You’re In Charge!!

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You’re In Charge!!

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” The energy of ego is always in a battle to be in control, and what it wants to control is you, and others through you.”
~~8 Keys: A Special Delivery message from the Angels
The main thing I learned growing up was how to survive. I didn’t learn about love, or nutrition. I didn’t learn that I was important, or valuable. As a matter of fact, I was taught that my opinion meant very little, and so did I. So, for the most formative years of my life, I learned to survive physical and emotional abuse, and to keep my mouth shut. Surviving is not living. Those of you who came from a childhood of dysfunction know what I mean. What actually happens to us under those circumstances is that ego steps in, and you, as a person, whether aware of it or not are always ‘on’ in your survival mode. There are a variety of ‘survival’ modes that the ego can take on. Here are a few;…..emotionally checking out, being compulsively good or bad, always apologizing whether its your fault or not, being an overachiever, over doing for people, feeling responsible even if your not, becoming a caregiver, being a comedian, a constant need for attention, whether positive or negative, needing to always be right, getting sick when you feel you can’t handle things, being a narcissist………and the list goes on and on. The ego, when in survival mode, will do what it takes to ‘protect’ you from forces seen or unseen. This mode of living is learned behavior and even though it got you through childhood, the ego does not know when to stop being in ‘survival’ mode. So these learned behaviors go with you into adulthood and become the way you respond to life. It literally becomes your ‘normal’ way of living. So, the best means of survival is to be very, very, afraid of people, things and circumstances, thanks to your overactive ego.
Which brings us to present moment. There have been a series of energetic events this year that have increased the frequency here on Earth. Those of you that have read my blog know that I have been speaking of this for years and yes, it continues. The frequency has risen. It took a huge leap during the eclipse. All I can say is ‘whew’! What an experience, and my physical body is still trying to align with the energy now, and I am sure it will continue. For most people it’s not as simple as trying to align physically. For most of you, it’s all about the ego and survival mode. There is nothing more frightening for the ego than a change of energy. Change in any form has a tendency to freak people out. Face it, you as the human do not like change when you can see it, let alone energetic change, which can be felt but not seen. The first reaction is fear, especially if you have no idea what is happening but ‘feel’ like something is different. What also adds to your reaction is that you were not taught to trust your gut. I can remember ‘knowing’ something was ‘up’ in my household as a child. I would ask my mom what was wrong and would always get ‘nothing’…..nothing was wrong, but I felt something……..Consequently, I learned not to trust my own feelings. It took me years to get rid of that conditioning and learn to trust my own psychic, intuitive ability.  The majority of you still have that conditioning, why else would psychic fairs be so popular………
And here we are, I am trying to explain in as simple terms as possible, why things are so messed up and why it seems that people are losing their minds. Holy smokes, the reasons to be offended are endless. People are just looking for anything to be offended by….and when they find it, you can bet they are screaming it out on all that social media. But it is usually not the things that would outrage a normal functioning person, starving children, abuse to animals, people dying without health care…….. they are screaming about a person’s personal beliefs in ways that cause argument and hatred. Basically, the premise is ‘I’m right and you are wrong’, and the battle of the ego goes on. Take all those people who are still in childhood survival mode, give them a platform and ego goes crazy. Maybe you are one of those who is fearful, who is hateful, who needs to be right, because you are afraid, and by making someone else wrong, you can feel better about yourself. Your ego needs to be right at all cost……and you, my friend are left with your very low self esteem.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being.
The problem we have now is that this high frequency is real, and it is about love and integrity. It is bringing to the surface all the things you need to let go of, so you can actually have peace and happiness. All those survival mechanisms that hold you back need to go. The old ways of living that you learned as a child, those old survival mechanisms do not work in this high frequency. People are feeling the pressure to go inward, to release, and step into self love, which makes ego very unhappy and makes the human very afraid. It’s time for you to clear your shit, which somehow always comes up, over and over again, like a weird conspiracy. You know what I’m talking about.  Well, that’s what’s happening out there, to you, and certainly people you know, and most are struggling against it. It is called “In Your Face Productions” and the CCCC aka “Cosmic Coincidence Control Center”…..(thank you to Alan Cohen for those titles). Basically, your shit is hitting the fan. Whatever you need to deal with is an irritation and circumstances, the CCCC, have put what you need to deal with in front of your face, which will not go away till you heal the issue thanks to “In Your Face Productions”. Your ego survival mode needs to go and you and others are going to be pissed off, irritated and emotionally on the edge till you take care of your own shit!!!
It really is a fine time to be alive. When ego is no longer in control and you love and forgive yourself and others…….You become a powerful spiritual being in your physical body. Your fear will have dissipated because you know the Universe has got your back.  From there you can manifest through the unlimited power of the Universe, anything you want. Seriously, it is that simple. It is only ego keeping you from seeing the truth of who you really are. Take off your human ego mask, get out of the box of fear society has created and step in LOVE.
I know all this works because I live in the higher frequency of love and whatever I manifest I get. Let that be your truth, read the 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels to understand my journey from ego to Goddess.The 8 Keys is the answer to everything, you just need to let it be simple. I did it, so can you……..soooooo, what the hell are you waiting for?

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