Life Is A Gift!

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Life Is A Gift!

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Recently my 2 1/2 yr old refrigerator went out. All the lights work, I can still get water but it doesn’t get cold anymore. We bought our refrigerator at Sears, a Kenmore Elite. Our refrigerator before this one was a Kenmore from Sears, it lasted 20 yrs before the compressor went out. I was particularly pissed at this situation for a couple of reasons, the most obvious was vegetables, 75% of what I eat is vegetables of every kind. This Elite refrigerator controlled the humidity and vegetables lasted longer. I had just gone to the store,  I got to watch as my veggies slowly started to rot away. The next reason, when we called Sears, on a Saturday, the only thing they asked us was if we bought an extended warranty, which we did not. It was a $2800 refrigerator, shouldn’t it last? The Sears employee said they couldn’t help us if we did not have the extended warranty. Let me make this long story short, it took a random repair man to tell us our compressor was under warranty for 10 yrs. We then called Sears the ‘Customer Care’ division, I use that term loosely because in all reality they didn’t care at all. We had to have our problem diagnosed by a authorized Sears repairman to get the warranty, which would take 11 days to get an appointment for just a diagnoses. In the end, the compressor and 2 other components that were affected were under warranty but had to be ordered and it would take another 2 weeks to get an appointment for repair. In speaking to the very nice good looking young repairman, he travels from Sedona to New Mexico and replaces compressors all day long. He’s the only Sears authorized repairman for hundreds of miles.. He also said the good news is the new compressor will be a much better unit than the original one that was in my Elite refrigerator.
There is more to this story and as I write this my refrigerator is still not fixed.  I decided to make my voice heard. I made my way up the customer service ladder, to the supervisor of the supervisor, and up. When I got to the man at the end, he said the only thing left to do is write letter to Sears corporate office, where it will promptly be thrown away. My anger was done then. So I invoked the power of manifestation, Angels, Universe, etc……Fix this, I need a refrigerator. Magically a person who works for my husband just got a new refrigerator and had their perfectly running old one, which they were willing to give to us. I got my veggies in a nice cool place and life goes on as we wait for corporate Sears to respond.
It didn’t turn out the way I wanted, and I admit I am spoiled. I was given what I needed and in the end it will not cost me for my refrigerator repair. As I always say, all is well, even if you can’t see the whole picture at first. The Universe is constantly responding to you based on your thoughts and feelings. Unexpected things happen, life is still life and shit happens. How you respond to that shit is up to you. What most people don’t realize is the power they have to create whether good or bad. Your thoughts are sent out by you and those thoughts create your life experience. Which means your negative thoughts go out and create more negativity, and more and more. These are the people that whine the most about how unfair life is and how it’s someone else’s fault that their life sucks. Even though you or they are really making the life you live in. As a Human who is connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe, you’re in charge. You are powerful beyond belief and most of you have no idea what I’m talking about. Your super power is the ability to create with your thoughts, you can poo poo that or take charge and start creating like the spiritual being you are. Create by focusing on what you do want and loving yourself, instead of what you don’t want and whine about how awful your life is.
Like many of you, my parents were incredibly dysfunctional and their dysfunctional lives brought them together to create their own dysfunctional family. We souls on the other side choose what family to be born into, we pick our parents, the time, the astrological alignment, and circumstances. I picked my parents. They both had their issues and lived unhappy, miserable lives never really understanding their power to change things. They left their mark on me. It took me half my life to get out of the captive place of victim I held myself in. They have both passed on, without self love or self forgiveness. They never knew what peace, love, joy was all about, only the struggle of everyday life. I made a conscious choice not to live like that. I chose to forgive them, and forgive myself so I could love myself. The story is in my book, 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels  I am who I am, because of who they were, only I chose to live life in love something they never knew. What is your choice? Be like others before you and live in self loathing and misery? Or perhaps you’d like some of the love, joy, peace, which are the gifts of Spirit and that leads to health and prosperity? Gee, tough decision, NOT!!  Change your thoughts and you change your life…..It really is that simple.
There have been  many changes in the world in my lifetime. It must be that way, because change is the only constant in the Universe. You can no longer buy a refrigerator or any other appliance and expect it will last 30 yrs. Corporations squeeze every last penny out of you and all their employees for the benefits of stockholders. Hate is in and evidently the cool thing to do. It’s okay to take babies away from their mothers, I am appalled at how many of you actually think that is okay. A person begging for asylum is kicked around and punished by a country that calls itself Christian. Women’s healthcare and birth control is actually being questioned and the white male patriarchs are saying we shouldn’t have it. Religion makes you bad unless it’s Christianity which from what I see is all about dominance, control, power, and let’s not forget the money. Your healthcare is about keeping you sick so the for profit hospitals, doctors and of course pharmaceutical companies can make money. There is no money in you being healthy. I could go on but the point is all the shit is rising to the surface. I am noticing many people have a lack of love and empathy for others, with many excuses to be cruel and heartless. Many other souls showed up to be here in this cycle of life to play their role on the world spiritual stage. They came and are sacrificing to make an impact on you. It is up to each of you to go inward, something most people do not want to do, obviously. Go inward to find out who you really are. Go inward to find your center of right and wrong. Not based on what the physical world tells you to feel or what your political party tells you or what your religious leader tells you, but on what you feel as a spiritual being. The more of you that find the light and embrace the love the sooner we can clear this negativity. I would like to see that in my lifetime also……Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!

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