You Create Your Own Reality, Quit Being Offended and Whining!!

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You Create Your Own Reality, Quit Being Offended and Whining!!

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July 5th is my birthday and it shows up every year. I cannot even believe I have been on the planet for 66 years and still not be old. One of my  manifestations since I was 40 yrs old was to stay young and healthy. The Universe, or what ever you choose to call ‘It’, is energy and that energy forms and creates according to your thoughts. In other words what you know to be true, is true. You are the creator of your own reality. Knowing this so many years ago I decided to stay young and told the Universe to let me know what I would need to do along the way to promote my youth. Well, it worked. Of course, because everything is energy and what you know to be true is true. I know when I put energy out there, what I need will always show up.

My husband and I were at a resort, social distancing of course, last weekend. An older man came up to us (probably my age), social distancing of course, and said “neither one of you have an ounce of fat on you” and of course wanted to know what we eat. We shared, his comment, “does that really work?”. Does anyone get the irony of that question, when he was bloated, large, and obviously had inflammation issues. He made a few comments, not really believing you are what you eat, then left. This has happened to me before, people aren’t interested if they really have to do something different, out of their own box is very uncomfortable for them, and maybe you??
Everything I ask for comes to me. That’s it. You may say, does that really work or you may argue, it hasn’t worked for me. my life sucks. Well, it’s all about the energy. Praying, is often actually begging some big white guy in the sky to fix things for you. There is no god to fix, or punish or bless you. So sitting around praying for some miracle, will always be just that, sitting around and waiting. Most of you are looking for something outside yourself to fix what is happening in your life. Please read that statement again. I was one of those people, many years ago. It basically means you think you are powerless and some politician, some preacher (if you give him money for his mansion and cars), some teacher, or some god will find favor with you and give you what you think you need. When all you really have to do is change your energy from negative to positive and add gratitude!!! Energy always attracts like energy.
People, maybe you, feel slighted, offended, treated unfairly, because you can’t have what you want. The Law of Attraction, is quite plain and simple, what you send out is what you get back. There is no way around this, it’s energy and it treats everyone the same. If you are whiney and negative, you will have whiney negative shit in your life. If you are hateful and angry, you will get, more hateful shit to be angry about. So when you change the way you approach life and see through the eyes of love and gratitude, you will get more things to love and be grateful for. Geez, could it be any simpler? The reason your religious beliefs don’t tell you that, well, what would you need them for? Church is big business. You can be an asshole and get saved, and go out and be an asshole again. It’s all about control of you, that you allow and many seem to want. This is because you do not want to take responsibility for yourself. You do not want to take the effort to love yourself, it’s just easier to hate others. You do not want to eat real, healthy food, you can always go to a doctor. You don’t want to take your supplements, when you can just go to a doctor to get a more pharma pills, which gives big pharma and the doctor control over your life. You have given your power over to  a fake god, doctors, politicians……always looking out side of yourself to be validated, not sick and somewhat happy.  Which never seems to work because you will constantly need more and more validation, pills…..etc.
Love, joy, peace, are the gifts of spirit. When that energy fills your life, health, prosperity and perfect divine self expression ( you can be the real YOU)  are the physical manifestations of that energy. You are not taught any of this, so the ego is what controls your life and your reactions. When change comes along, so does fear. We have tremendous change happening on the planet right now. This change is meant to make you feel uncomfortable. You are being backed into the corner to find your real spiritual power. If you resist, well, shit happens, because misery produces more misery.
A Spiritual Journey, which you are on, whether you know it or not, can be the most traumatic thing you ever go through or life changing and empowering or both. I did it, and all along the way I had help, I knew it and it was so. It’s that simple or that complicated.
Welcome to Earth, Spiritual Being.


“My purpose on this planet today is to provide you with the insight, guidance, affirmation, and enlightenment through your Angels to live a completely joyous, prosperous, purposeful, peaceful, happy, balanced life. I offer the blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance.” ~ Linda West