Choose the Force You Wish to Align Yourself With

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Choose the Force You Wish to Align Yourself With

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There is a new year coming our way, as it always does. This often prompts many of you to create a list of ‘resolutions’ meant to improve your looks, or life in general.  While, it is always good to want to be ‘better’, the list of resolutions are often ‘pie in the sky’ improvements we want to see made but never seem to reach. It could be losing weight or finding a new job, or possibly attracting love to you. Had the energy been ripe for these changes in your life, you would certainly have these things by now.  So what is the secret to creating and following through with the resolutions and having a life of joy…….or not just resolutions, but actually creating the life of your dreams……..

The physical world seen through your physical eyes is a bombardment to your senses. This world constantly reinforces the identity of victim, someone who is not worthy, be on the defense against others, competition. The illusion of being separate and every man or woman for themselves. Be fearful, someone can take what you have! Be angry and ready to fight, look down on those who are not like you. Do not take care or help others they will take advantage of you. Whew, all this bitterness and retaliation is exhausting, for many of you your past validates these beliefs. Then you walk into your future with the same bitterness and defensiveness you learned along the way, continuing to create the same stories about yourself over and over again. How’s that victim, defense stance working for you?

The physical world teaches only ‘foolishness’ and does not allow for you to really be safe or happy, because right around the corner someone is coming for what you have. Be very, very afraid Human. Foolishness is seeing the world through the eyes of ‘the powers that be’. Yes, they would call you and me fools for understanding who we really are………So now, my friend, are you ready to see who you really are, should you choose to ‘get it’ and embrace IT, are you ready for more……?

For over half my life I lived as described above, and because I believed I had to struggle for any smidgen of good, that was what was created…struggle. Even when good would cross my path, I never felt I deserved it, so I would constantly know ‘it’ couldn’t be real and it wasn’t because I could not receive. And so that was my life, a mess, a struggle, that was my truth……Then one day I declared ‘no more’ and said to no one, or no thing,  “There must be more to life than this!?”

“And the Angels Rejoice” or God, or Universe, or Source…..Doesn’t matter what you call it, that Love energy that holds the planets in place and responds with love always, based on your belief about what you can receive. Think about that statement and read it again. The Universe can only give to you what you think you deserve, if your belief is  ‘life sucks’ or ‘everything I ask for I get’, it makes no matter, you will receive accordingly. Its your choice!! So, you can be mad at the ex, or your boss, or your political parties, your parents and it will do you no good, but attract more things to you that make you mad. You can think you are a victim and ‘do not deserve’ good, and the Universe can only give you more energy of that kind………….Are you ready to change this cycle? Yes, it is a cycle, you keep attracting the same types of lessons over and over, ever ask why? So, you will ‘get it’, so you will be tired of struggle and be ready for real change! DUH! We humans are so stubborn.

You are a ‘spiritual being’ first and foremost, which means you are a soul, energy from the very Source of all that is. You have volunteered to come to Earth to be in a physical body to learn and become enlightened to help raise the frequency of the planet. Why, because we can……because the physical world offers amazing experiences that you cannot experience elsewhere……..that’s as much as I understand and it’s enough. The other half of this is, because you are a piece of the very Source of all that is you have access to ‘all that is’, love, joy, peace, prosperity and health. This all can be created for you by this amazing Universe, without struggle. You came to the planet with a set of talents, fully armed to live a life of joy. The only thing that gets in the way is you, ego.

Our natural state is love, wisdom, connection, abundance, peace and joy……Anything else is your ego screaming you are out of spiritual alignment……..

So this is not always easy, you are changing ego beliefs of a lifetime. Any emotion that is not of love, is fear or ego. The minute your emotions go dark, negative, angry, you are in ego, connecting to the physical world as your truth and reality. But at that dark moment, have that cry, release that past indoctrination of being unworthy and declare “I AM Divine, I am open to receive all the Love the Universe has to offer!” Then you will need to believe, trust, detach, for the ego will want to take control but embrace Love, the most powerful energy in the Universe. This is a journey you have opted to make, if you are tired of being fearful, sick and tired…….then all I can say is, ‘its about time’!!

Ask for guidance, be aware when you slip into ego mode, always request, wisdom and understanding, instead of making judgments about others through your judgmental ego…..and so it goes. You, my friend, have a decision to make……..which force do you wish to align yourself………it’s all about you. I now live my life in love, joy, peace, prosperity and health, everything I ask for I get. Yes, at times I slip into ego mode but catch myself and shift that thought, because I am in the moment, always creating from love. Care to join me?

There are many books and classes you can take to help you move forward into the understanding of Yourself, ask to be led to the things that will enlighten you. My journey is in my book, ‘8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels‘, its all about making life simple and easy, filled with joy. Its’ how to go from ego to enlightened, maybe its just what you need!!!

Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!



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“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West