You Get What You Deserve Based on Your Consciousness!!

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You Get What You Deserve Based on Your Consciousness!!

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The lines have been drawn and the true feelings people have are no longer hidden. If you disagree with someone’s belief system, it is perfectly fine to let them know and to hate them. It is now acceptable to blame others for your problems, whether they have anything to do with your problems or not. You too can now be racist and be open about it. In other words it is now acceptable to blame immigrants, women, blacks, Latinas, Muslims and of course the president for your miserable existence. This energy has been created by angry, hateful, narcissistic, rich, white men, who want to play to your ignorant lower base instincts, so they can take your money and control you. Nicely done, history is full of the rich, selfish, men, who stroke their own egos and narcissism by dominating others. Ignorance breeds contempt and even Donald Trump actually stated, “I love the poorly educated!”  The fact is people who hate are easier to control. And let us not forget the republican governor, that deliberately allowed poisoned water flow to Flint killing many, ah, creating such karma.

Not all of you are poorly educated, there is another side to this coin. People everywhere are coming together with the understanding of ‘I deserve more!’  The whole Universe supports the empowerment of the spiritual individual. A new paradigm has been created, that is why the lines are drawn. Many have decided they do not want GMO food filled with pesticides. Many are taking care of animals and the environment. Many are feeding and housing the poor. This is a consciousness of love and it is rising at a very rapid rate, that’s the good news. The fact is those who care are much more powerful than those who do not, believe it or not! With that said, there is an individual who is bringing people together in a positive light on the political scene. Bernie Sanders, is a part of the higher frequency and understands the concept of ‘we are all one’. Whether you have heard of him or not, whether you like him or not, isn’t the issue. Humbly he brings a message stating the new ‘paradigm.’

For many fear of change is a big issue. As I have stated in many talks and in my blogs, we humans do not like change. But change is inevitable, it is the only constant in the Universe. The frequency of 2016, is based in crown chakra energy, our connection to Source. Which can throw many of you for a loop, for it has nothing to do with religion, it is our spiritual connection. It is about love, joy, peace, honesty, integrity and how we literally view ourselves and our connection to others. The over riding energy is “I deserve more”. That energy is supported by our connection to Source, Angels and God/dess, whatever you choose to call that amazing Universal frequency. In the playing out of the political world, the country gets the leadership it deserves based on its consciousness. It works the same way for you as an individual, you receive according to your consciousness. So every time you state ‘I deserve more’, you are correct. That energy is working with individuals like you everywhere!! Now it has come together in our political scene, in an individual, as a proclamation of this new paradigm.  Bernie is pretty humble in his presentation of himself but he speaks volumes about what is possible if we work together. Of course, there is powerful energy when we understand we are all in this together. He speaks of what can be created, medical care for all, free college, family leave, $15 minimum wage etc……all the things that the powers that be, who are in charge now, do not want you to have. The reason the powers that be are so negative and would poo-poo these changes, is because these kinds of realistic expectations would empower people, that’s you. The energy is very much about your empowerment. Bernie understands that if we come together for the betterment of all, everyone will benefit, you will benefit. This is a new paradigm regarding what we as individuals can create, do, and have. Imagine a world where all food was organic, a world where health care was a right, imagine clear blue skies because energy was created by the sun. What if a minimum wage job actually supported you and your family and you know your children will have an amazing education without debt to weigh them down.

The establishment will tell you it cannot be done, or these types of benefits are far down the road and many people believe that is true. They are not so far fetched though, if we invest in ourselves instead of war, if we level out the taxes where those at the top actually pay, we can more than afford the changes we deserve. It is a just a different way of looking at and doing things. When working with the higher frequency, those of you connected know anything is possible. The Universe can only give you what you are ready to receive.  This Sanders movement is opening the door for you to be able to see that more is not just possible but it is what you deserve. However it is up to you to take the energy and ideas and run with it!!! No one thought we could go to the moon, until the idea became a seed planted by another president with higher vision. No one thought someone could run a mile in less than 4 minutes but someone did. At one time horse drawn carriages were the mode of transportation but someone had a higher thought form. And all along the way, though, there have been those that have fought the change that can and has empowered humanity. Humanity cannot stay stagnant, you are meant to be enlightened and free to grow and create. The paradigm is seeing things in a different light and once you open your eyes and realize the power you have, you can do anything.

Trump and others are the vessels of hate, anger and pettiness……Bernie is a vessel of change, connecting you together with others for the best of all……our changing frequency is being played out. It works the same in your life. You can move forward with whining, moaning, groaning and complaining, which will create more for you to whine about. Or understand you live in a benevolent Universe that can and does meet your every need. The choice, of course, is always yours. That choice will decide what consciousness you choose to live in and you will receive according to that consciousness. It’s energy, that’s how energy works. Either way, change for you, the country and the planet will take place….my advice Human, is ride the train of love, change, and empowerment, open your heart and eyes to having more and being the best. For we are all in this together and we can all prosper together.

And welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being!



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