Perhaps You Should Look In the Mirror!

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Perhaps You Should Look In the Mirror!

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“I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change”
~ Michael Jackson
During my younger years; before I figured out how to be the real me, I was negative, and fearful, always worrying about things I had no control over. Added to all that, a dominant ego filled me with self loathing. I had put many survival mechanisms in place during my tumultuous, dysfunctional childhood. None of those survival mechanisms prepared me for a life of happiness, peace and joy. Those emotions are just not sustainable when you’re afraid of everything and hate yourself. But for years I faked it, sustaining myself through sheer willpower. I felt I was always climbing mountains. I believed nothing good would ever happen for me unless I forced it to happen. All the while my ego would tell me I didn’t deserve any happiness. And yes, I was exhausted, emotionally and physically.
Our society does not teach you how to sustain happiness. For many, the belief is that money will make you happy, or control, or food, or sex. Then you have the constant struggle to have more money, or more sex, or more dominance over others. I liken it to a bottomless pit that never gets full. I was there, looking outside of myself for happiness. I was longing for someone or something to fill that bottomless pit. When I finally met someone that actually loved me, I was astounded. I just kept thinking, ‘he’ll see the real me and know how worthless I am and he would leave’. There are so many of you out there that feel the need and obsess for more……The real fact is nothing outside of you, whether a person or thing, can make you happy. No matter how much more you get, it will never be enough. Under those circumstances you will always be powerless, which creates more self loathing.
If you live in ‘the box’ with all the other ‘sheep’, then society and the powers that be can offer you anything and you will do as you are told. As long as for a minute, it makes the unhappiness go away. You can put your energy into hating people, yes, everyone is different,  there are so many people to hate. There is so much unhealthy, nasty ass food to eat, that creates addiction and keeps you filling the hole of your self loathing with more nasty ass food!!! There are drugs, alcohol, fast driving, or purchasing more and more stuff. The list goes on and on. This is what society actually wants you to do. Because, the more unhappy and unhealthy, the more in debt you are, the more you hate, the more ‘They” can control you. Welcome to Earth.
I have been there. I have been where you are and I will never go back. There is a way out of the constant longing, the hatred of self and others, the unhappiness. The  Angels, the Higher Self, the Universe, whatever you decide to call the energy of Source, has got you backed into a corner. You are unhappy, maybe miserable and none of the usual survival mechanisms will work any more. It is Divine. It is time to let go of what is not working and start the process of seeing yourself fully, the good, the bad and the ugly. I can remember how painful that process was, but once you send out that cry for help, the whole Universe supports what you need and do. I had always felt responsible for the behavior of my parents, the constant sexual and emotional abuse. I was sure it was my fault. Yes, 6 yrs old, and it was my fault. I must have been so bad to have them, the people who were supposed to love me, treat me that way. As I moved forward on my journey and learned what my parents did was not my fault, I was able to find love for myself. Of course the journey was much more complicated than that.The ego has had control for so long, trying to protect you, it can be disconcerting to tear away from old belief systems to embrace your power as a spiritual person. But it does work, and for myself, to look into the mirror and embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly about myself, was quite empowering.
I have no expectations that this little blog, at this moment will change your life. Only you can do that. I am hoping that this can light a spark, so you will realize that change can take place and you have the power to do that. My journey in my own healing led me to teaching and healing others. I was told when I started, after leaving a corporate job that my purpose was to empower people, my purpose is to empower you. Empowerment, happiness, joy, and peace, are created when you love yourself enough to know that is what you deserve. When you send out the energy to heal, you will be guided on how to do that. I have my book “8 Keys: A Special Delivery from the Angels”, which is a spiritual journey and the 8 keys are the answer to everything. Your Ego will make this complicated and tell you it can’t be done. That’s what ego does. Follow your heart. The beauty of this journey is, that you have so much help. I live a life of miracles and gratitude. Whatever I need and want comes to me. I am loved and adored by the same person I met so many years ago. Instead of leaving me when he found out who I really am, he stayed. We have happiness and life is truly an adventure.
You are a spiritual being, who decided to take on a physical body to experience life on Earth…..make it the adventure it was meant to be, step into your power!
“True healing begins with self- acceptance. You must embrace yourself, rejoice in who you are and magnify it to the highest degree!”
~ Alan Cohen

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“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West