I Thought It Would Be Easier Than This…..

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I Thought It Would Be Easier Than This…..

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When I was a little girl I loved the Disney princesses…..the story of an amazing prince who would rescue me was so tantalizing. I did not want to be who I was, a lost, plain, little girl who did not have a voice. I imagined someone battling everything just to be with me, and I would be loved and adored, living happily ever after. As I got older and actually started dating I did attract men or boys (depending how you look at it) that wanted me to be what ‘they’ wanted me to be. Then the struggle began, for I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be and the act of a rescue just didn’t seem to fit, and the happily ever after seemed to float away……and the journey to self realization continues……..

This is our journey to find what works and what doesn’t for us. We are taught what someone thinks is right and wrong, we are given information about ourselves that may or may not fit. Yet, the need to fit in, to be accepted, to do the right thing; whether from god, religion, family or society, can be overwhelming. This can leave us going against who we want to be and put us in a place of guilt and confusion, trying to fit into what ‘they’ want us to be.

All of us are on the journey. You may be aware, or not. You come here to do that journey, to make your way to enlightenment, which can be called self-awareness. You do the journey based on your set-ups and karmic connections created before you show up here. Your journey is based on decisions you make because of those set-ups.  It is no wonder life can be so confusing. The journey is about empowerment, finding who you really are and your connection to the most powerful energy in the Universe, which leads you to peace.  However, many do not make it to that place of peace even with a whole lifetime of experiences and choices. That is why the soul gets so many chances, many, many lifetimes to experience the journey. By about now, many of you have had enough and believe none of this…..the ego steps in to tell you what ‘stupid’ stuff this is. Ego says, “you could not possibly have that much power, you are a victim of society and your upbringing. It just isn’t fair, if only you had this, that, or something else, you’d show ‘them’.”

Society does not teach you to have power. To understand that power and embrace it, disrupts the agenda of control ‘they’, ‘the powers that be’, have for you.  They can’t control someone who knows their connection, is not afraid, and has peace.  You can recognize those that are having a rough time on this journey.  They (this could be you) are in ego mode. They are victims, they are angry, they are fearful and they judge and criticize others who refuse to conform and be fearful victims like them.  They are waiting for the prince to rescue them, the one savior, turning their power over to someone who will ‘make it all better’.  There is a need for them to have ‘idol worship’, a guru, usually, a strict father figure that may or may not been sent by their god. Yes, I am sure this sounds familiar to so many of you on this journey. History records this same scenario over and over again.  It seems to continually repeat itself, for humans who are not taught who they really are, tend to reside in fear, guilt and anger.

Now, it is 2017, for those of you aware of your journey, making your way ever so slowly to enlightenment…..Congratulations…..the frequency is higher on the planet now than even last year, driving your earth bound friends into a frenzy. Here are some suggestions on making things easier for you.

1. Deal with your shit.……the frequency is meant to shake you up. You are being compelled to look at what irritates you the most and overcome it.  It’s supposed to be in your face, don’t ignore it. You may have a fear of lack of money, you may have low self esteem, you may be on ego overload, your psychic abilities are opening and it’s freaking you out…..whew!!!!!  Good for you, time to get control of that ego. There are many ways to do that, many teachers, books, classes….. this learning is your remembering process. Ask for guidance….it’s that simple. I had no teachers and classes at first but the info was given to me. Read about my journey in the “8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels”…..by the way, the 8 Keys, are your answer to everything. REMEMBER….it’s not supposed to be complicated (complicated is ego). Now deal with your shit!!

2. Nobody is going to save you…………. no one can heal you, no one is going to drop off a basket full of money……nobody is more powerful than you!!!  Your power lies within you. You are a spiritual being encapsulated in a physical body. Your journey with all the ups and downs is to make it clear to you how powerful you are. Quit looking for someone outside of you to make things better, you are the Savior you have been looking for. Anything you need or want is already on your path, you must reach the frequency of ‘Knowing’  in order to receive all that is available to you. It is really that simple or that complicated depending on whether or not you have dealt with your shit, go back to #1.

3. Be in gratitude……for heavens sake, just quit whining, moaning, groaning and complaining. The pity pot is gone, done, finished……..so you didn’t get the love, or the job…..geezzz…….There is always something to be thankful for. Start with the smallest thing and just work up from there. Gratitude immediately puts you in a higher frequency, it’s instantaneous, you can actually feel the change in your energy.  See your world through spiritual eyes. Whatever situation you are in now, especially if it makes you feel uncomfortable….be grateful. You are here, you planned this, you are alive in 2017 experiencing the highest frequency in centuries….just say ‘Thank you!‘  It’s that simple, or that complicated, depending on…..well, you know, check #1.

4. Be in this moment……Life goes by in a blink of an eye. Way to often we continue to look at life from what happened years ago, or what you have to look forward to in the future. I have been there done that, read all about it in the 8 Keys. While your energy is bemoaning your fate from the past, all the blessings from the angels and guidance are being missed. You can’t be in your power when your energy is somewhere else.  That’s a fact, it’s energy, that is how it works.  Your point of power is in this present moment. All the answers to your questions, feeling the love from the Universe, transcending time, all the good stuff is here in present moment.  If you find it hard to be in the present moment, go back to #1, your shit is blocking your path…..so get on with it! It really is simple and easy……

5. If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it or them…….Being in the wrong place, or with the wrong person, or whatever the situation is that makes you uncomfortable or if you just feel ‘yuck’, drains your energy. It means your energy in that situation is done and no matter how spiritual you think it is or how noble to continue, it’s time to move on.  Even if you used to love it or them, even if the idea stills shines, but you are no longer enjoying it and you find yourself slogging through mud just to continue, your done. To stay in the situation is like beating a dead horse…… I know you hate change, everybody hates change. You do not have to quit your job at this moment or leave that person now or pack up and move immediately…….You just need to say yes, yes, yes, I am done and ready to move on. A wave of relief will wash over you and the Universe and angels celebrate your trust and love by opening doors to bring you more opportunities. The ‘yes’ energy moves you into a higher frequency, where you can experience the enlightenment you deserve. Change is the only constant in the Universe, flow with the change and enjoy your journey. And you know, it is that simple……

Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!!!



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