The Choice for Happiness!

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The Choice for Happiness!

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‘Everyone is about as happy as they make up their mind to be.’
~~Abraham Lincoln

I grew up in the sixties, yes, that makes me an official senior citizen. My generation at the time was experiencing the Vietnam War. It was also a time of civil rights protests and chaos against the way things were. I remember watching the news, from the trusted news anchor, Walter Cronkite and or Dan Rather. Due to certain laws the news had to be what was actually happening out there in the world without the right or left wing spin. Sometimes Walter would give an opinion and everyone listened because he was well respected. Who knows if someone was in their living room screaming at the TV about what an asshole Walter was. I’m sure then there was enough hate to go around. If you were black in America, you were most likely the target of that hate. I didn’t realize the impact of that hate and the effect it had on people of color. I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio with ‘white privilege’. I’m sure that statement will piss someone off, but it’s true. I was not aware of how much of a struggle we, as people in the United States were having at the time. I was just trying to survive my dysfunctional abusive childhood, with the chaos of the world going on around me. When I went to church with my best friend, I was hoping to see the good in people. After all they had ‘God’, they must be very special and I became special too by being ‘saved’. I confessed my sins and you know, really, how many sins can 13 yr old have. So I was not sure what I was confessing, so it was more like confessing I was a useless sinful human. But, I wanted to be good, so I did what I was told and tried to live by the rules of ‘God’.

I have this amazing life, a life of empowerment, a life filled with love, I’m in gratitude everyday at my many blessings. I manifested this life and the Universe responded. That’s a bit different than my childhood. However the world seems to have learned nothing in the last 40 to 50 yrs. The chaos is still around me and I am still aware that being white is respected more in this world, than not, but being a woman, can also suck at times. What the hell!!!! It seems you, as a group of people, are more angry than ever. You hate like never before……and instead of trying to fix things by lifting up our sisters and brothers, you would rather make fun and hurt anyone that would have the nerve to prove you to be as stupid as you are. Seriously, who ruins their own home for money, but you are okay with letting the planet go to waste. Which of you out there would rather have your food coated with cancer causing pesticides, yum, lets have dinner, ‘a little more Round-up please’. It is shocking to me how single minded you can be. Yet, because of all that or in spite of that you are miserable, sick, depressed, tired and it must be the brown or black guys fault. Human, you are missing out…….

I left church because of the issue of control and judgement. They wanted to control me and judgement was everywhere…..I’m not sure what happened to ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself!’ I didn’t feel the love, the god they talked about was an egotistical asshole and some father figure we should obey. So, that seemed stupid and I left. Over the years the religions seem to have gotten more egotistical and judgmental. They seem to hate LGBTQ, abortions, but do not care about babies being put in cages and separated from their family, this stuff gets made up as they go along. There’s hate for tatoos, yoga pants and other ridiculous stuff, like men should have control over women. How stupid is that. The list is worse than my free spirit can comprehend. You all seem to want more than ever to be the ‘follower’, desperate to be the one included. To me, it looks like you are afraid to make your own decisions, you are afraid to take responsibility for you own lives, as if it’s so much easier for you to give your power away and of course, your money……

I am sorry, who have you been listening to because it is not your own intuition?

So here’s what’s happening……Greta Thunberg, has invaded the United States, to speak at the UN about climate change. There are people angry at her and calling her names. Adult people calling a 16 yr old girl, who has Asperger Syndrome,( look it up) ‘a mentally ill Swedish child’. She is not mentally ill. The adults are criticizing her for speaking up. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, go home and stand in the corner till you grow up……geez!

Autumn Peltier, a 13-year-old Anishinaabe girl from Wikwemikong First Nation, addresses world leaders at the United Nations about protecting water. How many of you would like to give all your water to corporations so they can sell it back to you. How many of you wish your water was polluted……hello, the moron in the White House is letting our waterways and lakes be a dumping ground for waste. And don’t even get me started on Flint, Michigan, whose children are being poisoned by their water. Oh but, that’s okay, they are those people of color…….seriously…….what has happened to us.

CNBC writes:

“In 2015, Florida surfers Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze embarked on a post-college trip to Bali in search of big waves. What they found were beaches buried in garbage. But the friends also came home with a big idea for a multimillion-dollar business to help clean the world’s oceans.

A pollution solution Cooper, 28, and Schulze, 27, first met as college students at Florida Atlantic University, where they both studied business and graduated in 2014. The following year, the two friends set off for a three-week surfing trip to Bali, Indonesia — an island in the Indian Ocean that’s a mecca for the sport.

In addition to being popular with tourists, Indonesia is also second only to China among the world’s biggest polluters. When Cooper and Schulze arrived, they were immediately struck by the massive pollution that chokes Bali’s beaches with trash that washes up from the ocean.” Pretty much right when we got [to the beach] the first thing we saw was an overwhelming amount of plastic,” Cooper tells CNBC Make It. It was a vista strewn with everything from plastic bottles and bags to used food containers and other refuse.”

In a nut shell, 2 friends didn’t like the pollution in the ocean so they formed a company to clean it up. They are actively removing trash from the ocean. Check it out and don’t forget to find something to get angry about…….

In spite of all the chaos going on in our world there is a lot of good. If you are the one sitting around complaining about people who want to clean the ocean….or 16 yr old that wants to save the planet…..or a 13 yr old that wants good water……if this makes you angry, it is no longer about them, it’s about you. You have consciously chosen to be an asshole and be unhappy. Changes will happen in this world because love is stronger than your low frequency negative energy. So sit around and whine, it’s your life. “A negative mind will seize any excuse to find fault.” Alan Cohen

But for me and mine we will choose happiness, which creates love, joy, peace and that manifests in the physical world as health and prosperity!

Good luck, Human, the power for change lies within you.


Karen Harter

October 4, 2019 at 6:38 pm

You go girl!!!

Dave Robbins

October 6, 2019 at 7:39 pm

Wow, u r an inspiration. I can’t complain if we ignore 1 one step at a time picking up plastic off a beach

Jan Griffin

October 14, 2019 at 8:47 am

I cringe when I hear people saying there is “NO climate change?” A country that I love and served is being torn apart and no one seems to even notice. I am so proud of those young people that are seeing and making the changes that we all need to be doing. Lets get involved people, make a change to help God and country enlighten us all! Thank you

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