2019 Another Day On the Calendar?

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2019 Another Day On the Calendar?

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 “As soon as you are born, they make you feel small.” ~ John Lennon
As another new year presents itself to you. It sets you up for a new beginning, a new way of doing things. You can be inspired now, as if a date on the calendar really, changes anything. But, you are a continually hopeful human and maybe the resolutions can somehow, this time, actually work. Perhaps you want to change your body size……or maybe change to a more prosperous job…….perhaps this year you want to find love…….is this the year to eat healthier….???? Welcome to 2019 human.
None of the changes mentioned above can happen if you only focus on outside circumstances. Change is all an inside job. If you remain the person you were and always have been, nothing can change, you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten. So this time give yourself a chance to actually make a difference. Decide to start this year with one commitment, just one, to love yourself. Not just love yourself but to see yourself clearly, all the good, bad and ugly. See the stuff you don’t want to see, admit you are not perfect, and accept yourself. It’s really okay not to battle yourself anymore. You are amazing, unique, with a set of experiences under your belt, that make you, YOU! How can you not love yourself, you are perfection in your imperfection. The magic of the Universe is the more you love yourself, the more you will attract things to you that support that love.
So let’s look at this……if you want to loose weight but look in the mirror and hate yourself for who you have become, you will not be able to make the positive change. What you send out is what you get back. Being disgusted with yourself, ashamed and angry for the way you look, will not get the body you want. However, if you can look in the mirror and bless this amazing physical body that you have had for this lifetime and be in gratitude for your journey and how it has kept you going under some very adverse conditions…..Well, that positive energy can change things. There is your inside job.
If you want a better job, you must quit feeling like you must settle. Again, inside you feel like you don’t deserve, or your not good enough, or you are just afraid. It’s because you do not like you or who you have become. The Universe can only give you what you think you deserve and what you are willing to receive. Ego will keep getting in your way. You have to change your thoughts and see yourself for the creative, amazing person that you are. If you don’t see it in yourself, neither will anyone or anything else. It’s all an inside job. Know what you deserve and the Universe will serve it to you.
If you are looking for love, you cannot remain in self loathing. You will attract to you someone who feels the same way about you that you do. That’s why every person you hook up with ends up a loser, because you do not see your value. In order to have a real loving relationship, you must love and adore yourself first. You must be able to receive love and know that you deserve to be loved and adored, and anyone would be blessed and lucky to have you. Anything less than that, would be a waste of your valuable energy. A high frequency, low ego partner is out there for you, but you will miss it all until you change how you feel about you. This is an inside job…….you get what you deserve based on your consciousness.
If you want to eat well to get healthy, feeding yourself must be an act of love, otherwise you will end of punishing your miserable self with junk food. It can be no other way, love will change you inside and out. The more you love you, the easier the journey to health. You should be the most important person in your life, you will than have the health and energy to take care of all the other things that are important to you.
I could go on but I think you get the point, nothing will change until you do. You are the commander of your life, so where do you want to go, who do you want to be? Make a decision to love you and the whole Universe supports what you do in that effort. Is it easy? Sometimes, other times it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do, because you are in a battle with your ego. Ego does not want to change, ego wants to remain in charge….but ego is also sick and tired of always trying to control everything. You know that because you are sick and tired. Time for a change. You are connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe and when you say ‘yes’, that power is unleased on your behalf. I know this stuff is true, because I have been there done that, I know the pain of change but I also know the joy of letting go, and loving who I am. Its all in my book, “8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels.” Change you thoughts and you change your life. No one can do it for you, your choice, your job.
Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being!

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