You Can’t Ignore Yourself Forever!

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You Can’t Ignore Yourself Forever!

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My childhood was all about the abuse cycle, my survival mechanism was to be the ‘good girl’. I would do what I was told and not make waves, I choose to be invisible. It didn’t really seem to matter though,I still got way more negative attention from my mother and father than I wanted.  When I was 13 my father left us and by then the ‘good girl’ was ingrained in me. When I became a teenager I did what I was told, getting good grades to be the the excellent child, the one my mother didn’t have to worry about. I was so happy to graduate high school and leave my home life and everything it stood for. I had been accepted at college and was ready for a new adventure. I was optimistic that when I left home everything would be different, everything would be wonderful. I did sow some wild oats (very mild though, I mean I was the ‘good girl’), made some bad decisions and some not so bad.  I was on my own, taking responsibility for my life. What could be better…….
Each of us has a journey in this life, it’s why we show up here to experience ‘stuff’…..make decisions, good or bad. When young we often times disappoint others and ourselves. This is natural, we plant seeds to learn by. The problem is no one is telling us it’s okay to make mistakes, even if sometimes it hurts others for they have lessons to learn too. We get into relationships for all the wrong reasons breaking hearts along the way or having our hearts broken. It’s the journey. How do we figure out who we are if we don’t have these experiences. There is drama and trauma for sure, having our buttons pushed in a variety of ways. Some of you came to the planet with a load of ‘holy shit’ why is this happening to me ‘stuff’, others not so much.
When my stint at college was cut short, due to financial reasons. I made my way to Columbus, Ohio to start another new life, filled with vim and vigor. I was certainly enthusiastic. I wanted to escape my childhood, leave it behind, forget about it. Happiness came with the adrenal rush, a challenge, a new job, a new relationship, moving. What I was really doing is proving to myself that ‘I could’, that I was good enough, I could handle life. I wanted people to like me, think well of me, I wanted to be accepted by others. Consequently, any acceptance outside of myself was never enough, ever…….I was still the little girl, insecure, stuck alone with my mother getting beaten up for not being ‘good’ enough and of course could never be good enough for my father to love me and stay!
Society does not give any of us a chance to understand the dynamics of why things seem so difficult. You see, spiritually, there are no mistakes, just opportunities to become  who you really are. But ego, as we have been taught controls our emotions, so we want to be a ‘member’ of society. We want to be accepted. Some succeed better than others. But there are rules that are set up as an unconscious agreement which everyone seems to know. You must be white, male. If you are an extremely attractive female you may be able to become a member, color of skin and race, not withstanding. It is survival of the fittest, competition is a valuable commodity of the ‘member society’. And if you really want power, be rich. If you are not rich hook up with those that are rich and maybe it will rub off on you. Okay, maybe that is a pretty stark view of how it all works, but it is the core. The rest of us, people, spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to fit in.
Open your eyes to the world around you, anger and hatred is rampant. Blame the black guy (president), blame your parents, your boss, immigrants. The reason we see so much of this happening, so blatantly, since individuals can’t seem to help themselves, is because the energy of 2015 is extremely high and intense. The energy is about integrity, with yourself and loving yourself. Many people do not want to deal with looking inside their own hearts, they are afraid they will not like what they see.This energy is all about putting in front of your face what you need to deal with. On a larger global level, so many extrodinary issues are in the forefront for Humanity. Climate change, take care of our enviroment or let the oil corps tell you it’s nonsense………GMO food, black lives matter, gay marriage, birth control……a diplomatic agreement with Iran, instead of war……What are you going to do Human, follow the hate, the negative, to be a part of , ‘what’?????? On a personal level, your anger and hatred is all about feeling inadequate. Why else do people ‘hate’ others, why did it work so well for Hitler? Unfortunately, people follow ego,(it is what we are taught) because most people feel they are not good enough and by blaming others, they can feel better than ‘them’, whoever ‘them’ may be.
For those of us on a spiritual path, those of you waking up and a bit shell shocked by the intensity of the energy. Pay attention. What is nagging you, what is that little voice saying? If that voice is negative, angry or fearful, it’s ego, and you must look within to get clarity and ask your Angels to help you release it. Every time you release negativity, you move into a higher frequency and more issues will show up. You are literally working with the energy as it was meant to be worked with. The more of the old survival mechanisms you release, the more fear you let go of, the more love you have for yourself. Love begets more love, joy, peace, prosperity and health. Understand it’s how energy works and you change the world by loving and accepting yourself.
I searched for over half my life for happiness and love ‘out there’……only to find no matter how hard I tried or how far I ran, there was no ‘out there’. After having to leave college, everything I owned fit into my car. I had no ties to anyone or any place, so when things were to difficult and the adventure got to thin, I could pick up and move to a whole new place where no one knew me. Many times over the years, long after all my worldly possessions could never again fit into a single vehicle, I would still get the urge to move on when ever things got to tough. These urges came all too often. At some point I finally realized it was just geography and I would still meet myself  after all the dust settled……Happiness is just not out there…….except from ‘8 Keys:A Special Delivery Message from the Angels.’ Such an empowering revelation for me to realize, it’s all within me. I am now,happy, peaceful and joyful. There was a time I could never imagine such a thing, a life without struggle……..everyday is blessed…..What are you waiting for…….????
Your journey and all the decisions you have made to this point, make you unique and extraordinary. There is no need for contemplating failure, for there is none, there is no need for guilt (a worthless emotion) for it serves no purpose. We must just appreciate the ‘good, the bad, and the ugly’ about ourselves with love and acceptance. We opted to be here now, before we came we created the ‘set up’ to make us who we are.  There was never a more pivotal time on Earth, the intense energy is cleaning the junk energy up and that includes us. We are all connected and in this together. Hold the energy of love and you will find a happiness you never thought was possible, but you will certainly recognize the energy, it is who you are!! For those around you who are stuck in ego, bless them with no judgement, for we each must make their journey. You must allow them to make their choices, even if we see mistakes being made, surround them with Angels and love. And, my dear friends, enjoy the journey, let go of control and have fun, that really is the point, you know!
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being.

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“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West