Somebody Tell Me What To Do!

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Somebody Tell Me What To Do!

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When I was in my 20’s, a long time ago, I worked as a physicians assistant.  At that time in my life I struggled with asthma.  It was convenient for me to work for a doctor so I could get my meds. I was on 3 different asthma medications, plus a handy dandy inhaler and building up a tolerance to them. Consequently then the doctor would give me more of the drugs. Well, that really sucked. I decided to pursue a more natural way to not just control the asthma but heal it completely- to cure it! Why not? I don’t believe the care I was getting was to cure it, just keep my symptoms under control with drugs. So in all my innocence and without internet, I went into a health food store and actually bought some books on health. I read them all. I was a woman with a mission. I learned how amazing the body is, and that given the right nutrients, my body could heal itself. I also learned that my massive sugar consumption, was leading me to hypoglycemia and that was connected to the asthma ….which would eventually lead to diabetes. Funny how once you know it, you can’t unknow it. You can choose to ignore the information as so many of you do, but this seemed to me to be pretty important. So I changed, I got off of sugar, took my supplements, especially Vit A and Vit C, in large amounts. I got off all meds and cured my asthma.
Years later I had a growth on my thyroid. Because I had insurance through my work, I decided to have it checked out. All the usual tests were done and here is what I was told, doctor number one, we can biopsy your thyroid to see if it is cancer and go from there. I did not do that. Then after some more tests came back, I had a different doctor and he wanted to remove my thyroid and put me on synthetic hormones for the rest of my life. Okay, I did not do that either. My last appointment to that clinic was with doctor number 3. He stated his wife had something similar and if it didn’t grow I shouldn’t mess with it. Well, that’s all I needed to hear. I walked away completely disillusioned with doctors practicing medicine. I decided to take care of this myself, as I do.  In the end what I needed was iodine. The thyroid enlarges because it is trying to absorb more iodine from the body, a pharmacist friend told me this. I got iodine 50 mg a day and within 4 months the growth was gone. It was a goiter, I needed iodine and not one doctor knew to tell me that. The fact that I decided never to go to a doctor again was validated…..again. This is my journey, I am not telling you to give up doctors, that’s a decision only you can make for yourself.
I am sharing this to make you think. Are you being a good sheep and following what you are told? Or do you have a healthy skepticism? Who or what is controlling you? Often times I think about, what if I didn’t make those decisions for health, I know my life would be completely different. I cannot say for sure it was angels guiding me to step out of the box, follow my own heart, do things completely different than the masses, but that sounds good. After I decided to never go to a doctor again, I talked to my angels and said ‘let me know what I need to do along the way to stay youthful and healthy.’ Now, over 25 years later, it worked. No doctors, no medications, just healthy food and supplements. This year I’ll be 65…..nothing about how I live is the way society says.
So in writing this, it brings to mind the fact that you, human, like to idol worship. Whether it’s a sports star, a religious speaker, a politician, your doctor, you want to think that they are more wonderful that you. You give people money for mega churches while the pastor lives in a mansion and you hang on to every word like its actual truth. Same thing with your politicians, blind following, idol worship and they get rich. When I was beginning my spiritual journey, Doreen Virtue was a leader in spirituality. I took classes from her. The teaching was great and what I needed to move forward. I know she helped so many people. At the 2 classes I went to the same people sat in the front row. I was told many of them just go to every class to see her. Idol worship. Well, a few years ago, Doreen denounced her whole belief system. She said what she had done was wrong and was now in church and had been saved. People were in a tizzy, what would they do now? Should they renounce what she taught them and follow her????? Seriously, people were willing to give up the ways they were doing things because of an opinion of their Idol. Well, no surprise, if you are old enough to remember Jim Jones and his followers, who drank the Kool-Aid so they could die with their leader. They killed themselves and their children because of Idol worship. Jim Jones told them what to too. It seems that you and others have learned nothing from history, because Idol worship is still rampant.
Whether it’s medication, drugs from big pharma, (who by the way makes a profit every time you purchase your drugs) which you willingly take, not even knowing if you actually need them or not….. Or money to your church or politician…….Have you ever thought that you might be being duped? 
Do you really think some chemical will ever heal you? Think people! In the end it is always the body which actually heals or cures itself. The body must be able to do what it does.
If there is really a god that hates LGBTQ people, why would you want that god in your life. You are a spiritual being in a physical body, why would you believe some guy who wants your money, telling you who you must hate. You are created with a connection to the Universe and given the opportunity, you can heal, flourish with love, joy, peace. Idol worship is ego, and laziness, you want someone else to do the work for you, you continue to give your power and money away to people who don’t deserve it. In order to really heal, and have a joyful, peaceful life you must find it within yourself. You are the commander of your Universe, not some fake person who requires your worship and demands you follow them.
We are in a time to wake the fu*k up!  WE are allowing ourselves to be controlled……freedom comes when you know your own heart and mind!
My journey is in my book, the 8 Keys: A Special Delivery message from the Angels……….the 8 keys are the answer to everything, it’s really simple and easy only your ego makes life complicated.
Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being, time to find your own power!

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