Still In The Box?

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Still In The Box?

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One of my mother’s favorite lines, and your mother may have said the same, “Just because one of your friends jumps off a cliff, are you going to follow them?” Of course not, geez. Back then I may not have understood the message as clearly as I do now. Mom didn’t want me to be a follower. She wanted me to make my own decisions. Even though she was not so good with decisions she made, I know she wanted better for me. It has taken me most of my life to clearly see how those words sank into my brain and my heart. I have made decisions along the way based on never wanting to be like anyone else. I couldn’t see why I couldn’t have what I really wanted. So clearly, I just plowed forward, even if other people didn’t get it or told me I was foolish. Thank you, Mom, I love you so. I also remember her telling me not to be second best to anyone. So I don’t. I do not allow people to have power over me. I follow my own spiritual intuition…….as it is meant to be and we all should.

Throughout history people have been in cults, groups, religious organizations, just so they can feel like they belong to something. I have never understood the need to worship a person, god or organization. Yet so many of you do. In my own teachings there were a few people who just wanted to be ‘following’ me. It gives me, still today, the creeps. I cannot understand idol worship. Yet it happens all the time. Do what you are told and stay within the confines of the belief system. Yuck! Dictators like to be worshiped, politicians like people to think they are special, preachers, doctors, etc…….The worship comes from your idea that the person deserves your worship, because they are better, smarter, more intelligent than you. When you worship that person other people will think you are cool and then they want to be around you. Of course each cult has their rules and regulations, check out those religions! Some of the rules they make up, as they go along. And you as a follower just accept it all. It happens everyday and you just go along. I could make a list of how you are a follower, but if you are in the box, a part of some sheep herd, you will probably not recognize it. Do you think that in the end some of the people of Jonestown, might have been thinking that just maybe following Jim Jones wasn’t such a great idea, but they drank the Kool-Aid anyway.

Each of us is connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. If you read my blogs you have heard this over and over and over again. Am I getting through yet. Stuff is not just given to me or your doctor or preacher, we are all intuitive. And if your doctor or preacher is spouting out stuff that you must do, how do you know he or she is not in ego. How about that politician, is that person negative or is it about what’s best for everybody? There are some very specific ways to tell if what you are being told or what you are following is right for you. However, you must be willing to open your eyes, you must be willing to see things clearly. If what someone tells you makes you sick to your stomach, if it makes your heart cringe, if the drugs the doctor gives you makes you choke…… need to pay attention. Is the information about hating someone or empowering you? Are you feeling good about turning your power over to that person or would you rather not go there but you’re too scared to step away? How about decisions you’re making, do you keep hitting a brick wall, is nothing working for you based on what you know? Well I know this for sure, the headache you have is not from the wall but your incessant need to pound your head against it. Because ‘they’ told you this is how it should work and you just keep following along. They are all full of shit, but they keep spouting the same shit and you keep following and ‘ta-da’ they have you in their control. Because if what your doing doesn’t work, it’s most certainly your fault, according to them. They keep you feeling bad about yourself and you are forever a victim. Want some of that Kool-Aid?

The reason you are not taught from the beginning to be empowered is because ‘they’ cannot control an empowered individual. When you are empowered you strip away the need to be punished, you get rid of victimhood, martyrdom, and self sacrifice. You can have anything you want. I mean anything……yeah, that’s what believers say, but when your self awareness says, this is good, I feel free, I am blessed, I have gratitude, you know you’ve got this. The world is a wonderful place. Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!!

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I cried out at my corporate office desk, “There must be more to life than this.” I had no idea what being unlimited meant. Even years later as my spiritual journey progressed, I thought I was unlimited, but not so. Because our world, where ego reigns supreme especially in religions, you have no clue what being empowered or unlimited actually means. However, I kept pursuing expecting more from the Universe, health, wealth, happiness, joy. The more I expected the more came my way, the less I struggled, the easier life became. Answers came to me in a simple easy way, no longer complicated by the over controlling ego. The more I let go, the simpler and easier life became. I do not need a doctor,(gave them up over 25 yrs ago) to tell me about my health, I have intuition. When I need money, I just say, ‘send me money’, and money which is just energy shows up!. And each day, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, this stuff really works…….what you send out is what you get back. I’ve got this now, you should try it. Life was meant to be simple and easy, and you deserve this. You deserve to be you, the person you want to be, the person that is in joy. It’s a lot more fun than sheep ever experience.

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