It’s All Made Up!

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It’s All Made Up!

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It’s All Made Up!
“We are trained to listen to voices that are not our own.”
I listened to a portion of a speech Steven Spielberg gave. I caught it on Facebook. I have no idea why or to whom he was speaking, but his words resonated with me.  I have spoken many times about how the ‘powers that be’ (aka other voices) load us up with propaganda. Steven spoke about letting go of the other voices and listening to our own intuition. When I was a young girl in my early teens I was a member of a Pentecostal church. My heart was ignited by the words and teachings I heard. I had never been exposed to any religion or belief system before this. I recognized my own connection to God immediately. As time went on I found my heart began to question the rules, regulations and propaganda that I was being taught. It was not God I was questioning or even my connection but all the other stuff people seemed to consider so important. There was so much judgement of others. It made me uncomfortable, how can anyone know someone’s connection to god. That uncomfortable feeling was why I left. I tried sitting in other churches and listening to what they had to say but the uncomfortable feeling remained. I decided if there was a God, he or it, would find it’s way to me.
This god that everyone seems so dedicated too, no matter what religion you talk about, seems to be a figure made up of the worst and best of ourselves as humans. For instance, we have a deity that supposedly loves us, unconditionally. But because we are sinners at the lowest level, in order to get this love (which tells you then it’s not unconditional)  you must be saved. Once you are saved, there are rules and regulations to follow so you remain worthy. Fasting, go to church, do not sin and of course there is a specific list of what sinning is, and the list is added too regularly.These rules also change constantly depending on who may be ‘the voice of god’ at the time. Usually it is those in power, like rich people, who choose to control you. This god also can get angry, jealous and vengeful. All of which sounds like someone controlled by too much by ego. If you do not follow the rules, which can be different for every religion and belief system, basically you’re screwed. This god will send punishment to you if you are not ‘good enough’ by ways of lightning bolts, disease, hurricanes, poverty, because only divine rich people do not have calamities happen.This vengeful entity will destroy your life, and send you to burn into an everlasting hell fire. So much for unconditional love.
You really can’t make this shit up. Many of you follow it, defend it and base your lives on the interpretation of books like, the Book of Mormon, Bible, Koran…and others.  You use the rules and regulations of these so called sacred books to defend your judgement of others. And even though there are teachings to ‘love one another’ even the ‘least among you’, you find yourselves embracing ego that says you are better than ‘them’, because you have god on your side. When you really look at it, the rules to keep you in line are all based around fear. Think about it, you can’t be born without needing to be baptized so you will be accepted by god. This fear keeps you pliable. According to these beliefs, you come to the planet inadequate and then spend your life trying to be adequate. Be afraid, be very, very, afraid.
Religion is just one way ‘they’ keep control of you. We have political figures, many of who want you to hate those who are different than you, because it is easier to control people who are not united. We have the insurance companies, who have somehow made themselves important for medical care. You would think more people would see how unimportant they are. But they have convinced the masses they are indispensable.  Drug companies that have an answer for whatever ails you as long as you have money, and of course our sick care system that keeps you coming back for more.  All these things are for the profit of someone or some corporation, but each in their own way have been the voices you have always listened too. It is time to hear your own voice again.
I have spent time trying to figure out my connection, and I was right, God/dess, Source, Universe among other names, found me. It doesn’t mean you need to follow me and worship what I say. It means, I am me, connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe, and I follow my intuition to live my life. Which means my guidance comes from within. It means, because I know everything is energy, and like attracts like, my abundance of all good things is assured. I am not a martyr, or a victim, I do not allow what you think of me to move me to worry or pride.  I do not need to be fearful, for I live in a loving Universe. My life is simple and easy and filed with love. I do not have to meet the expectations of others to be worthy….for I AM worthy.
You must find your own way… may be as described above. That may be good enough for you. For those who are having a hard time making sense of the religious propaganda, for those who feel disconnected from what the masses have said, for those who have been told your whole life you are not good enough……welcome to Earth, spiritual being. Consider yourself blessed to be different, your only rules are in your heart, accepting yourself for who you are. For you have listened to other voices your whole life, which have lead you to misery and low self esteem and now it is time to follow your intuition. You come from Energy to this Earth to have the experience of Life, to make the journey to ‘knowing’ who you really are and to love yourself. Even though everything around you says something different about your value and who you are… are from the most powerful Energy in the Universe, you are Divine and soooo powerful. Why do you think that is not taught to you when you are born, why is your uniqueness not celebrated when you arrive…….because the ‘powers that be’ cannot control a person who knows who they are. So they keep you in fear and they keep you thinking you do not deserve. They keep those voices coming at you, 24/7………
It’s an interesting scenario. For centuries it has worked. Society and the ‘powers that be’ keep you blind.The physical eyes, which most everyone sees the world with, is just a one dimensional snapshot. When you open your heart and follow your intuition you will see the world through spiritual eyes. With that sight all things are possible and you become the powerful unlimited being you were meant to be. No one has the power to save you, fix you, or heal you.That power is only within you……no one can block your good, make you less than, or curse you, it is only your ego belief that ever allows that to happen. Your ego would have you believe the voices that are not your own……
You are a Spiritual Being connected to the most powerful Energy in the Universe, you chose to come here to be encapsulated in a physical body. You chose to come here not knowing who you really are, forgetting all you knew on the other side, just to have that ‘AHA’ moment of enlightenment.
Nicely done Human and welcome to Earth.

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