What Am I Missing?

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What Am I Missing?

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I love this time of year as the days get longer and weather starts to warm up. I step outside in the cool morning air onto my patio. It is so peaceful. There are a variety of plants that have buds, and the birds are a flurry of activity. The waterfall in our pond is running and the water is so clear. You can see the Koi come out of their hiding places to enjoy some warmth from the sun. There is peace and joy for what spring will bring. Even though I can’t see it yet, the bare winter trees will soon explode into a green magical paradise. Most of the activity now is all behind the scenes, the details of the magic of the birds building nests, the flowers getting ready to bloom, the buds on the trees getting larger and through the water in the pond, the lotus plant is slowly rising up. So much activity we are mostly unaware of and many times take it for granted. But in less than 2 months all the behind the scenes glory will be right in front of our faces!! Mother Nature will flaunt her glorious colors, to remind us that everything is energy. Without much done by you or me, life emerges to capture our attention once more!!
So much activity that you do not see. Especially in winter when so much of our outside looks dead. But energy cannot die, it just keeps moving and changing……..These days seem so chaotic, the energy seems so high pitched and can be irritating. You may have circumstances in your life that are not the way you want. You may find yourself having to make decisions and have no clue what to do. You may just be running like a hamster in a wheel. So few of you have been taught actual life skills, let alone your spiritual connection, which is different than religious beliefs. The journey of you, as human, was meant to be a journey of learning how the ego, the spiritual and the physical body come together to create you. It is the constant game of choices, none of which are bad or good. The problem is that you are not taught to understand your own intuition and the power of the energy within you. It’s all hit and miss. Then, one day,  the ‘aha’ moment arrives and your heart makes a connection to who you really are, a spiritual being in a physical body. Then it all becomes clear and you are free to live and create as the amazing God/dess, you are……..No, not yet, sadly it will take a little more effort than that to overcome ego……but you’re on the right path.
You volunteered to show up at this time on earth. You set up your karmic connections and put together circumstances that have particularly pushed your ego buttons. Now you are here living the decisions you made, good or bad….. I spent some time this last week speaking to a couple clients. I shared my experience of how in my late thirties I found myself with what was considered the perfect life. I was working for a corporation, 401K, 2 weeks vacation each year, 8 to 5pm 5 days a week, medical insurance and I was top dog at the office I worked at. The American dream, I did everything right and everything I thought I was supposed to do. But, I was unhappy. The client I was speaking to had a similar story and felt guilty for being unhappy. We are working on that.
Happiness is an inside job. Nothing outside of you can give you lasting happiness. Yes it’s nice to have money a good job, etc, etc  but only you can make yourself truly happy. My happiness came when I stepped outside the box and followed my heart to heal myself on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I worked with energy healing and created my own businesses, some that nurtured my soul and those that didn’t, are gone. Yes, I am happy.  I am a Goddess and this journey through all the choices, all the twists and turns, all the good, bad and ugly about myself, I love me. I am perfect in my imperfection…..as are you.
No matter what your age or how long or short your journey is at this time, think of it as being Spring. So much potential. So much is coming together on the other side for your benefit even if you can’t see it. There are choices galore. Each decision takes you on another path, another learning experience, another chance to see yourself clearly. Synchronicity is being created to put you at the right place at the right time. Whatever is put in front of your face is what you have created with your thoughts. So it is important that you focus on what you want.  Nurture thoughts that bring you joy and send out gratitude for every lesson and experience. When you do this the whole Universe supports what you do. It’s like watering the seeds in spring, fertilizing the trees and flowers, even when you see no signs of a bloom. You must know you are creating the energy that will burst forth with love and opportunity. That is the power of you, Human. Clothed in a physical body, your spiritual self is still unlimited as it was before you even showed up here. Yes, a spiritual being in a physical body, you are unlimited.
It sounds so simple, as it should be, the Universe is never complicated. That complication you’re experiencing is ego. Love that part of yourself also, but let your God/dess lead you to love yourself and you will have happiness.

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