One More Year, So Many Lessons!

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One More Year, So Many Lessons!

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“Life is a great big canvas……throw on it all the paint you can!” ~Danny Kaye

I always look forward to December and January. It is my hibernation time. I look forward to doing nothing, contemplating my existence, and going over what I learned this past year. I no longer do “Christmas” for no other reason than my life is just so good everyday. I have stepped into the magical energy of peace and love that so many look forward to at Christmas and have manifested it in my life on a day to day basis. This is no reflection on how you and your loved ones choose to spend the holidays. Life is always about choice and my choice in no way diminishes anyone else’s. So enjoy and may your holidays bring you love, peace and memories to cherish.

I experienced so many internal changes this year. I am still digesting the lessons that were brought my way. I expanded upon my knowledge that you really are what you eat. I have made some drastic changes in my diet. I have always eaten well, however, I found living at the highest frequency available, which I have talked about through the year and have incorporated into my classes, pure food becomes even more important. The more real pure food you take in, the easier it is for your body to create newer, stronger cells on a daily basis. This means you can actually youth instead of age. On the other side of that coin, it also creates an environment in the body to detox the junk that does not serve you, in other words clean the shit out!

For many of you moving up the frequency ladder it is usually the emotions that need to detox. Your life journey of fear, low self esteem, and other insecurities that creep up. This is the energy that no longer serves you in the higher frequency and needs to be released. In all my readings and teachings wherever I may be, I always have the Angels send to me the people who need what I have to give. I have been blessed with the knowledge through the journey up the frequency ladder, on how to release the lower emotions that need to go. I have also been blessed to have been given an easy way for us to do it. The Universe is always about simple and easy, and so am I! It is only the ego that makes things complicated. Boy, have I said that a lot this year. Remember if your life is complicated it is because you are struggling against what is and what your Angels are trying to tell you. The signs and signals are always there. When I give a reading many of you say, “I knew that”……Of course, but you struggled against ‘that’ instead of allowing yourself to make the changes you needed. For those moving up the frequency ladder and facing the emotions of the good, bad and ugly about yourself, it’s time to accept yourself and quit the struggle. If you need help you can email me……I just know stuff, it worked for me and it will work for you.

The higher you get on the frequency ladder and the more emotional shit you release by accepting yourself, the next step is the physical release. I actually found my emotional baggage cleared and I know my karma is done. I was feeling that I was ‘all that’! “Look at me I cleared my emotional baggage”…..Ah, ego, gets you coming and going. Well, this year I reside at the highest level available, which is love, joy, peace, prosperity, health and perfect divine self-expression. I manifested this and the Universe always responds with a resounding ‘yes’! The next step for me was clear out old viruses from the deepest rooted emotional stress from this life and, or past life. Oh, sure, who knew!!!! Geez! I will not go into the total details of what my physical body went through this year. Let me just stress, it was a hell of a ride. I have never been in so much pain. At its peak it felt like there was a hole in my back, leaking out this old black dark energy. I sensed this was a very old past life energy, finally after all these lifetimes I was able to release. An old virus grabbed a hold of my muscles and moved around. One morning early on, I was whining about the pain and the Angels clearly stated….”Quit whining, get used to it, it will take awhile to release it all.” Okay, so I went to workout, as I do, no more whining. Well, the information was correct, I final released the virus 2 months later. What a journey of self love and wow, it is amazing how much mucus it takes to get rid of that old shit!!!! Later this year I knew it wasn’t over  and I am going through what I would call phase 2 release. Not as bad as the phase 1, thankfully. This part was for this lifetime, in the middle of the night dream, I, as I am now showed up in my bedroom when I was a child. I must have been 6 or so. My eyes were crusted with dry mucus and closed shut ( a memory I actually have). I, as the adult asked the child, ‘What don’t you want to see?’…….She did not answer but I felt like she didn’t want to see any of it. I had a very abusive childhood and I took her hand and we walked out of that life together, it was done. It’s interesting, my eyes suffered most of the irritation as the infection made its way to my sinuses and nose. I’m at the tail end of this now. I understand so much more of how our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies work and how clearing on all these levels makes you healthy and whole.

Some of you may not understand anything I’m talking about. But, if you were compelled to read this your journey may take you on these paths. So tuck the information away for when you may need it. Of course, if you need help, you can email me.

I am sure there is more to learn, but the biggest, most profound lesson for this year is to honor the ebb and flow of energy. I have learned not to struggle against what is, now I just need to remember that. As if struggling ever fixed anything. The Universe has got my back and you need to ‘know’ It has your back also!!!!

Happy Holidays and all that entails for you!!!! Many Blessings!

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