So This Is Who We Are?

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So This Is Who We Are?

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I can’t remember a time in my life when I have worried about politics as much as I do now. Many times in the past year I have been awakened in the middle of the night  in fear. I am not a fearful person. When this comes over me, I release the fear and send love to our country. Then some other horrendous, hateful thing will happen, so I do it again and again…’s a constant barrage of negativity. I have resisted as much as I can to make any blog political, but I’m diving in. So if any of you are offended, so be it, don’t complain to me, seriously, I am not interested. As of the writing of this, a journalist who resided in the United States was dismembered and tortured by the Saudi’s and our puny man in the White House, sided with the Saudi’s. Now, as of yesterday, many known Democrats have been threatened by bombs being mailed to them. The person who plays president in the White House blames journalists and media. The rhetoric of hate, anger and disrespect to women, black, brown, Asian, Indian, LGBTQ people of this country is almost more than my heart can bear. I am shocked that so many of you not only go along with this rhetoric but you think it is okay.  Even more of you actually promote the ideas of this soulless, narcissistic man. Seriously, you think it’s right to take children from their mothers and put them in prison camps. They came looking for help and you have let your fear and low self esteem make you hateful and cruel. You are all so predictable and that man knows this. I am ashamed of you, and disappointed.  Quoting Jim Carey, “Today they tried to murder 2 presidents, as well as public servants and journalists. Make no mistake these terrorists were encouraged and emboldened by the hate speech of, D Trump. If you can’t see the clear menace of this man’s influence, by now you are a part of it.”
If I believed in the devil, which I do not,( it really is Ego) I would say he resides in the White House. So is this who we are, people who are cruel, afraid of everything, lacking love or compassion, chasing after winning and money?……..No, I do not believe this is you or me. What can you do?
The transition to this gunky, negative energy, needed to happen in this country and other countries. We are actually dealing with people, who, for some need to transform in this life. For other people, they are here to transform us, by insulting our souls. Hopefully we will find what we don’t want to be, and move toward the spiritual beings that we really are. Spirituality isn’t just sprinkling magic fairy dust, love and light to everyone……it is an opportunity to speak truth and bring our own feelings into the light. There is no need to be violent, but you know that, and no need to argue with anyone, and you know that too, but there is a need to allow yourself to feel the pain in your heart, so you can release those emotions. Validating yourself and how you feel leads to you being empowered. This rise of energy is a clearing away of the façade. It brings to the surface the fears people have and their insecurities. Those who are manipulators and power mongers, know this about you. They know how to press the button of fear and get you and others to follow and stay in the box. Which explains why so many people idol worship these manipulators and vote for them against their own interest. Fear is our biggest motivator. At the core of all negative emotion is fear. The more you are in fear the easier you are to control. Look at the current religious groups, even they have dumped the love of Christ for fear, hate, and control. I mean really, your religion, your god hates LGBTQ people. Your religion, your god, doesn’t think I should have birth control, or sex for fun…..WHAT????? No wonder so many of you are miserable.
So here you are. You volunteered to be here at this time, to be a part of this change and this change needed to happen. The question is what are you going to do with this? If you’re reading this, you are most likely crawling to get outside the box, or already there. Love yourself. I say it over and over and over. Love the good, bad and ugly, about yourself. You are on a powerful journey to become self-aware. Just by allowing yourself to be Yourself, raises your frequency, and the world around you. The goal is to live at the highest frequency available, where you are bathed in love, joy, peace, prosperity and health….with perfect divine self expression. I live there, and I know when I wake up in the middle of the night with fear and I release it, and send love and wisdom to those out there, I am doing my part. You may be compelled to do something else. Make no mistake this energy has woken a sleeping dragon. Many of you have been compelled to run for office or help others to run. Something you most likely never thought you would do. Good for you. You’re miserable, and seek help to release the misery or heal your body, because you can no longer insult your soul. Good for you. The Universe will open that path for you. The whole Universe supports what you do when you honor yourself. You can’t lose….you may slip and fall, ego is like that, but keep asking for wisdom and understanding. The Love will lift you up!
A last bit of wisdom from my dear fellow lightworker, Andrew Bassano Brewer, “the moral of this particular story is that pretending something is love and light and unicorn magical is not really helping things……. and if, to take a slice of real life and thrust it, gentle reader, into our story…….you see things that you feel need to be brought to light — because you feel, truthfully within your heart …………… yourself, act with compassion, speak from your heart, don’t be passive, stand up, speak your TRUTH……… to those love and light voices telling you to keep quiet, send them love at the end of your middle finger. “
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!!!!!

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