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Information For Life!!

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We live in an ‘information’ age, yet many, for various reasons choose not to access answers or truths. When I was in my twenties,( I am now 62) many, many years ago, I was working as a doctors assistant. Unfortunately, I was also not a healthy person. I had asthma. I was given medications for my asthma, of course.  At it’s peak I was on 3 different kinds. The problem was I kept building up a tolerance to the meds. I was always in fear of having an ‘attack’ or getting sick and having the infection go into my lungs. It didn’t take me long to figure out that whatever I was doing would not actually cure my asthma. Interesting, working for a doctor and there is no cure, hmmm…. Intuitively, even though I didn’t know to call it that way back when, I knew I had to do something else. Going this far back, for you young ones, there was no internet, no central information center, no ‘ask google’…….shocking, I know. But, I decided to go to a health food store and check out the books on health. I did find a wealth of information that happily changed my life and literally put me on the path to complete over all physical health ( which was many years in the making). If you are wondering, yes, I cured my asthma and got off all meds, pretty quickly too. There was a book that gave me a clear view of my illness. It impacted me greatly and I still remember the name. I wish I still had it but I loaned it out to someone along the way. “Mind, Body & Sugar”, years ago it was not to be found anywhere. I just went on Amazon and there it is, important enough to be republished for like the 100th time. Information is very powerful, it can change your life, as it did mine so many years ago. At that time I was ready and open for information that would give me answers. Not all information has the answers you need, and I have learned over the years, answers do not come till you are ready to hear. I was ready to change my life, to heal myself of asthma. Since I didn’t know I couldn’t, there was no ego or belief system to stop me.
Now, each of us has a wealth of information at our fingertips. Whatever you may need to know is written somewhere and you have access to it. So, I must ask you out there reading this…….why are you still doing things the way you have always done. Why do you continue to read only those things that agree with how you feel? Whether you read about politics, religion, health, illness, why must you gravitate to what you think is already true. You have a comfort zone and just want to stay there. For instance, if you have heartburn, why wouldn’t you look up ‘natural heartburn relief’, which would lead you to apple cider vinegar, which works fast and can fix what ails you. Instead, so many just go to the doctor, get yourself a purple pill, easy peezy, right? If you actually used your access to the vastness of information that is out there you would find that your purple pill can really mess up your kidneys, I mean really! However, you would not want to read that because it would make you uncomfortable.
We, as Humans, like to be comfortable. We want our nice little boxes that do not include change, because change is uncomfortable. What do you think that uncomfortableness is? What is the feeling you get when you get information that disagrees with what you think you know? Why does your solar plexus go into a knot? Why do you get so fearful and angry?? Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being!! Each of us is connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. Each of us is ‘psychic’ and has a direct connection to Source. Those feelings are there to stir change. They are meant to move you in a different direction. The feelings are the cross roads, intended to give you enlightenment, to put you on another path. For myself, the ‘uncomfortable’ feelings or conditions happened many times on my journey. I found religion too confining, but was uncomfortable declaring what I really knew to be true. I was afraid. What was I afraid of, what are you afraid of??? It’s funny now, looking back, I struggled with what I was taught as a child. What I was taught did not feel right, did not fit me and still out of fear; I held on. I am happy to say I have given myself permission to accept what I know to be true, what my intuition tells me, and the information sets me free. Very similar to letting go of doctors to cure myself of asthma, it set me free.
The ‘free’ feeling is awesome and empowering; so why don’t more of you do what you need to do to heal mind, body and spirit? As I am now in my sixties, the journey to health that I started so many years ago, has served me well. Many along the way disagreed with me and made fun of me on my regime of supplements and exercise. But now, not so much….I am an amazing reflection of health and happiness. This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. I followed my intuition on what my body needed and I was right…..I haven’t been to a doctor in over 25 years. You can do the same but ego and fear keep you in the box. To the lovely lady I met years ago, where I counseled her get off wheat and milk, because she was allergic. She choose not to follow through. Bless her heart, she recently contacted me to let me know she had allergy testing and was allergic to wheat and milk. She got the tests because she was tired of being tired and feeling like shit……..Think of what you could accomplish if you followed that uncomfortable feeling. If you stepped into the zone of the unknown and learned who you really are. If you stepped out of the box and opened to the endless information you intuitively know is there. You could be happier, healthier, more abundant…..You would be empowered. I know that everything I need comes to me, do you? Information about health, money, opportunities, are available to you. All along the way I would ask, ‘what do I need to know?’ Information is everywhere and will always show up with what is needed.
Many times whatever you think is truth, is just your propagandized training. There is much that you were taught from the time you came to the planet and much of it was not empowering, much of it still holds you captive instead of setting you free. If that makes you uncomfortable, it should. You can’t reach your full potential for happiness until you admit to your feelings of being uncomfortable. Once you admit what isn’t working; medicine, relationships, political belief, religious beliefs……….you can then open the flow of information that will propel you to get beyond your comfort zone and into peace.
It is really that simple, or that complicated, depending on how much you struggle. Read about my journey from physical, sexual abuse as a child, being unhealthy, unhappy and depressed to living life as an empowered, free, Goddess, in my book, “8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels”.
It is time Human, to quit the struggle! Welcome to Earth, 2017.

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