The Divine Idea Now Comes to Pass

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The Divine Idea Now Comes to Pass

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“The state of your life is nothing more a reflection of your state of mind”
If you are open, as you get older, you can begin to understand things on a different, hopefully higher, spiritual level. Time has a way of teaching wisdom. All the experiences that have made up your life have come together to weave this magnificent tapestry that makes you, You. I live in this amazing world that I have manifested. This world I created through love, looks nothing like what I started out thinking it would be like, so many years ago. Things are always different when you first start out on your journey. Your thoughts about what you want and who you are, are creating your path, whether you realize it or not. Ignorance of how energy works does not get you off the hook, negative or positive you still create.The Soul comes to the planet, takes on a physical body and you have no memory of the spiritual being you actually are. Most of you, including myself, had no idea you were creating your path. The first thing you learn is the physical reality through ego. Which seems to be something that you need to struggle with, for nothing seems to work out the way you want. Most of you had not been taught the spiritual truths, me either. I did not know everything was energy and I was attracting to me exactly how I felt about my world and myself. The unfortunate part (or fortunate, depending on how you choose to see it) of that was, I did not see myself as the powerful Goddess, that I do now. I had no self esteem and felt that life was always a struggle…..and since our thoughts create, life, my journey, was always a struggle, as I believed it to be…….. Because, as I know now, it’s all an inside job. I got exactly what I expected.
So it’s interesting as I look back, who I was, compared to who I am now. The wisdom of understanding energy and how it works allows me to enjoy life and love, no matter what is going on out there in the physical world. Which is way different from most people. The world and your journey is set up to give you ‘aha’ moments. Your energy that you put out is meant to come back to you. This happens in ways most of you can’t see, realize or comprehend. Till one day, when circumstances have played out and you find yourself again, going through something so similar, so familiar… can actually hear yourself say, “why is this happening again”! BOOM!! Good job Human, there is a light on in that moment which creates understanding that comes from the very core of your being. Yes, the door for an ‘aha’ moment is opened. And just when you think you’ve got this. Just when you take that breathe and allow your shoulders to relax…..the Universe declares….”Okay now it’s time for you to get over this.” Then the new scenario begins to play out with another lesson and ‘aha’ moment you need to get. And so it is……….
When my husband and I went to pick up our adopted daughter she was just one day old. I had just begun, I mean just begun, to understand my psychic abilities and how the Angels, Universe communicated with me. There was a part of me that felt awful about taking a baby away from it’s mother. Our first night together, I couldn’t sleep ( one of many sleepless nights) feeling like she wasn’t my baby. The Angels, or a voice, whatever you choose to call it, spoke to me in the room and proclaimed…..”This is the way it should be!” I knew it then and the love poured out of me. Then again, the voice, clearly stated…..”You have her for 18 yrs.!” I thought at the time that sounded like forever. I knew in my heart when she turned 18 I was to let her go, I always knew that.
Who would have thought 18 yrs could go by so fast. Even though I knew what I was supposed to do when she became 18, I couldn’t do it. My dear girl was on drugs and I was determined to ‘fix’ her. Which, of course, could not and did not happen and I made myself miserable because of that. For it was not within my power to take this experience away from her. This was her journey. It was up to me to let her go, for I knew our contract together. The Angels told me, it could not have been any clearer. It became as much about me, as it was about her and the amazing man, who was her father. Hindsight, being what it is, I often think, I should have just gone with the instructions given to me in the beginning. But as so many parents have found, it is the most difficult task you will ever face….letting your child go and trusting the Universe will take care of them, especially under such adverse conditions. I realized if her journey was to die in an alley somewhere with a needle in her arm, I needed to let it happen. I released our Karma and cut the cords between us and let her go. Which of course was met with love and peace as the situation played out, because that’s what the Universe does.
The story of how we got her and the tortuous path I took trying to make a baby appear is in my book, the ‘8 Keys; A Special Delivery Message from the Angels’. The whole story of how we were able to let go, stays with us. But let me say the lesson for getting her and the lesson for letting her go was the same…..Believe…….Trust…….Detach…….wrap it all in Love! (the first 4 of the 8 Keys)
The lessons are everywhere, they are given to you everyday, to help you understand how energy works and the power you have. You can struggle against it or let go and believe, trust, detach and embrace love. You have created the life you are in. If you don’t like it, it’s up to you to seek the changes needed to make the life of your dreams. The Universe always responds to us with love. You may not like how that is done, you can judge it as good or bad. In the end the only bad is that you allow ego to make your decisions for you. The whole Universe supports you when you let go of ego and respond with love because that allows the energy to flow!!
I will be gone when this blog comes out. I am going to visit my daughter. She’s been sober for over 6 yrs. She has a great job and she just bought a house all on her own. She and I will celebrate her life, for it is also her birthday, as we shop for those things that make a house a home. I am in complete and total awe of her, the Angels, the Universe….. and this amazing journey called ‘my life’. I am the recipient of so much love, joy, and peace. So now you must excuse me as I wipe away the tears from my eyes and declare my gratitude to the Universe for all my good………many blessings!!

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