“I Read the News Today, Oh Boy!”

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“I Read the News Today, Oh Boy!”

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What does it take for you to be happy? For more than half my life it was outside circumstances that seemed to give me reasons to be happy or not. Of course, if you follow that rule your life will always be a merry-go-round that you can’t get off. I allowed myself to be at the mercy of other people’s opinions and circumstances. It started in childhood, of course, as all those little nuances do. My mother was a very powerful energy, unfortunately it could be very negative energy. She controlled the household and her children with an iron fist. So, for me, it took away the opportunity to make even the simplest decisions for my young life, because she made them for me. By the time I was an adult, and excited about being on my own, I had no wisdom on how to make decisions. So I tripped and fell, a lot. With each fall came a little wisdom. Following others and their opinions never seemed to work very well, over time I had to see the world in a different way, my way. Whether that was right or wrong was all a part of the journey.
People are not all your friends or your enemies. They are just people. Some are meant to cross your path to trip you up, or just breeze through your life for a short period of time to make chaos or love. It’s the journey. In the 8 Keys I wrote…..”Somebody is going to come into your life and they are going to be the bad guy. Someone is going to step into your life, they are going to look you in the eye, and you’re not going to like what you see. Somebody is going to step in and make you feel small and  bad. These people, who make you feel miserable, who make you feel that your life is a failure, are your angels!”……Get used to it, folks, because you are a magnet and attract to you what you need to see about yourself. These angels put in front of you exactly what you need to deal with. You know, all those things you would just as soon not face about who you are. No one really has the power to make you miserable. You choose to be miserable, because of your refusal to be honest with yourself. Your journey is set up with options for you before you come into this incarnation. All these things are based on what you need to learn in this lifetime. The meaning of life is to gain that spiritual understanding that everything is an inside job, including your happiness, and only you can fix anything.
If you are one of those who allow your happiness to be based on what’s happening out there, you must be having a fearful, miserable time. The planet itself is going through change that is about bringing the darkness into the light. We are facing serious issues in government, religion, teaching, etc…..All these things being put in front of our faces, individually, as a community, as a country, as a planet, are here to move us into a higher frequency of love. But we must get rid of the shit first. Many refuse to look within their own hearts, only to blame other people for their lot in life. Welcome to the giant soap opera or even worse, your very own reality show. It’s time to take a look in the mirror, my friend, and look yourself in the eyes and say to yourself, “I love you.” But unfortunately most of you never do that, you never really see yourself, never really honor yourself, never really love yourself. You can’t because you hate who you are and instead of looking within you look outside yourself into your own reality show trying to prove you are right. I have seen your posts and tweets, you’re all whipped into a frenzy because someone doesn’t agree with you, geez!!! Is this the way you want to live this very short, wonderful, fun life, whipped into a frenzy of self-loathing??? Haven’t you had enough drama and trauma????
So here you are, somehow you have been guided here to read this. Maybe the angels touched a nerve or maybe you are just tired. High drama is exhausting. Now it’s time to ask your angels to show you your joy. Now it’s time to look into the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and see all the good, bad and ugly about yourself. Embrace what you see and say , ‘I love you!’. Yes, you may choke on those words but the more you connect with the energy of love, the more you break down the barriers to having happiness. We are all neurotic, OCD, obsessed, ego driven and so many other things….but we are also each spiritual beings connected to the Universe, the most powerful energy of love. What are you waiting for, seriously, it is that simple. It is only you and your ego that makes it complicated.
Good luck, Human, and welcome to Earth.

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“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West