There MUST Be More To Life Than This!!

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There MUST Be More To Life Than This!!

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There Must Be More to Life Than This!

For those of you who make it a point to listen to my radio show on Blog Talk Radio, first of all, thank you and you know every week I say ‘wow time is flying by!’  This is a fact, the frequency of the planet is vibrating faster now than it was 20 -30 years ago. A minute is still a minute, an hour is still an hour but ‘oh mama’  time is flying.  Along with this comes the affects of the higher frequency on us as humans. For those vibrating at a lower frequency than what is around them, this time on Earth can be very irritating.  You can’t get away from energy, it’s everywhere. Those who refuse to move up in frequency by holding onto anger, unforgiveness, fear, anxiety, will find more reasons to be fearful with this energy beating against them.  Thus and therefore, every time I read Facebook comments about certain issues, I am floored by the amount of anger and fear expressed by so many.  The need to blame others, the hatred expressed with such vehemence, it’s like nails on a chalkboard, it hurts my heart when I read it. I have a hard time understanding how so many can reside in such a low frequency. Aren’t they, or maybe you, uncomfortable, unhappy, wallowing in blame and ego!!?

These frequency changes are a result of mass consciousness shifting, believe it or not, to more ‘Love’.  We, the spiritual beings in these physical bodies, have done this. It has happened very quickly and those of us in the higher frequency certainly have had a hard time keeping up. So for those in the lower energies, we know it is very uncomfortable. The planet is changing, thankfully, and we as humans, who deal with other humans that may not be as enlightened as we are, must have compassion and love. Quoting from my book, 8 Keys, “It’s like throwing clothes into the washing machine they must get very agitated before they get clean.”  We are certainly experiencing a transition that has and will shake the very foundation we believe in.  These people who reside in fear can affect you but do not make the mistake of thinking they have power over you or your life.  Only you hold that power, only you can create your path in this life.  While others are more than happy to play the role you need for your lessons into understanding who you really are.

If you are reading this and find yourself with an overindulged ego that keeps you in fear, anger and unforgiveness, well, this is no coincidence.  You made a request somewhere along the way, ‘there must be more to life than this’ and here you are. The Universe puts in front of your face exactly what you need to deal with, exactly the issue for the moment that you must acknowledge. Whatever pain you have you must understand it will not go away until you have ‘dealt’ with it.  It is time to quit the denial, which is control by ego, and admit you have a ‘problem’, an ‘issue’.  It is time for you to validate yourself with love and understand you ‘deserve more’. Of course you do, you are a Divine Being and you are here on Earth at this time to finally clear this ‘sh*t’ you have been holding on to.  So here you are. To start you need to ask for ‘clarity, wisdom and understanding’ to release what no longer serves you. You must understand when you ask you shall receive, so be prepared to take a good, hard look at who you have become. Then ask the Divine to guide you to books, workshops or whatever else may help you move into the higher frequency more quickly.  It is supposed to be simple, it will become difficult if you struggle against ‘what is’, if you try to control the outcome, remember that is EGO……..which would love to keep you in fear.

For many who are struggling on this day, just stop!  What are you struggling against? You are struggling against ‘what is’, trying to change ‘what is’ by being angry, fearful? Think about it, everything is energy, and you attract to you based on your consciousness.  You cannot change ‘what is’ with the same energy that created it, you must shift the energy to a higher frequency like love, gratitude, humility, understanding that it is okay not to have all the answers, but the Universe does. When you shift that energy healing can occur, it can be no other way, it’s how energy works!!

For those in the higher frequency, living the day to day ‘peace’ journey, remember this is not about work or doing, it is about Being. You will find meditation is not as easy as it used to be. In this higher frequency you are in ‘a walking meditation’, which means ‘clarity’ and answers just show up, when you need it, no more struggle for learning. We are literally dancing between dimensions, the spiritual and physical world is meshed together.  You are not crazy with the vivid dreams which seem so real, or seeing things from the corner of the eye, losing time or space, zoning out and coming back with the email written and you don’t remember writing it. Yep, dancing between dimensions, enjoy the dance and do not, do not, over analyze the experience, just enjoy.

You will find your physical body is off balance, because the Spiritual Body is above the physical body. You are not completely integrated yet. Now is a good time for a massage, chiropractor, or yoga to get the energy moving. You must know that you hold the energy of this higher frequency in our cells of your body. Your cells must be strong enough to be able to encapsulate this energy. You need an alkali environment inside your body for your cells to be strong enough to hold this high frequency. In simple terms, you can no longer ignore your physical body.  If you choose to hold a high frequency in an acidic body, you will become ill……..No more drugs, processed food, things that don’t agree with you, no more purple pill so you can eat whatever you want….hello, your body is trying to talk to you!!  You can email me for my ” 6 Week Clean Out Diet” and smoothie recipe, I won’t post it, you must contact me as part of the commitment to ‘love’ yourself.  For in the end the journey you are taking requires you to take responsibility for your spiritual and physical world.

My dear spiritual friends, be in this moment. Do not waste time on the past, do the forgiveness, do not hang out in the future, be here fully present. Find the joy in the moment, spend quality time with yourself and with those you love. Time has no mercy, it will keep flying by and you will never have this moment again. Spending ‘now’ in worry, anger and fear is just wasting this moment that could be filled with love, joy, peace, prosperity and health.  remember it’s not the economy, the president, your spouse, your boss……it’s you, speak your truth, be open to receive all that is good and joyful.  The Universe will respond with just that, it can be no other way, it’s energy!

And finally, the ‘Keys’, written by the Angels for you, “8 Keys; A Special Delivery Message From the Angels“, those ‘Keys’ are the answers for everything. If you haven’t read it, do. If you read it already, read it again. Any situation comes up, believe, trust, detach, love, humility, forgiveness, gratitude and connection!  It really is that simple, or complicated depending on how much ego has control.  You opted to be here, to experience this frequency phenomenon at this time, might as well enjoy the journey!  Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!

Linda West, MA, CATP, Metaphysician

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