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In the early 90’s (hard to believe that was over 20 yrs ago) I was ‘told’ I would write a book. Told by who, you ask…..great question. I can only surmise that the voice that spoke so clearly was certainly a Source wiser than me. Some call it God/dess, Higher Self, Angels, Holy Spirit, whatever; the point is: I was being guided as clearly as if someone was standing in front of me with a map. It wasn’t the first time that had happened to me, yep, been hearing voices most of my life. This time however I laughed. Who wants to hear what I have to say, and what do I have to say? My book ‘8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels‘ was first published in 2007, honestly, who knew! There is much behind getting it written and published, all of which is explained in the book, and everyone who reads it says it has changed their lives.

I knew nothing about writing or publishing, but a loving force paved my path with gold. After my first marriage, some 30 yrs ago, I made a list of what I wanted in a partner, I knew nothing of energy or manifesting. I just knew what I wanted. Three months later I met my husband, he stepped into my life and filled every request I asked for. The path was paved with gold. When I found out I could not have children, I set out to ‘get’ a baby. In spite of all the struggle I put into it and not because of, we were able to adopt. In other words nothing I did brought my daughter to me, it was that loving force that paved my path with gold.

There is more, but check out my book…..The point is: this life is precious and there is more here than we see with our physical eyes. There is a whole world behind our eyes, and that energy moves heaven and earth to create according to our hearts desire. Yet we do not come to the planet knowing that. We come to experience life with all the struggles and hopefully make our connection to Spiritual Enlightenment and Love.

Everything is presented to us with Love, the problem we have is so much of the physical world is invested in ego and fear. This is what we learn from the beginning and the habits of this learning we carry with us on our Journey, some of us for the whole lifetime.  This life, in this time on Earth, no matter what age you are or when you decided to pop in, is quite important.  For various reasons the energy on the planet has been rising over the last 60 years and we are at an unprecedented high frequency. (see my YouTube videos for more info) Time is going by faster, because the planet is vibrating faster, we did this humans- we raised the frequency. So pat yourselves on the back; nicely done.

Now in 2014, we are facing an amazing response to the changes that we as humans have created. Instead of many people embracing the Love energy being offered, they are responding with ego. More anger, hatred, anxiety, selfishness. This is being played out in politics, churches, businesses and homes across the globe. The energy of this high frequency is about integrity, being in the moment, love. It sure doesn’t look like that as you see the responses people have to the changing energy everywhere.

Integrity is hard to come by. In order for us to have integrity, we need to be honest with ourselves. That means looking at the good, the bad, and the very ugly, and embracing who we really are. The more we resist this self-examination the more the energy gets clogged around us. Our path was meant to be paved with gold and it really does work, it can be simple and easy. We need to understand that each of us is entitled to the very best. There is no shortage of ‘It’, and ‘It’ cannot be taken away.  Anything to the contrary is a ‘belief’ you have in being limited as an ego invested human.  Everything, no matter how painful, that has been on your path in this Journey, has been presented to you with love to move you to Enlightenment. Everything comes from Source and goes back to Source. It is all about love. In this energy you must look at each struggle, each painful experience, each time you didn’t get what you wanted, and ask for clarity. What ‘belief’ were you holding on to that you needed to clear. Walk away from the idea that anyone has power over you, or anyone, or anything has control of your life. It is not that way- it has never been that way- you just believe it is that way. What you believe is played out in your life.

Beliefs and habits that are created can be changed. You are reading this because you asked for more. You said somewhere along the way, there must be more to life than this, I know I certainly did. You were guided here, you have been guided many times, and given opportunities for enlightenment by each experience. Had enough yet- are you really ready for more ease, through Love?  Then it’s time to just sit back and say: “Yes, I am neurotic, compulsive, angry, full of fear and loving, smart, tenacious…..I accept and love myself. I am open and deserve to receive love, joy, peace, prosperity and health!”  And so it is……

Because you believe it, it is true, but watch out Human, this will change your life. Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being.

Need more on how to change from the old ego ways, read my book, “8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels” ….I changed my life and so can you. It really is that simple.



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“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West