Dance to the Music in Your Soul!

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Dance to the Music in Your Soul!

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I am amazed that I have lived to see these changing times. In all my studies, till the time when I was instructed to stop reading other people’s work and started getting my own information about the new expanding energy on the planet, I did not anticipate how these changes would affect people. I did not realize how this amazing high frequency which is about integrity, intuition and love, would cause so many to be so angry and fearful.  I have written much about this lately, I suppose politics does, often times, bring out the worst in people, one side blaming the other for all their earthly ills. But this discontentment goes far beyond the politics, it is a discontentment within each individual about themselves.

Hatred is not a new thing, certainly, all through history, battles have been waging one group against another, especially in the name of religion. We are being exposed more and more to the lines being drawn between individuals and groups. Before the millennium changed, ’99 rolling over to  the year 2000, I had already been getting vast amounts of information about the changes taking place. I have always felt positive about humanity and our connection to Source. I mean, really, when one person can get the kind of info I received and I know many others had been receiving similar info, the world must be a miraculous place, right?  Of course it is!!  I am just surprised so many choose not to broaden their horizons in a more positive way.

Let us look at the energy that this frequency is generating.  Integrity, being honest with yourself and seeing yourself clearly through the eyes of truth. I have my clients go to the mirror, look at themselves and really see the good, the bad, and the ugly! Our journey on this planet starts before we even get here with the plan ‘setup’ for whether we will be male or female, black, white or brown, gay, straight, rich or poor……..Then continues when we get here with family  setups, what we learn from teachers, religious leaders, and the various interactions with authority figures in our life. We interact with friends, lovers, bosses, and people who cross our path just to make us question who we really are. Whew, it is a wonder you decided to come to the planet at all.  The point is to have a ‘setup’ that will stretch you beyond what you think is ‘reality’ and who you are!  Because once you get here, ego takes over and the spiritual being that you are, goes to the wayside. So look closely at you, with integrity, the bad and the ugly, are not what they seem to be for nothing is bad or ugly energetically, it’s just the way society would have you see yourself. For those qualities, anal retentiveness, fear and anxiety, obsessive, compulsive, neurotic, controlling, are characteristics that make you, You, and no one can do you like You!  It is all good, welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being, you are truly amazing!!

An amazing awakening is happening for many of us in this ever changing, high frequency. Each of us is born with this amazing gift of intuition, a psychic ability….But let me explain, no one can predict your future, not even you. If you are one of those people who pays big bucks to see a psychic to find out if the person you are dating is the ‘one’ or if you need someone to tell you about your health or if everything will be all right, its time to save your money and work on releasing your fear. The only thing a psychic can ‘see’ is the energy around you and where that will take you. The minute you change your thoughts to be more positive, your path changes. So hopefully your psychic will help you make your energy more positive to move you a direction to take you where you want to go. But do not rely on someone else to ‘read’ your future, go within and ask your angels for clarity and guidance. Learn to loose the fear by starting each day  with request for love and miracles for a wonderful, positive day. Ask for clarity, the best readings I have given are those where the person says to me “I knew that, I just needed clarity”.  It is a win/win for each of us, both of us feeling empowered! Accept that you are intuitive, be in the moment, ask for wisdom and understanding, and the most amazing guidance will show up in your life.

Love, is an interesting energy, the more you give it, the better you feel, the more you feel it, the more love comes to you. It starts by loving yourself enough to give yourself the very best. Love is not about being drained, victimhood, martyrdom, or self- sacrifice, there is nothing noble about depleting yourself and giving away all your money or energy……knock it off!!! Real love starts within you, understanding and accepting who you really are, allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition and loving life. The more you accept that  each of us is a spiritual being on this physical journey, the more you accept others and send them love, no matter how negative they may be, the more an abundance of love will flow to you.  It does not mean you have to hang out with all those negative people but when you do, with love flowing through you, you will always be protected and a shining light. Love is powerful, it is compassionate, it feeds our soul and gives us strength. The more we opt for love instead of ego, the more we change the planet and help others rise in frequency.

So follow your heart, your intuition, love others as you should love yourself and understand you choose to be here. It is no wonder the masses are confused and angry, lashing out at anyone or anything to blame the condition of their life on. It takes being willing to really look at yourself to embrace this high frequency and many find that process too painful.  Society has taught  them to blame others, look down on others, teaching them to not look within as spiritual beings connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. Instead society amplifies their so called ‘failures’ of being poor or disabled or sick,  telling them their skin color or sexual orientation is wrong…….We must find within ourselves that connection to all that is abundant and good, Source, God/dess, Universe, it is the Life Force Energy that flows through us all, it is the answer to ‘Why am I here?’……..look no further Spiritual Being, you are here to find You!!  Welcome to Earth.

If you are having a tricky, time maneuvering through the frequency changes, please get my book, written by the Angels to make life more simple and easy….The 8 Keys is the answer to any question you have……..

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