The Beginning Is Here!

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The Beginning Is Here!

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By now all the parties are over and the Christmas tree is either boxed up or out by the front curb waiting to be picked up. All that is left of the 2015 Holiday season is the memories and the credit card bills coming in the mail!! You made it through, whether you love it or not it’s over for another year. Soooo, welcome to 2016 another new year filled with promise. There are dozens of blogs out there telling you how to follow through with your new year’s resolutions and to make 2016 the ‘best year’ ever. There is something wonderful about the ‘human spirit’ that always embraces hope for that better tomorrow. Excellent, well done and may the ‘powers that be’ find it within themselves to bless you and may those ‘lucky stars’ shine on you, so you can have your hopes and dreams come true. Only if you’re lucky though, right…………
2016 continues our rise in frequency, for many of you, as I have spoken before, that frequency makes you uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, it makes many people uncomfortable, you are not alone. It is the energy of love and integrity. In order to blossom in this frequency you must accept yourself. So many refuse to do that and choose instead to believe in some outside person or force to blame for their lot in life and pray for mercy to some god to fix or heal them. At the same time these people are consumed with hate or fear and are just looking for reasons to be offended. You know them and have seen them all over social media and the so called ‘news’. They have ‘leaders’ that try to out-hate the other guy and there seems to be no insult too nasty. It’s okay to blame the Muslims, the refugees, immigrants, blacks, LGBT or women, as the case may be. if you find yourself investing in the hatred or fear, you have played into ‘their’ hands. Nicely done and believe me there is no god that can save you from your fearful, angry ego. You have chosen to give your power away to people who want to dominate and control you. They want your money and your adulation. This is not the first time in history that this type of manipulation has taking place, it’s been going on for centuries and seems to work so well. I am always amazed at how many people chose to ‘follow’, instead of thinking for themselves.
Humans, you are so predictable.
For those of you who choose to think for yourselves, there is a special gift for you in 2016. We have moved into the energy of the Crown Chakra. Your spiritual quest will be met with a clearer understanding of how the Universe works and your connection in it. The moments where you seem to transcend won’t just happen in meditation anymore. You will be a walking conduit for information and love.Without saying a word, you can diffuse negativity, clear paths that have been blocked and heal yourself. Time is going to be more compressed and go by faster, but remember time is very fluid and you can slow it down or speed it up if need be. Allow creativity to flow through you, for you have access to the ‘Wisdom of the Ages’. You, my spiritual friend, are empowered. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
We are at a time on Earth where we have embraced becoming multi-dimensional beings. Not all of you reading this, are ready to be empowered to this degree but the potential is there or you would not be reading this, get it? Nothing or no one has power over you. You must understand this clearly. It is only your ‘belief’ in lack, illness, evil, that presents that energy to you, that is how powerful you are. What you believe and invest your energy in is created, it’s your ‘super-power’. The ego will have you worry that you are inadequate. You will think you are doing something wrong, which occurs only because you have a problem accepting ‘what is’. ‘What is’ is what you have created and can be banished when you quit the struggle. The struggle will disappear when you have taken your power back from ego and accepted ‘what is’ as the blessing it was meant to be. You are confused and in pain because you do not see you are being fine tuned to release old worldly beliefs about yourself.  When you finally clearly ‘get it’, everything changes. And, geez Human…’s supposed to be fun. Another part of the ‘gift of 2016′, is seeing other people for who they really are. Now don’t go all ’empathic’, getting all miserable because others have their journey and much of that is pain. More people use being an empath as an excuse for their illness and misery, ridiculous!! You are a powerful being so do the powerful thing and send love and let them have their journey and for heaven’s sake let go, detach. That my friend is a choice also. Everyone has to have their journey, it’s what they signed up for and created!!
The Universe never does things in a manner that the Human ego understands. So, again detach and let go. Focus on what you want, learn to put the negativity aside (ask your Angels for help, it comes instantaneously). Let the Universe and Angels do what they do, please quit trying to control the situation. If you are to intervene you will know and again, it’s gonna be fun. So many of you take life so seriously, smile and nod because the Angels have a plan and they have your back. The sooner you get that, the sooner the adventure begins.
So you have learned alot last year and you saw things happen that really tugged at your heart. You faced decisions, that threw you for a loop and learned more of what doesn’t work and what you don’t want. So make a list of what you do want, see and feel yourself where you want to be. Use your ‘Super-Power” to accept what is and focus the joy of what you want………You dear Human, are limitless……so what are you waiting for.
By the way, the country gets the leadership it deserves based on its consciousness, so raise yours, it’s all about love and joy!
And………’May the force be with YOU!”

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