazing rising energy on the planet brought many changes for this year, and the prior years. It is and has been an incredibly high energy.  It really messes with the heads and hearts of many of you who refuse to look at your own ‘sh*t’. When you refuse to look within, you feel the frustration and blame others for your lot in life. From the look of things, there is just so much blame to go around. Nice job to those of you who use this lame survival mechanism, you got this ‘blame’ thing down pat.  On the other hand, some of you actually were prompted to go within and deal with what the angels put in front of your face and you followed through. I know, I spoke too and worked with many of you. Awesome!!
We have had the rising of the feminine creative energy in this century. This energy has brought about a stronger intuitive ability in those who choose to use that gift we are all born with. It is about being in present moment, opening the heart center, being in integrity and being the hand that reaches across the aisle. It is a much needed balance of yin and yang. It also freaks many people out……go figure! But, it also ignites in many the light and love within! Again, awesome.
So here is the scoop and the poop I noticed in this election……. Bernie came on the scene offering a new paradigm (which got great support) of what could be created if we work together in our power.  He understood clearly it was not about him but us, you, we the people. He told us what was possible for climate change, education, minimum wage, healthcare and so much more. He brought to us a message of what we could accomplish by taking our power back. I thought it was great but many said it was impossible. However, I and many of you do not believe in impossible………Bernie’s message; take back your power, the government works for us……….
That energy was not accepted by the ‘powers that be” for democrats……they had their own plan. We were then presented with nominee Hillary.  She was smart enough to take on much of what the progressives under Bernie wanted. It was presented to us that she had been in the system for years fighting for us. She learned to make strong connections with many establishment corps to raise the money to win. No matter how much good she did, or what she said, the ‘powers that be’ did not want her in office. They cited she was a criminal. I know, many of you believe she was a crook, so be it. She was strong for sure, taking all that sh*t for 30 years. In the end people just couldn’t believe her and the ‘powers that be’ did not want a woman as president. Hillary’s message; I’ll make the government work for you.
The people were swayed by someone who they said, spoke his mind, he had balls, was strong and dominant. He spoke with authority and claimed only he could fix things. He was a hero who blamed the ‘others’ for the people’s pauper existence. It was okay to be powerless because a hero was on the scene, someone who could take charge of things. The populace ignored his lawsuits and many transgressions because this was a ‘real man’. Back to the way things were, when the white patriarch had power. Idol worship set in, so many just wanted to be rescued from their lives. Surely, this man could do it. He would bring change, not the same old government stuff.  Trump’s message; I can fix everything.
The country gets the leadership it deserves based on it’s consciousness. It worked, nearly half of the population gave their power away to one man to fix ‘it’ all. Empowerment down the drain…….well, maybe. There is really not much difference in this scenario, than in the first story I told. We are not taught to be powerful or happy for that matter. The message is; if you are fearful, angry and unhappy let someone fix you or the circumstances around you. The ‘powers that be’ love it when you feel powerless. Then you can give ‘them’ power and they can do, pretty much what ever they want…….
So now, Human, what’s on the agenda? Pay the healer the money because someone outside of you has said they have more power than you?  Or step into your empowerment by going within and asking for guidance. ” Take away my fear Angels, and show me my path”………No one is more powerful than you!!  Get it, no one can heal you, no one can make you happy, it’s all an inside job. You are connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe, that energy flows through you. You are a spiritual being experiencing life on Earth.  You have never been powerless, even if  ‘they’ want you to believe it. You came here to find out who you really are….to be empowered…….to be psychic…….to be joyful, happy, abundant, healthy………No one can do it for you…’s all about you!! So the question again is what are you going to do, let someone else fix you or say ‘YES” to the Universe and create your own Heaven on Earth!? Your choice…….
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are dearly loved.

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