I Don’t Agree With You!

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I Don’t Agree With You!

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It really seems to me that more and more people are looking for a reason to be offended. Something you say or do, the way you look, the way you dress causes them offense…..geez!  I can’t imagine living always being offended. I actually have people (if I may say mostly men, yes, what’s that about?) that look for psychics on YouTube, make their way to my page, just so they can tell me how angry and offended they are by what I say or how I look or both. The nastiest comments have been deleted, just because I choose not to have that energy there……but it’s as if they expect  that I should care what they think, which I don’t or I should change what I am doing, which I won’t, just because they say so…..Ladies and gentlemen, its called Ego and many live purely in it.

Each of us sets up a ‘ soul contract’ or plan before we come to the planet. Our higher self, connected to the Universal Energy (some call God), knows this life has much to offer. The set up is to learn wisdom and love, while staying in our same karmic circles lifetime after lifetime and helping others gain wisdom and love too by the role we play. When my daughter was about 5 yrs old she stated, “This is God’s big play and we are all acting in it!” (then she went back to reading Einsteins theory of relativity, kidding). I talk about my own personal journey in my book “8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message From the Angels” and how I wanted to see that contract that I set up and what was I thinking. Now with my 60th birthday around the corner, I really do ‘get it’. What I learned from those often abusive experiences and the experiences when the Universe said ‘No’ (yeah, still don’t like the whole ‘no’ thing), and learning to love myself with all my OCD quirks, in a nutshell, life is really pretty amazing.  The journey is to get it, ‘it’ is all about Love…….There, now you have the meaning of Life.

So let’s broaden the spectrum to society as life is being played out today. Please step out of your humanness and just embrace spiritual for the next few moments to see through the eyes of Love what is actually happening. Highly evolved souls have chosen to come to the planet to play some pretty controversial roles. When I see the black, male, wanting to be female, transgender individual being interviewed or the poor soul begging on a street corner or gay, lesbian people coming out, who just want to marry and have a life, or a woman who needs healthcare or an abortion because she is poor and can’t feed her children…….then the soul who came to the planet, lost his or her limbs in a war that should have never been fought……well, I could go on and on…..from all this I realize these blessed souls are here by choice to stretch the rest of us beyond our normal physical world perceptions. The sad part is these souls, who came out of love for humanity, are so often met with hatred and anger because so many cannot stretch. The energy of these souls takes people outside their comfort zone, promoting change, forcing people to get out of fear and embrace compassion. For many the thought is ‘Why can’t we all just be white males with subservient women to make more white males’……and as history has shown, this separateness just doesn’t work. The whole white ‘patriarchal’ society is finally having to face it’s mortality as the world becomes a smaller place and as intended the races mix, the same genders want to marry and people make a choice to live life in integrity ‘their’ way, as it should be. Now, does, that make you uncomfortable? Welcome to Earth, 2014, guess your just going to have to open your heart more!

Now we can Bible thump our way through these changes saying ‘those’ people are wrong, evil, destined to hell, but none of that is true. Each of us is a soul who chose to come here to ‘get it’ or help others ‘get it’ and when our journey is finished we head to the energy of “Source” which in plain and simple terms is Love. There is so much more to crossing over than I can explain, our 3-D minds are not meant to grasp it all anyway, so let’s just leave that part there. The point is we are all very different, in how we look, how we believe, in how we choose to do life. My being a psychic/medium(which by the way is not so woo-woo, we are all born psychic) doesn’t hurt anyone, but people choose to be offended. It’s no harm to anyone if 2 men or women want to get married, but people choose to judge and be offended. The issue of a women wanting an abortion is energy between her higher self and the soul who shows up to be the baby to give her that lesson. None of this is about you, yet many of you choose judgement and of course, you are offended.

The ‘plan’ is not that complicated, we make it complicated allowing our ego to make decisions and judgements for us. Our society and ‘the powers that be’ have a great investment in keeping you fearful and separate from others. As long as you choose that ego path, you cannot fully embrace joy or happiness. There is no happiness in being fearful and offended all the time. There is no peace when you cannot accept the only constant in the Universe which is change. You cannot be healthy if you do not forgive.You are here, on the planet at this time, reading this blog, for a purpose, now, dear Human, what are you gonna do with it!?

“We the human inhabitants of Earth, are spiritual beings having a physical experience…..Each of us is connected to Source, that energy we could call our soul. We are all a part of that One Energy, even the vilest among us. The secret is to tap into that powerful Love energy at the highest level available.  Think of those people who could heal others, or who performed miracles,  the master teachers, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed and others. What secret did they have and we don’t? What made them so special? The only difference is, they knew who they were, and the power they were connected too and most of us have no clue of the God/dess power within us. This awareness allowed them to tap into the higher frequencies, the same frequencies that are available to us all……you just need to remember who you are!

The Spirit of God/dess, Source, Universe…..brings us together with Love, honoring our differences. this energy is experiencing Life through us in each of our different ways, as male or female, black or white, gay or straight, enlightened or naive. When you decide, and it is your choice, to put yourself into the higher energy of ‘I AM’, you allow yourself to become a part of the whole; you reside in the higher energy realm. You learn to love yourself and others, and that Love brings empowerment that sets you free!”From the “8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels
The greatest gift you can give anyone is to allow them their journey………

Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!

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