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Carpe Diem!

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Carpe Diem!

My 17 yr old border collie, Shiloh, crossed over last week, she was here at home when her spirit left her body. She was really the best dog ever. I feel that my little family was truly gifted to have her in our life. Shiloh was a wise old soul, I feel she had done this life thing many times and had come here to be with us since she had mastered it. I truly appreciate a Universe that let’s us come in contact with such unconditional love and grace. If only we could all be more accepting and loving like our dogs.

Life sends us so many lessons along the way. It is up to each of us to choose what to do with the challenges, aka lessons, while we are here. It doesn’t have to be difficult, but we make it that way, it doesn’t have to be fearful but we allow ourselves to believe in fear.  As I move into my 60th year on this planet, I realize even more how flexible our Universe is and how ingrained in propaganda people are. We have made it to 2014 where the energy and frequency is vibrating faster than ever before making it easier for us to create our own heaven on Earth with love.  But instead people, perhaps you, are really, really afraid. You hear how this group or that group, has drank the ‘Kool-aid’ meaning they have bought into whatever there group is saying and the propagandizing has worked.  We, as humans, like to be with other people, we are not meant to be alone, we are actually connected by the same ‘God/dess’, Source, Love energy. This Source energy flows through all of us, yet even though we are connected, we find great satisfaction in putting another person or group down, emphasizing our separateness, in politics, in churches, in schools. The whole ‘bully’ concept that ‘I am obviously, better, stronger, whiter etc. than you!’, pointing a finger at who ever you feel should be ‘less than’.

We allow ourselves to be ‘followers’ based on the popular thoughts for the moment. When I was a little girl, I knew I was the princess, I knew what I did deserve and could not understand why no one else understood this. When I was in the Pentecostal church in my teens and it just didn’t make sense to me, a devil, really, I knew I needed to leave. When I was in my twenties and my health took a dump, I went to doctors, as a matter of fact I worked for a doctor and thought that a closet full of anti-biotics meant health. I realized early on, the whole princess thing was for me to figure out and that doctors and churches did not have the answers, which meant I had to take care of me. The point I am making, when do we ‘pick up our beds and walk’ (Jesus said that after a healing). When do we start really thinking for ourselves, taking responsibility for our bodies, being kind, loving one another. When I let people know its been over 25 years since I have been to a doctor, they ‘gasp’, obviously shocked. How can that be, they ask, because, I decided to be healthy and not need doctors or drugs. The Universe supports this and everything I need comes to me, I ‘listen’ to the voice in my heart that gives me guidance on how to take care of myself.  Is that the right thing for you, probably not, but it works for me. Besides, someone has to buy the drugs because that’s the way its done, the followers have to follow or be very, very, very, afraid. Which really doesn’t make sense because even when they ‘follow’, they or is it you, are still very afraid……..

I have been listening to recent reports about how rich the rich really are, for instance the recent court case about the college basketball players, they are making obscene amounts of money for the NCAA, which, did I hear correctly is a non-proft organization making billions off these kids? While these kids go to school and practice 50 to 60 hours a week at their sport and still some cannot afford to eat, while the coaches are making 2 million a year……….hmmmm, what’s wrong with this picture. This is just one story of greed, there are many more out there. For instance why would the ‘Koch Brothers’, who inherited big bucks from big oil, care if you have health insurance or not, but they are spending billions to propagandize you to reject it…….why? When is there enough money? Why take advantage of others or take from others to continue to pad your own pockets? Because, earthly power can always be taken away and those who have it are always afraid someone else will take it from them, yes, even the ones who have you following them, are very afraid…..There is nothing wrong with having lots of money,  the question is what are we doing with the gifts that have been given us?

Sam Simpson, creator of ‘The Simpsons’, was diagnosed in 2012 with cancer, pretty much all over his body. He was given 3 months to live. So he decided to take his fortune and give it all away. I heard his interview on ‘The Stephanie Miller Show’ one morning. He is helping animals, people, homeless, those who need food etc…..he is giving away his money and he can barely put a dent in what he has, the money keeps coming to him. He has won many humanitarian awards and thanks ‘his tumors’. He is living his life, his way. I wonder how long he actually will live, now that he is having so much fun and living his life from a place of joy and purpose?……

Earlier on I spoke about how wonderful and flexible the Universe is, how you can create your own Heaven on Earth! I did my 8 Keys workshop in April and again the energy was amazing. People were inspired because the ‘ball’ of empowerment was being thrown to them. Because they finally understood they did not have to settle for mediocre. The point is ‘I am the commander of my Universe!’, each who embraces this feels ‘happy’, joyful, empowered. Like Sam Simpson, the whole Universe supports what you do when you follow your heart. Now that’s being empowered, when you make a decision to have joy, when you decide to have faith in our amazing benevolent Universe. Just believe, trust, detach, embrace love…….

Now in 2014, the year of the throat chakra your center of will, it is time to speak your truth. Don’t like your job, your relationship……its time to be honest with yourself and send to the Universe, ‘I deserve more’, I choose to be joyful and abundant and healthy. Then be open to receive, blessings are not just for a few ‘chosen’ ones, there is more than enough for us all.

Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Beings!!

And to you Shiloh, enjoy chasing the ball in your heaven!! You were really the best dog ever!!!!!


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