Am I Really Unlimited?

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Am I Really Unlimited?

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It’s the time of the month that I sit down to write my blog. After all these years and all the blogs and books, I admit I still do not like to write. However, something happens each month, each time I ‘schedule’ when I am going to write……something, some other energy, takes over. I just sit in front of the computer, even if I have no idea what to write about, and it flows. For a good 2 and a half hours, I type. When it’s done I am amazed at what has been created. So what is this energy? In my book the 8 Keys, I relate it to Angels, which is a nice comfortable way of saying, ‘the Universal Energy Force!’  The same thing happens to me when I speak; no notes, no outlines, just a title for the talk and easily an hour, or 2, or 3 goes by. It’s the creative energy that flows. The connection to the most powerful energy in the Universe. Seriously, it really does work and it really is amazing………


On my way home from Texas through Dallas airport, it was a hurry up and wait situation. Those of you who travel know what I mean. I found myself in the ‘fast’ line, waiting. In that moment I noticed, in front of me, a tapestry made of various sizes and colors of broken tiles, but none of the pieces bigger than my hand. The tapestry picture created was huge, one wall the size of 3 of my living room walls (and I have a pretty big living room), all covered with little pieces of tile.They were put together, I am sure by hand, to create this amazing colorful picture. I imagined what it took to create something so detailed, so beautiful. I am sure someone could computer generate the picture, but each piece was placed meticulously by someone who was obviously a creative artist. I was in awe and it made me think of how this must have been a labor of love, and how much is created each day by those who just allow that Energy to flow.


Nice, right?  Each of us is connected to this Life Force Universal Energy, it’s our Soul, and our center of truth and creativity. When you look around examples are every where of flowing creativity. The more noticeable ones, perhaps you find in music. Some music just whizzes on by, meaning nothing to you. Then there is that melody or the words that touch your heart, that lift your spirit, that take you back to another time and place. It’s magic from the Universal energy flow. Perhaps, you have read a poem or a book that makes you think and touches your heart. It’s the creative flow. Maybe you have seen a painting, and all you can think is ‘wow’. There are so many ways the Energy flows through us and most of you never notice, or have any idea it’s within you.


A common theme in readings I give, is that this powerful frequency (the energy on the planet ) activates the creative centers within. There is hidden creativity in all of us. I can actually see the book, the painting, or perhaps music notes around people, or maybe someone should create their own business. If I mention it, more often than not the person says,’I have been told that by other psychics.’  If you can expand your view, all the wisdom and beauty the Universe has to offer is available to you. The answers you need are there within your connection to Source and you are never not connected. How you choose to use this energy is up to you. When you are creative (remember there is no particular way to be creative) you are open to a higher frequency connection, untainted by fear or anger….it could be as simple as planting a garden or as complicated as painting the Sistine Chapel. You are allowing the energy to flow.  Creativity opens doors for joy, love, and it feels good. You are literally rising in frequency as you create. By saying ‘yes’ to this Universal flow you become a more connected person. You are experiencing your connection through some sort of creativity and that is empowering. Bonus; you are now in present moment and that is where your point of power is, that is where inspiration flows. Do not get confused by the energy of creativity. It could mean creating a business, or something as simple as speaking words to someone that make them feel better. There is no limit to your creativity in this Universal Energy.


From the time you are born, till the time you leave this planet, you are bombarded with what others think is right or wrong. You are in a box produced by society and the norms ‘they’ live by. You are often confined by these ‘norms’ and their beliefs are ingrained in your ego brain. This, my friends, is what your journey is about, getting free from the limitations of ego brain and making your life about what you ‘know’ to be true for you. Your own ‘knowing’ of what is true, and living life your way brings you love, joy, peace……..The challenge is to understand that the Universe is unlimited, and so are you. When you get a creative idea that makes your heart sing and sparks your excitement, that is Source flowing through you. When you make a decision to follow your heart, do what you love, take care of yourself, the whole Universe supports what you do. You become the spiritual being living in a physical body, but not controlled by what you see with your physical eyes. This is where the 8 Keys (my book) comes into play: believe, trust, detach, love, humility, forgiveness, gratitude and connection. Each word so powerful on their own but together empowering you to move past what you see and hear in the physical world……opening to the amazing flow of creativity is meant to give you the life of your dreams. Why else would you be here, now at this time, in this frequency, if not to enjoy life fully. Life is meant to be simple and easy. If it is complicated, it is ego…..remember believe, trust, detach….etc……


Well, look at this, 2 hours gone by. Time for my second cup of coffee. I will go back now to check grammar and make sure what you read makes sense, maybe add some pictures. Maybe I’ll turn on the TV to see if I missed anything while I was away in another dimension.  As much as I may dread writing, I have great joy in seeing what comes from Source in this form of creativity. I can expand out of my box (ego) that says ‘you can’t do this’ and the Angels sing…..’ Sure you can, You are unlimited!’


Welcome  to Earth,Spiritual Being.


The 8 Keys is the answer to everything…….just sayin’.


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