Your World is Not Unfair…….It Is Created By Your Thoughts!

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Your World is Not Unfair…….It Is Created By Your Thoughts!

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The month of December is always about contemplating my existence and looking at my life from the perspective of the prior year. The more I know about myself, the more I can accept who I am the good, the bad and the ugly. Thinking of my childhood, and the challenges I faced, could certainly bring me down, but I now understand the experiences made me who I am today. We do not actually do Christmas, I find it tedious and expensive ( that’s just me and is not a criticism of anyone else .)  I remember my Mom and our good times and my daughter and those good times. It can make me melancholy, but not unhappy, I can bless it. I am making my journey and being, instead of doing….it rejuvenates my soul. Life is meant to be bittersweet, and the acceptance of what is, being thankful for what has transpired, has taught me peace and joy! One last thing, I manifested the life I have now……it’s what I always wanted……..the spiritual life really works, go figure, who knew??

The new year is a great time to make changes or resolutions. More often than not, though, the follow through is just not there…..I want to be slimmer, healthier, successful, happier, etc…..but it takes effort. Happiness, is hard. And life can throw you some curves and for many those curves just overwhelm you, and you just stop. I have been on that side of life….depressed, frustrated and certainly fearful, I get it and understand. So what do you do?  Two choices, actually pretty simple. Keep on the same path you are on, or change. Easy, peazy….right??

I am sure you all remember the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Millions of gallons spilled into the pristine waters. Ironically BP, the oil company, didn’t know how to stop it. I think you all know the story. They decided to use a ‘suppressant” to break up the oil . That alone was a nasty chemical. So instead of cleaning the oil, it broke it up and sunk to the ocean floor with all that suppressant. What happened to this vibrant environmental terrain, was not pretty. Those chemicals and the oil killed the good bacteria, disrupting the very sensitive balance and created ‘dead zones’, where nothing could grow because there was no more oxygen. To this day there are huge ‘dead zones’ underwater. Even above ground the act was devastating….

The ocean is a natural environmental terrain……our bodies are a natural environmental terrain.Our hearts are where our emotions lie and the physical body is organic in nature.  Anger, fear, blame, judgement are all toxic negative poisons for the heart center, kidneys and liver. These emotions will literally create ‘dead zones in your ‘aura’. Every time you ignore what you should deal with, which the Universe always puts in front of your face- and decide to blame others, through anger, fear, etc…… create a dead zone in your heart chakra and or other chakras.  Oh, yes, you try to be kind or whatever but then things don’t go your way, ego pops up and the blame and shame begins. ‘It’s Muslims, blacks, women, religion, gays, transgenders, immigrants……your boss, spouse, friend, job…’s the president’s fault. What a crock pot of ‘sh*t.” Whining, moaning, groaning and complaining, just so angry. No responsibility taken by you.  It is just easier to blame someone else. Perhaps, you have no idea that you are an energy magnet and attract to you based on how you think. Seriously, think about that.

If your ‘issues,’ that the Universe has put in your face go unresolved, the toxic, poison emotions will make their way through your aura into your physical body wreaking havoc on your natural environmental terrain. You see, those negative poisons make your body interior acidic. Your interior then creates it’s own ‘dead zones’. Your physical body gets sick, then you can go to the doctor to get more chemicals to get rid of the symptoms, which make you more acidic….you have learned to ignore the actual cause. Illness doesn’t just happen, your body is screaming at you to take action  Even with this process, while feeling old and sick, so many of you refuse to take responsibility. I have heard so many complain about a diet change to get healthy or perhaps exercising as being too much trouble.  So the cycle continues and you choose to live this amazing life in a mediocre fashion and medicated.

There are ways to clear this poisonous energy from your life. Deal with your ‘sh*t’. Quit expecting someone to rescue you…….nobody’s going to heal you!! No one is going to give you tons of money!! It is not within anyone’s power to ‘fix’ you!! You must find the love within yourself that connects with the Universe, and just say “YES”. Yes to heal!! Yes to see yourself for who you really are, the good, the bad, and the ugly .Until you accept and love yourself you cannot connect with the power within. The Universe offers unlimited opportunities to love and heal. It is only your ego through fear that refuses to change your thought form and how you feel about yourself.

You are the commander of your Universe. The Universe can only give you what you are open to receive. If you can’t see beyond your physical world and the blame game, you can only receive more things to complain about. But, when you open your heart with love, gratitude and forgiveness, more of the high frequency loving energy comes to you…….it’s all energy and that is how it works…’s always been that way and that will not change, so maybe you should try something different. Perhaps start with accepting yourself and loving who you are.

Welcome to Earth 2017, Human.


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