Where Are The Bees!?

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Where Are The Bees!?

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“Human, you can take responsibility for your own actions, create self-awareness, and empower yourself to guide your own destiny!”~~8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels
I have been living in the same home my husband and I built since the early 80’s. It was a completely flat plot of land with nothing growing except for the weeds. I have been mowing those weeds for almost 40 years. We have added on and remodeled our home many times over the years. We have planted trees and bushes, as you do. We also have a pond with a waterfall and Koi in the back fenced in yard. It has a large deck to enjoy what has become an amazing little paradise, that I still mow, of course. Just to give you a visual, the backyard is full of trees that are taller than the house, same for the front yard. It’s a far cry from the flat plot we originally bought. I enjoy mowing the grass/weeds only on days where the temperatures are over 80 degrees. A little sun, some exercise and it’s a great day. We planted clover around the pond and my last episode of mowing I noticed a few things. The clover had a ton of flowers, which is to be expected it grows like crazy here. The second thing I noticed was there were no bees, I mean none, zero, zilch, nada! I was very surprised, every year I have to be careful not to mow over the bees, certainly don’t want to piss the little fellas off. But this year we had none. I had read and heard that bees were being endangered due to pesticides and parasites. We happen to live in a subdivision that is surrounded by national forest, to some it’s ‘out in the middle of nowhere’. But in areas not to far from here there are golf courses, lots of golf, lots of pesticides sprayed all the time. So, have we lost our bees? Without bees, our vegetable plants and fruit trees don’t get pollinated. We have all allowed this to happen.
 Every time I write my blog I am trying to reach out to those of you who are willing to read it. My job is to empower you to make changes in your own life. We are spiritual beings who have chosen to live on this beautiful planet, encapsulated in a physical body. We have egos that are subject to dramas and traumas, and for so many of you that ego controls your life. If you allow ego to gain and keep control, you will always be subjected to the lower, baser emotions; anger, fear, self loathing, etc, which resonate at a very low frequency. It takes being willing to look at yourself and why things upset you, to clear out those lower emotions. That is not an easy task, which so many of you know. I have worked with people that would rather climb Mt. Everest than look at themselves, all the good, bad and ugly. It would actually mean that you would have to accept yourself for who you are and that is often a deal breaker. Most of you do not see what I see when I read your energy. I am always able to see the spiritual being inside, often covered by dark ego energies that have kept the real you hidden away. If you could see what I see, it would be an eye opener. Each of you have a soul connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. That means you can create the life of your dreams. The problem is, you chose not to believe that, you choose to bury your head in the sand, or for many you, have your head up your ass!!! Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being.
Your denial does nothing but allow ego to make your decisions for you based on the ‘I don’t deserve’ energy. That can either make you a door mat, or a flaming narcissist, or just a pissed off, pitiful human living at the lower frequency with negative thoughts. The cycle will only continue to create more negative situations in your life. You get what you deserve based on your consciousness Think about that, it’s all energy, it’s all you and that is how energy works. Nothing changes until you change your thoughts. You can’t change your thoughts till you really examine what those thoughts are. It’s about getting your head out of your butt and taking a good long truthful look at yourself. Some of you may not like what you see, good. Then you can change, or fix, or accept, who you really are. It’s not easy, opening your eyes means you have to do something. As humans, you are masters at denial. If you don’t like something, you just don’t believe it, and there it’s gone!! Not so much, though. Sure, lie to yourself and stay at that lower, baser, miserable frequency. In the meantime, I’m gonna be in the love, joy, peace, health and abundance high frequency. It’s your choice…….
You humans lie to yourselves and others all the time. You may decide there is no climate change, or that our bees and other animals aren’t going extinct. You may think that throwing your trash out the window isn’t bad, but it is. It’s about love. Loving yourself creates a cycle of love. When you finally reach a point that you can accept who you are ( the good, bad, ugly), you are then at a point to love yourself. When you love yourself, you can then love and accept others, and then you can love the planet and all the creatures on it. From there a tremendous wave of healing happens….it is happening now. You may call that stupid, or woo woo, but I can’t expect much more from someone who chooses to have his head up his ass!!
I decided to look up what can be done about our lack of bees. There are mason bees and leaf cutter bees at this altitude that don’t require the work of the honey bees, and they are tremendous pollinators. I bought a small bee house for the bees to reside in. These type of bees like little holes to burrow in, and lay their eggs. My bee house will give them that. That’s my first step, I am manifesting them finding their way here. I will keep you informed.
Another bit of good news, our little town of Pinetop/Lakeside has a recycling center. For a small price they will take anything for recycling. I have recycled my plastics and cardboard for years. But last year the plastic recycling closed down. I was heartsick, but I kept bagging up my plastics, manifesting a place to recycle. I believe the last time my husband took 2 huge garbage bags full of plastics the cost was $2. That is great.  Small gestures of love, whether just for yourself, taking an afternoon off, or for the bees, make a big difference, it’s energy, that’s how it works.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are dearly loved.

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“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West